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LIVE BLOG: United vs Spurs

Today’s live blog is hosted by Justin, @TinManUnited. He’s from Bermuda, a British Territory, which means he’s very much influenced in British traditions, including sport. He was born in 1980 so his young life saw Liverpool’s dominance still ongoing. He didn’t get to see United play live until he was 21 and has been to a few games since. He never misses watching a game and United consumes most of his free time. Follow @TinManUnited on Twitter.

About Scott

Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. NBI Red Onion says:

    In fairness to SAF, I think Giggs started as we have no natural left winger at the moment and with Ashley and Valenicia out you would have expected Giggs to help the attack from the left and also be more defensively minded that Welbeck / Rooney. Unfortunately, he just did not even get into the game today. I would have preferred to see Buttner there or Welbeck, Buttner used to play as a winger so he could have done a job and would have helped cover Evra well. Beats Oberton.

  2. Chrisjo says:

    I agree scholes is still the best player we have I’m just concerned that were being dominated in midfield and there is no solution.

  3. Alex says:

    Anyone that ever says Fergie needs to go can you please, please do me a favour and fuck off.

    Talking such bullshit it’s unbelievable. Please fuck off you are scum to me! Scum!

  4. Chrisjo says:

    I like kawaga but he’s too light weight to play in the middle he looked better on the left coming inside and linking play, it was also easier for him to get on the ball and have time to do something with it

  5. Chrisjo says:

    I agree sir Alex is a god and we owe everything to him, he should go when he decides the time is right, but he should take responsibility for today. Playing giggs was a mistake, Rooney had to start and we needed more legs in central midfield.

  6. EDCUNITED1878 says:

    Sir Alex didn’t put the team in the best position to win the match by putting out that starting XI. If you can’t agree with that then you’re delusional. He corrected a mistake by subbing off Giggsy at the half.

  7. Chrisjo says:

    Problem is what is the best XI

  8. Adeyemi says:

    Poor fergie.u shld be blame

  9. Adeyemi says:

    Saf, if u knw that Tom clever and Andersn are nt fit to start d match.why killing their talent..they cnt improve without givn a chance to playd. Enoug of ths shitt. Carrick ws vry poor and sluggish in midfield..

  10. Adeyemi says:

    I think by now ferguson w believ that de gea is beta than lingardard..if u continu rotatin d we affect the teams generaly.

  11. Adeyemi says:

    Carrick is our main problem..we need a strong and physical midfielder.someone who cn move and run wt d ball.i think fletcher or Andersn, Tom fit in that positn

  12. Adeyemi says:

    It time for fergusn to retired. Enoug of gambling

  13. Chrisjo says:

    Mate please stop talking rubbish. Sir Alex, I think he deserves the sir should retire when he is ready. I don’t think we are in such a bad situation. A top midfielder, the correct formation to compete against the best teams and if these keepers don’t improve a new one and I think we can be successful.

  14. Adeyemi says:

    Fergusn shld stop sentiment and playd d right players..carrick is good but vry sluggis on d ball..we need players lik fletcher,Tom and Andso in d midfield. Both carrick and schole are old to handle d midfield. They giv space to d ok if fergie introduc them in d second half.SAF REALY FUCK UP.AND IS BETA TO LEARN FRM UR MISTAKE AND MAKE A CORRECT IN D NXT MATCH

  15. elliott says:

    Given Tottenhams mobile midfield, it was simply suicidal to play both Giggs and Scholes. I hate to blame SAF on anything, but that was piss poor today. The whining on here has been over the top though. Its early days, and we will push onwards and upwards as usual. Just cannot afford to play the 2 OAP’s together any more unfortunately.

  16. denton davey says:

    NBI @ 00:07: “Giggs looks his age now, Scholes and Carrick need legs around them as does Rio and Giggs can no longer provide that”

    My heart just sank when I saw that instead of the youth and energy of DarrenFletcherinho, Anderson, and YoungTom, UTD lined up with SirRyanGiggs, TheGingerNinja, and Michael Carrick.

    Giggs was waaaaaay off-the-pace while it’s almost always suicidal to play Scholes together with Carrick.

    Today was an object lesson in the inexorable march of time – sure, TheGingerNinja quarterbacked the attack but he was pretty woeful in his defensive duties and, apart from one instance when he matched Kyle Walker for 50 yards, well off-the-pace.

    It’s time for SAF to grasp-the-nettle and usher in change away from his old stagers and pass the torch to the next generation – he’ll never know if they good enough if he doesn’t play them in key matches.

  17. bRed says:

    Piss poor team selection. SAF is way too loyal to Giggs and Scholes. Sometimes I wonder if the young players feel optimistic about their future. Notwithstanding the fact that Pogba and Morrison were scums, you have to question SAF’s reluctance to give young players a chance.

    Fergie of the past would have started Cleverley. Not anymore.

  18. bRed says:

    The other thing is, you have to wonder what RVP is thinking right now. Even in matches that he’s won for us, we have not been able to get him into the game for sustained periods. He was way more effective in his general, link up play in Arsenal. Scholes and Carrick like to dictate play from deep, but we can’t have two similar type players in CM surely. We’re going to need quick passing, instead of having the ball spread out to the wings all the time, if we are to get the best out of RVP and Kagawa.

  19. Chrisjo says:

    Look I’m not sure what’s going on with man utd at the moment. I think a formation should be decided and then we should look to buy and play the best players that accommodate that formation. Right now what’s clear is we do not have a dominant midfielder

  20. g-man says:

    It’s not that I expect us to win ALL THE TIME. But Fergie’s neglect of the midfield is just so bloody frustrating.

  21. Chrisjo says:

    I agree we have not made it easy for him. To make it work Rooney has to play a supporting role, kawaga has to play not as a winger but as left forward and if scholes plays and lets be honest he’s still our best player you need something that we don’t have in midfield

  22. Rohan_19 says:

    I think one of the main reasons for lack of rvps involvement is rooney’s absence.. The second halfmyesterday was refreshing.. Rooney kagawa rvp nani all attacking in tandem.. Had we played a 4-3-3 playing ando and carrick as the defensive mids and scholesy as the creative bit with rvp nani and kagawa playing as forwards, am sure it would’ve been a different story..

    And as for the moaners.. If saf retires we. Are. Screwed. Period. Suck it up.

  23. Brendan says:

    Let’s face it guys, fergie has got to step aside, giggs and rio were shocking again, hopefully a new manager will come in and get rid of giggs , rio, carrick and evra.pathetic stuff, giggs and scholes will be playing till there 90 at this rate.get cleverly and keane in , give the youth a chance!!!

  24. United Till I Die says:

    Scholes and Giggs have top performances left but they shouldn’t START too many matches. Most fan agree with that, but whenever they do make the starting line up it shouldn’t be a mystery – every game we win with the old guard is extra gas in the tank for the business end of the season.

    Rotation is all about keeping players fresh, and thats the reason Rooney, Anderson and Cleverley were sat on the bench. All three could’ve started, but like at Anfield our manager took a gamble on an older line-up to secure the points. It might be frustrating but I understand the thinking behind it.

    More to the point, on most occasions Fergie pulls it off, so one defeat in over 20 years at home to Spurs isn’t the end of the world. A better ref and we’d have 3 more points, so I can’t fault the manager for taking a calculated risk. ITS WHAT HE’S PAID TO DO after all.

    Looking ahead – we’ve got Chelsea back to back at the end of Oct on either side of Braga home and away. The fans moaning about one loss to poxy Spurs clearly ain’t thinking that far ahead – but as our manager Fergie HAS to.

    No one knows the players better than him – so if he’s pacing them for the season so be it. A weakened team beat Liverpool and we nearly did the same against Spurs. Nobody wants to see Clev and Ando start more than me, but im also tired of seeing them injured in poxy games against Bolton or West Ham.

    I’ve been saying for over a year now those two are our best midfield partnership and it seems the penny is finally dropping. Thing is, IF they are our best partnership we need to treat them accordingly and that means wrapping them in cotton to kept them fit for big games. IMO thats why they didn’t start at Anfield or yesterday – we have bigger games coming up.

    Shit happens, but our current position isn’t the end of the world. The manager took a calculated risk, I can’t be pissed off at that. Its a long season, after all.

  25. bRed says:

    UTID, the league is much more competitive than it used to be. We could have gotten away with it maybe a decade ago, but to play two 38 year olds with carrick, that makes a very static midfield. Sure there are always bigger games. But cmon, surely more points in the bag when you meet Chelsea is better. Spurs is a big game IMO, they are a good side. That’s arrogance when you think you can get away with it.

  26. United Till I Die says:

    @bRed – you can’t win the league without a touch of arrogance mate, and as I said we gambled with a weakened side against Liverpool and we still won. Whenever he pulls it off he’s a genius but the knives soon come out whenever he gets it wrong. Fergie is entitled to run risks, and but for a deflected goal and a dodgy ref I reckon we would’ve won yesterday.

    Why start Cleverley and Anderson if the manager has a doubt anyway? They are being protected for bigger games and the business end of the season. It was only the other day Anderson was shit and of no use to our club, now the manager is losing his marbles for not starting him and Giggs is the one we need to boot out. Its bollocks mate. We can’t field out strongest every 3 days, and that starting line up was strong enough to beat Spurs full stop. The real problem is its not our divine right to win every game.

    RVP Kagawa, Scholes, Carrick, GIggs, Nani? Come on, might not be our strongest but thats still a strong line up capable of beating Spurs. I don’t see the crisis but it is funny seeing last weeks Anderson bashers now bashing Fergie for not starting him. IMO everybody should just sit back and let the manager manage the team. You win some you lose some. Be grateful we have CL in midweek, as that isn’t a divine right either… a mere 45 minutes of underwhelming football and people were ready to slag off everybody from Sir Alex to the tea lady. I find it fucking hilarious mate.

  27. slayer says:

    IMHO, it is time for youngsters to step up. We have been dominated by opponents’ younger players again and again. It shows how much the difference between older and younger players. I admit we owe a lot to our older players for many years but it is time to let go of the past and keep moving forward. They had the experience but not the speed, tempo, daring to try and creativity. They are still crucial but IMO, only as a substitution when experience comes into play. Yesterday, Giggs was not playing well although Scholes was performing. Rio was outpaced.

    At one time, Chelsea was in the same position and many supporters laugh at their ageing squad which could not compete very well. But now, they put in a number of younger player to the team. United is still relying on Rio and Vidic, Giggs and Scholes. After reading news that Nani has a fight with our youngster, I think this is the end of his career with United. It is morally disturbing, but perhaps time to find new replacement. I admit the risk of playing younger players are there, but there is no gain when there is no pain. Arsenal played Alex Chamberlain and he was booed for performing badly in his debut against United last year. However, he is one of the key players in Arsenal’s squad now.

    Whether SAF still has what it takes, I don’t know. Changing another manager does not always work. What united need now is the formation, players that could hold the midfield and youngster to take up the responsibility. SAF has been doing a lot of experimenting, I do hope he find the solution quickly, or United might have lots of problems. At this moment, most team are not performing well enough to grab all the points. However, If United’s problems persist, I fear by this Christmas, United might already be quite a number of points behind.

  28. United Till I Die says:

    Also, im not saying Spurs aren’t a decent team or whatever, but if I had a choice between 3pts on Saturday or 3pts in Europe on Tuesday it ain’t even a question is it? Qualifying from our Group, preferably as leaders, is number one priority right now.

    Its too early in the EPL season for dropped points to effect anything as we have so many huge games left to go. But in Europe we could throw it all away before the end of October!!! Lets be real, we’re still a long way off qualification and it would’ve been ARROGANCE to not treat Cluj as the bigger game.

    Thats how I see it anyway.

  29. Mr C says:

    Overall, I think we were unlucky not to get a result yesterday. Yes, we had a shocker in the first half not least due to questionable team selection which suggest SAF and his team had not taken the threat posed by Spurs as seriously as they should have. Giggs simply should not be starting a game like this, not in midfield anyway, and certainly not paired with Scholes. Scholes was and still is an excellent player but at his age he needs players with legs around him not another 37 yo…In second half, we overran Spurs – and Scholes was excellent btw – though without converting our dominance into goals killing Spurs off – not killing off sides more worrying to me as that cost us big last season, and Spurs are known for their poor endurance so it’s not going to get any easier. We have the players to fix this and granted team selection always going to be a bit of a juggling act. However, I wonder what’s going on on the training field when Giggs gets the nod over the younger, specialist midfield players that we have.

  30. Rony says:

    All we need is sack of Phelan and employing someone with huge tactical knowledge who is not fear of leaving Giggs&Scholes on the bench.
    Since Phelan take over tactical duty, every year we look more like Stoke and less like Manchester United.

  31. Gopher Brown says:

    The biggest worry for me (and I admit I didn’t watch the game live yesterday, only the highlights) is that in the last 3 games against Galatasaray, Liverpool and Spurs, van Persie has only had one clear opportunity to score (and he dragged it wide yesterday). In the first few games of the season he had lots of chances, but of late either the service has completely dried up or he’s not making predictable runs for the others to play him in.

  32. Longneck says:

    My god how I miss Ronaldo.

  33. denton davey says:

    United Till I Die @ 09:23: “Why start Cleverley and Anderson if the manager has a doubt anyway? They are being protected for bigger games and the business end of the season.”

    Gimme strength ! Cleverley and Anderson “protected” – a point in September is as valuable as one in March.

    Cleverley and Anderson two need to play – a lot. It needs to be determined if they’re good enough and that can only be determined if they are tested-in-battle, not on the training-ground.

  34. pritch the red says:

    I was there on sat to all those who are having a go at scholes get real .He was best player on park by a country mile i agree about giggs but scholes was immence.for fergie to make 1 change from the team that was so pathetic at scousers was shit and that change was through injury to valencia

  35. United Till I Die says:

    @Denton Davy – im not down playing us dropping points in Sept im just saying European group stage points are more important, as we learned last year.

    As for midfield, Tom has played nearly 7 full matches now so he’s hardly starved of games. Anderson is a veteran in comparison so his 2 full matches are sufficient. His only real concern is fitness but he’s already had a good run out at Newcastle and looks promising.

    Together thats our best CM partnership, but the “test” you mentioned won’t be against the likes of Spurs in Sept. The first real test will be qualifying from the Group stages and getting away results at Chelsea. I can’t see Scholes and Giggs starting in Europe 3 days later, can you mate?

    Thats what I meant about keeping the youngsters ready for bigger games. Giggs, Scholes and Carrick all started v Galatasary and Ando and Tom were on the bench, but United can’t do that for the next 5 group games AND stay in the Title race. Fergie has to rotate the Squad and at this time of year Europe has to be the prime focus.

    In a perfect world both lads would be as reliable as Evra but the reality is our CM’s need rotation to stay fit. We can’t buy our way out of trouble either, any CM we buy will be expected to play in the exact same system. Tbf it makes sense to me – we’d be fucked if we relied on one midfield pair to get us through the EPL, FA and League Cups and Europe.

    Now, if Anderson and Cleverley don’t play over the next 7 games I’ll start worrying, but I’d imagine they’ll play their part at the Bridge and home and away to Braga.

    I’d be surprised if they didn’t start on Tuesday mate. They are ready.

  36. RedBorneo says:

    @Adeyemi : U right mate..

    All United lovers has disappointed to Fergie, i cant understand what he thinking, he just replied his mistake last session, Wrong and Wrong starting XI. and he should be blame.
    About carrick
    Honestly, i doubt him for a long time ago.. he just enough for againts Wigan or Norwich. He not keano
    About Scholes and Giggsy
    Yes, both is our legend but they not like 10 years ago.
    Fergie please… give a young lads a trust and more chance.
    Yesterday were has giving 3 points to spurs, i hope these not happend again tommorow.
    Come on United…!

  37. denton davey says:

    United Till I Die @ 17:36:

    I see your point about “rotation” but I just don’t buy into it.

    SAF’s unwillingness to commit to Anderson/Cleverley – which is the fact of the matter when he starts Scholes/Giggs/Carrick in two successive EPL matches – is puzzling.

    I’d have thought that he would “rotate” Scholes and Giggs by playing them in the League Cup (and having them on the bench for EPL matches) while playing Anderson/Cleverley in EPL matches which, surely, are more important to the success/failure of UTD’s season.

    Being four points adrift is not as worrisome as the fact that UTD have not exactly been electric – sure TheLads battered Spurs in the second half yesterday BUT they also lost. UTD gave up a key, third goal when they were chasing down Spurs which made the struggle much more difficult. AND, of course, Spurs finished the match playing the kind of “turtle” 7-2-1 that opponents often resort to when they want to get-out-of-Dodge with a point.

    The only EPL match that TheLads have played so far – only six games – that has been exciting was the demolition of Wigan. WIGAN, for Chrissakes !!! The other five matches have not exactly been inspiring me with confidence. BUT, of course, it’s still early days and the gap is just four points – AND the RentBoyz have not been all that impressive in integrating their midgets into their attack (they’ve won as a result of a resilient defence, some shitty refereeing, and luck which is how they won the CL last year – it’s not a recipe for long-term success).

  38. Alex says:

    So many terrible united fans! No wonder we get a bad name! Ferguson needs to step aside???

    Brendan you stupid cunt

  39. Adam says:

    Cleverley and Anderson need to start every game and replace them to see a game out..
    We’re going to get overrun again and again this season guys, sorry to say as things will not change.

    I really don’t think we have what it takes to go all the way in CL this year. Playing the best possible team every game and try to get EPL back from shitty is within reach, but it looks like we’ll have to wait for 20 if we continue this way.

  40. Adam says:

    The way we played first half, and other displays at home over the past year has really encouraged the teams to come to OT looking for a win not hoping to get get demolished if they press the issue.
    We have to change that perception!

    Home matches aside, we’ve gone out way too often looking close to the first half (close – because i dont remember united looking that horrible ever – it was just embarrasing) looking for a draw, etc. That needs to stop – chelsea not united way.


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