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LIVE BLOG: United vs Swansea



  1. gerrymarychurch says:

    Let’s be honest my Manc pals: Moyes is half the problem, the squad is the other half. This situation has been brewing for at least two seasons thanks to the club’s conscious decision not to strengthen the squad enough. Maybe when the Glazers miss out on UEFA cup money they will stop raping the club and put some cash back into it. Actually ‘back’ is the wrong word isn’t it, when all they have done is take.

  2. icebergtz says:

    Moyes hasn’t resigned yet?

  3. John says:

    Well nobody seems to want to say much apart from bashing Utd and moaning but how about a little praise for Swansea? I mean seriously Utd can’t make excuses about missing players – the Swans were without Davies, Williams, Dyer, Hernandez, Rangel, Lamah, and of course Michu – During the game Laudrup was bang on in saying there was ONLY REALLY 15 MINUTES at the end of the first half WHERE UNTED WERE ON TOP, otherwise it was an even contest really. The thing is swansea should never go to Old Trafford with an under strength team and win, yet they did and through NO FLUKE – the red card DIDN’T “alter the game” the Swans were right in it and could’ve won any way. Well done Swansea.

    Old Trafford…..The Theatre Of Dreams…..FOR AWAY TEAMS! 0:-)

  4. John says:

    1 :K

  5. Mark Reid says:

    No leadership as clear as the nose on the front of yer faceJust has the wrong shape at the moment.

  6. Mark Reid says:

    Gonna be a rough year on the plus side Fletcher looked good yesterday,Smalining is turning into a nice footballer.Not sure Kagawa is cut out for life in Manchester.Got to keep rolling though and we have to bring in a midfielder for crying out loud.

  7. United says:

    It was like watching 11 years of Everton. Awful. :(

  8. WilliamAR says:


    have you ever looked the bigger picture instead of the amount we have spent? did it ever enter your brain that we won 5 of the last 6 leagues including the last league title? what we spent was irrelevant because it was justified with success on the pitch. united spent was was needed to be spent at the time because they achieved success with what they had, FACT. spending frivolously just because we’re a top team isn’t good business sense. we won many titles including last season comfortably meaning the club spent appropriately. the facts never lie. unless you’re personally shelling out millions on players you really have no right to mock the glaziers after bringing us success. it’s very simple and there’s no conspiracy or any other crazy theory out there. David Gill who everybody hails for his work, yet you think we’ve not spent enough (bit of a contradiction) chose to leave to further his career internationally. He made that personal choice for his own future and nothing else FACT, Fergier gave us more years than any manager in the history of football and brought us success we could only dream about before, that man changed football and changed man united. He retired for family reasons and nobody can blame him. He won the league one last time and gift wrapped us RVP. He didn’t appoint moyes to cement any legacy or to make him look better because his legacy was made years ago, FACT. Our problems don’t lie with fergie or Gill leaving and certainly not the Glaziers. Our concern is a manager who doesn’t know what he’s doing and also ed woodward as we hope he’s learned from his mistakes in the last transfer window. I can tell you now that both moyes and woodward will have at least learned from the last transfer window, which is why moyes is at least honest enough to tell the fans that they will try to get players in buy he’s being realistic in the fact that it might not be possible. and he’s right. It’s easy for us to say buy this player and buy that player but we really don’t know the reality of it. all I know is we’ve had a hell of a lot of success on the pitch under the glaziers and that’s a FACT.

  9. Mark Reid says:

    Moyes hasn’t a clue and Woodward is clueless.

  10. Mark Reid says:

    However upwards and onwards tired of watching great footballers giving subpar performances someone anyone needs to wake this bunch of underachievers up.Who is the question second Best is not good enough.

  11. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    Its good, those stingy and greed glazers will feel the heat when we miss out on top 4…they will learn that in business before u mAke profit, u’ll have to invest. Those ugly vampires have never invested in man utd Fc. .but they keep milking the club… fingers are crossed on this one,its reality check time

  12. Mark Everson says:

    lol, we get a goal with 12 minutes left – what does Moyes do? Nothing.
    Put Kagawa on you fucking great tit.

  13. Mark Everson says:

    WilliamAR, are you our great friend Rafa Benitez in disguise?

  14. Mark Everson says:

    Cleverley, Valencia & Smalling – we’re fucking doomed.


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