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LIVE BLOG: United 3-2 Wolves (League Cup) FT

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. obertanthenewstar says:


    the tackling was missing from the defence… gibson looked rubbish.. there is no hustling or fight for the ball… it was really poor.. this is where we really miss hargreaves.. fletch does this job and has been for a while but its been catching up with him… p.s where was anderson?? looks like his united career is over.. he looked pretty pissed after coming off against bursaspor and walked straight down the tunnel.. could be a injury though?? do you know or anyone know whats happening?

  2. bchilds says:


    I’m sure Ando came off and walked down the tunnel because of an injury

  3. Sir Alex says:

    First half was boring. Second half was very lively. Bebe was pretty decent so was Obertan and Chichi just keeps on impressing me. A little tightening up at the back is required tho since we’ve been losing leads quite often this season. Well done lads!

  4. FletchTHEMAN says:

    @King Eric Spot on my man. Look to the positives. I want to look at all the goals really.
    You might say Bebe’s was a bit of luck, but Obertan really battled to make the lay off pass and then Bebe was being proper mugged the entire run into the box. He deserved the goal for all the work. Wasn’t a pace off the entire game. Chicharo was a step up in class when he hit the pitch. Not fair at all to compare him with the Kiko or Obertan, This guy has been the main man and it really shows. Hope the others continue to get chances as they can be there as well. Also, for those slagging Carrick, think it was himself that put that final ball through to Chicharo, didn’t need to break stride. Bit of a deflection, but money in the bank. Personally glad to see all the youngsters getting bits of game. Just enough class put on by the manager in the end. Nicely done, On On United.

  5. bchilds says:


    Jarvis was killing Fabio towards the end so Jonny was stuck out there to help cope with the threat coming down their right flank so I don’t disagree with that change plus Kiko needs minutes so again I don’t see any problem giving him the 90

  6. Costas says:


    Ando’s must have been an injury, but there hasn’t been any update on it. I hope it’s not anything long term because he was just starting to regain some sort of form.

    The problem is that we can’t keep expecting Fletcher to bail us out in these situations. We shouldn’t need him in games like this. Last season, we comfortably beat Wolves 1-0 at OT with a similar line up. And we were down to 10. The CMs were Carrick and Gibson. It’s worrying when you consider how things have changed in a year.

  7. Zelh says:

    Costas – Correctly, but what’s the problem, if it was Gibson and Carrick last year too.

  8. Mahesh says:

    Also, Fletcher hasn’t been all that great this season has he? WE really need some serious reinforcements in mindfield. Honestly, if that happens, I think all our defensive worries will disappear as well.

  9. United1990 says:

    What a great result for my B’day :D and Bebe, what’s with the dance? :P

  10. Costas says:


    They weren’t as commanding today as they were in that game. Ok Wolves weren’t exactly the same a year ago either, but I thought that this was the kind of game you can expect Carrick and Gibson to stay free of any trouble.

  11. the scottish wonder says:

    Attendance: 46,083

    thats almost as bad as Obertan played

  12. Zelh says:

    Costas – Carrick had a good game tonight. He played great balls like he used to do earlier and tried his best defensivly. Imo Gibson was really poor tonight even if he assisted Hernandez’ goal.

  13. jesmonta says:


    Fabio needs minutes as well. Kiko is performing below standard, J.Evans is afraid of tackling and defending lately. Neville has passed his golden days long time ago. Considering Bebe is coming from an orphanage with no facilities,good athletic preparation and background, played a very good game today. Fabio`s substitution cost us a goal since the boss had to move all defenders except smalling form their positions to accomodate granddad Neville.Apart from the fact that he gave the ball away in the build up to their second goal. Amos needs a lot of goalkeeping practice as well.

  14. Dave Mack says:

    Yes lots of positives with a number of the kids getting outings they needed and I was pleased to see improved performances from Carrik and Park.

    FletchTHEman is right about Chico being in a different league. Hard to believe he isn’t going to be a world class star. Obertan reminded me of Nani a couple of seasons ago. Great pace and skill but not always making the right decisions. Bebe looked a bit tight but worked hard and every game gives him another layer of confidence to build.

    Hate to say but the dissapointments for me are Macheda and Gibson. Not sure the former is going to make it and convinced the latter isn’t. (Gibson’s lack of pace in getting back caught us on several occasins and resulted in their second goal.)

    Great result though. Happy days.

  15. Costas says:


    Yep, that I can agree with. He looked better going forward and his pass for Chicha was Carrick of old. Good to see Park redeem himself for his miss too.

    I am worried about the defensive work of our midfield because Saturday’s game is a tough one. Spurs want to make up for their awful record at OT and they will fancy taking the game to us. I don’t think it’s a game we can afford to open up in hope of winning 3-2…

  16. willierednut says:

    Not surprised about the attendance, hard times folks.

  17. Kal says:

    anyone got the goals?

  18. willierednut says:

    Forgot about Bebe, not a bad performance for a guy who has no touch, terrible celebration though lol.

  19. Zelh says:

    Costas – Lets wait and see. I think this team is growing with his opponents. Against Spurs will be a totally different game.

  20. u.n.i.t.e.d says:

    Positives tonight – hernandez , bebe, obertan, park , smalling

    disappointments – macheda, evans, amos, the fact we only got to see 30 seconds of ravel morrison.

    in my opinion anyways!

  21. portugueseprincess says:

    Regarding Bebe’s celebration, he was dancing ( or trying to dance) Windeck. hahahaha Me and my brother laughed so much .
    Check it out

  22. Costas says:

    Chicharito has really settled down now. Quicker than I thought he would. He is breating down Berba’s neck now with 6 goals. And he has scored them in 4 different competitions too. At this rate, he will force Rooney and Berba to fight it out for a place in the side!


    Hope so. 100% focus required from everyone for that one.

  23. Dave Mack says:

    King Eric makes a good point about this unbeaten run of games now approaching 20 or so. Despite the disapointing draws not losing helps build belief.

    Huge performance needed on Saturday against the spuds.

  24. Rai says:

    How much do you think he is worth now? I’d say since his World Cup showing and early season glimpses, £7 million was a bargain…he’d be worth £15 million now easy…Hopefully we can
    match his ambitions and he’ll be here for a very long time :)

  25. Costas says:


    Don’t say the a word. I am scarred for life. :)

  26. willierednut says:

    40 million?

  27. Rai says:

    @ Costas

    it’s hard not to get carried away with this kid, even for the most cynical of supporters like me!! He’s the best natural finisher we’ve had since Ole….and he’s scoring important goals at important times…

  28. Dave Mack says:

    Fegie deciding to sign him before the WC probably halved his price. Spurs talk about Van der Vart as the bargin signing of the season. I think we’ll give them a good run for their money with Chicharito!

  29. willierednut says:

    He reminds me more of RVN, fox in the box.

  30. Rai says:

    @ Dave Mack

    I’ve moaned previously that we should have got VDV in the summer, but realistically we can’t get every bargain out there so if I had to choose one….I’d take Hernandez everytime. Fergie and his scouts did well

  31. parryheid says:

    And what’s Amos worth Two balloons ans a birler,if you know what a birler is.

  32. Costas says:


    Yeah, I agree. I meant the word “ambitions”. I can’t listen to it anymore, lol. I don’t have to add anything else about little pea. Speaking of Ole, we could see Chicha used as a super sub too. His pace, especially late in a game, can kill the opposition.

  33. Dave Mack says:

    Agree Willie … Ruud , Ole comparisons. Really think he’s only going to get better and better as his confidence grows with every winner he scores.

  34. Rai says:

    @ Parryheid – a birler??? I’m gonna have to google that one mate!!

    @ Costas, agreed about utilising his pace he’ll tear teams apart if they’re tired…but if our midfielders get a good understanding with him he’s got enough pace to punish teams for 90 mins!! I think Owen is going to struggle to get a look in…

  35. Fze123 says:

    Thank God for Hernandez, eh. We may be unbeaten in 20/21 games or whatever, but squandering leads has officialy become a HABIT. Teams now know they can get at us after they have levelled the score – Wolves very nearly scored 2 after they made it 2-2. This worries me greatly. The fact that we conceded twice after leading meant that Eikrem, Brady and Morrison didn’t get any playing time. FFS.

    On the positive side. I was impressed by Bebe’s performance today. I wish I could say the same for his celebration.. but he worked hard and created some good chances. Shooting needs working on though. Obertan I thought started excellently but then he was hit and miss really. Final ball and composure was pretty terrible. His selfishness at the end pissed me off a bit. But he made some very nice runs nontheless.. Macheda = disappointing. Gibson was good until his error. Smalling continues to impress. Some strange subs made by both managers today, with McCarthy taking off Jarvis who gave Wes a torrid time, Fergie taking off Fabio who I thought was the only defender playing well. I also thought Fergie should have brought on Hernandez much earlier for Macheda, who was nonexistent tbh. Hernandez, what a bargain. In the 10/15 minutes he was on the pitch he looked a class above our other youngsters on the pitch. Wonderful talent, great attitude.

  36. denton davey says:

    King Eric @ 22:11: “Bebe showed great signs as well”

    yes AND no. He’s still very raw – last season he was in the Portuguese third division – and inexperienced so he makes silly mistakes, with some frequency. BUT he is a physical force – and he wants to beat his man, every fucking time he has the ball. There’s a lot to be said for his willingness to take on that responsibility, rather than hiding and passing sideways and/or backwards. Taking into consideration that he was up against EPL journeymen – not cloggers in the Portuguese third division – his up-side seems terrific.

    The other player who impressed me was Chris Smalling – very composed and tough to push around in contrast to Jonny Evans who seemed to be playing on an icy surface.

    And, what can one add about Chicharito ? I can’t see how SAF can demote him when WayneRooney gets back to health and mental fitness. This kid is a rare gem and needs to be kept in game actioni so that he can continue to get better-and-better. The purpose of the game is to score more goals that the other guys and having a natural finisher like Chicharito is a huge bonus – it’s been a long while (since RVN’s star went into decline) that UTD have had someone who is so intuitive as the spearhead of the attack.

  37. denton davey says:

    Rai @ 23:23: “How much do you think he is worth now?”

    Comparable to Kun Aguero or Luis Suarez and definitely more than Alexis Sanchez. In fact, since Chicharito has scored against top-ten international sides AND done briliiantly in his short UTD career, I’d venture to guess that he might even be worth more than any of that trio of highly-regarded forwards. Probably, close to 40 million (quid/Euros ?) like WillieRedNut suggests.

  38. StatesideAussie says:

    Chicharito’s got it all, hasn’t he? Both feet, his head, instant control, lightning decision-making, an eye for the perfect space, the pace to get in there and the ability to use it with deadly consequence. And I’ll tell you now, as I was watching live, as he hurtled like an exocet missile into that space, I never had one shred of doubt that he would score (I was also there On The Mound when JHK got shot, saw the Twin Towers come down, and just watched my beer can slither, unaided, across the desk into my hand…)

    But seriously, what impresses me even more than his outrageously superb finishing and movement, is the guy’s intelligence, vision and (in football terms) maturity. We were a different force when he came on – he transformed the match, and not just with his goal. We instantly looked more threatening. And then, having scored, he had the sense to hang on to the ball and pass it around, knowing that time was nearly up.

    And he works well with Berba and Nani too.

    And he doesn’t a squillion bucks a minute either.


    Anyone want to discuss what SAF means when he talks about finding value in the market? Mud in the eye to all those who come on here spouting doom and gloom because we can’t or won’t buy Messi or Torres or who-the-fuck else… and yes I know Chicharito’s having a fine run now and it might not last — and I don’t care.


  39. man u canada says:

    are you watchin
    are you watchin
    are you watchin
    wayne rooney

  40. Onside says:

    United unbeaten in 21 matches now. Won 15 (including Bayern, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City, and Spurs), drew 6.
    Goals: 45. Against: 19

    Those 45 goals: top scorer, Nani 8, then Berbatov 7, then Hernandez 6.

  41. Costas says:

    It’s actually 13 wins in the last 21. Too many draws has been our undoing this season.

  42. Rai says:

    @ Willierednut & Denton Davey

    I reckon most clubs would value him at about £25-£40 million…City would pay considerably more! I really hope he keeps scoring and Fergie gives him a good run in the first team…Wazza has got his work cut out for him to get back in the starting line up…he might end up on the left wing if he doesn’t find form soon

  43. YorYor says:

    @StatesideAussie, you in the Navy or in the arms procurement/supply department?
    Not many would relate to the exocet missile. Heh.

    Talking about pace reminds me (again) of Rafael. That boy’s acceleration off the mark is so damn scary. If anyone has a recording of that match against Bursaspor, watch it and look out for a part in which Rafael overtook the opposition player when he was about 2 – 3 metres behind, easily within 1-2 seconds I think.

    Don’t understand the criticism of Macheda, he needs first team games to progress and get experience… playing in the reserves just isn’t the same. But for some composure and lucky, he could’ve gotten one or two goals, especially when Bebe gave a nice cross that unfortunately just bounced a foot before it got to him. I think he’d do better with someone like Berbatov just behind him.

    Anyway, very very refreshing to see the side. This season might be Evans’ nightmare season which he’ll eventually recover from. I do agree that Smalling has looked better this season, especially considering he has a relatively short football education. But Evans was solid and he’ll wake up soon I hope.

    For now, Kuszczak over Amos. I don’t understand how anyone could feel more comfortable watching a scrawny GK like him instead of Kuszczak.

    Lastly, Obertan and Bebe just needs at most 2 seasons. Exciting times ahead.

  44. Vilhelm28 says:

    Agree Costas

    Our midfield was horrid. Carrick and Gibson proved once and for all, they are no where near good enough. The way Gibson gave away the ball on the second goal was just stupid. The next attack thereafter he was just looking that the wolves player as well, and we could have lost it. we need way more grit and determination in our midfield. Carrick had soem nice passes, but he seems so slow and undetermined – whats up?

    The goaly – terrible way to defend a corner on the first goal. He did the same thing in Norway when up at Molde and always went off the line at the wrong times and exposed the goal.

    Other than that I thought the team did pretty well. Macheda seems to have a heard time lately and doesnt get into good scoring situations. Nice to see Brown as captain, guess that fight with SAF wasnt as bad as reported in the papers.

  45. Wakey says:


    Carrick had a good game I thought. He doesn’t run around like a headless chicken but 9/10 he is in the right place to break up an attack and last night his passing was alot more positive and offensive than it has been recently.

    Gibson mind you is a problem. I said it at the end of last season and the start of this but he should have been on loan. As someone who was 22 and now 23 he should be at a level where he is a serious first team option but he is far from it. He is lacking in so many key areas but they are key areas which he should be able to quickly acquire with regular football but he won’t get that at United. In Jan I would get Cleverly back and send Gibson out

  46. Keano16 says:

    This is a tad off topic but does anyone think Morrison looks a lot like Agbonlahor?!!

  47. King Eric says:

    What the fuck is with the criticism of Carrick ? He had a decent game last night. Aside from gifting the 2nd goal I thought Gibson did ok too.

  48. Koolburn says:

    Which part of our midfield is shit don’t you get it? It was never the same after that Barca CL final bashing. Seems that some of you guys are just living in the past thinking mediocre performance from our central midfield week in week out is okie since we were winning trophies back then. Our centre midfield is the weakest link and it needs to get sorted out one way or another.


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