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LIVE BLOG: West Brom vs United



  1. Koketso Brian Kupe says:

    @Gary and Degeawetrust

    An encouraging sign is that moyes has gone out and said he intends to play kagawa more frequently between now and the end of the season. This can be seen as Moyes having some form of direction. We seem to be attempting to play fluid passing football and if a line up like todays becomes the norm this would suit kagawa’s style. I hope he stands by his word because the last player Moyes would field if he were reverting back to defensive “don’t lose” strategies is kagawa.

  2. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Koketso, did Moyes say that about Kagawa? Well either way I’ll believe it when I see it. I understand why he didn’t start today seeing as he had just flown back from Japan, still good to see him come on though. Kagawa divides opinion, but he’s been the first to admit he’s not played as well as he can, and United as a club have mismanaged him in my opinion.

  3. Tommy says:

    Good performance today, best team lineup we had in a while, The defence was magnificent, carrick and fellani are our best 2 midfielders, I come on here a few hours after the games and if we had lost their would be 500 comments already, typical we win and the trolls disapear!!

  4. Tommy says:


    I may be getting ahead of myself here but I was thinking he brought Kagawa on to keep him ticking along with it in mind to start him in the Olympiakos game, might be wrong, just what I had in mind

  5. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Tommy, I hope so. With Mata cup tied I don’t see how Kagawa doesn’t get the nod in that match. It could be the making of him if he has a positive influence and we turn the tie around. On the issue of Fellaini and Carrick it will be interesting to see if he starts them both at home to Liverpool. Although I really want to see Jones given a run at centre back it wouldn’t surprise me if he was alongside Carrick and Evans coming in alongside Smalling at the back. I think Fletcher or Jones will probably play in that game to try and accommodate for the lack of pace in our centre midfield.

  6. Greeny1982 says:

    agreed Tommy surely with Mata cup tied Kagawa has to start against the Greeks? just dont see any other logical alternative without changing the shape

  7. Tommy says:

    @Gary and Greeny

    Whilst not agreeing with the line up in the 1st leg, I can see why he didnt start Kagawa because he had no football at all since Matas arrival, it would of been a big ask for him to perform after the length hes had with no football although he could not have done any worse, but for the 2nd leg, he had 78mins for Japan (An example of where a friendly comes in handy for once), a few minutes today, he may be involved next Sunday, It would be madness not to start him, the midfield and forward should be the same as today with the exception of Kagawa for Mata

  8. united till i die says:

    From what little I saw of the game today we definitely looked better all round. Still a lot of players ball watching at time instead of making runs of the ball. The third goal is a example of how we should be playing every game. Win the ball back up the pitch and counter with crisp incisive 1-2 touch passing. The only change I would consider against Liverpool would be playing jones in front of the back four so he can can pick up Suarez when he drops into that space between midfield and defense. Carrick needs to be able to get forward more to help out on the attacking side against Liverpool. Other than that its nice to be able to enjoy my weekend for once.

  9. Mark Reid says:

    Great result couldn’t post comments all day was unable to connect through Facebook it sucked.Any way back to the game great improvement from all concerned we needed that. Wasn’t vintage but not bad at all.Could have just as easily been a disaster.Januzzai quiet by his standards good substation with Kagawa wise to take off RVP before he was sent off.Fellani done well without been spectacular and Raphael man of the match ok lads onwards and upwards let’s beat the Scousers frighten the shite out of the Greeks and spoil lit for the noisy neighbours.One win and I’m getting carried away.Dont care it’s lifted the mood.

  10. Gary Mitrovic says:

    United till I die, agree that we need a more combative player in there against Liverpool. Like I said I want to see Jones finally given a run of games at centre back so perhaps Fletcher to step in against Liverpool. Fellaini and Carrick did well today, but I don’t think they can play together against teams at the higher end of the spectrum as we’ll get caught out for lack of mobility.

  11. Tommy says:


    I think Fellanis lack of mobility was down to his back injury, Today he covered more ground than anyone on the pitch, thats not the sign of a player who lacks mobility mate

  12. wayne barker says:

    i’ve always pegged Fellaini as quality now he’s beginning to show it,he had wrist,back and groin injuries and i’m sure he was so desperate to play probably hid how bad they were.Moyes and Fellaini have taken a lot of shit from a lot of fans who never gave him a chance but it should be obvious to everyone he’s a different player from the beginning of the season

  13. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Let’s not get carried away with Fellaini. It was one decent performance away to a struggling team, all be it a step in the right direction pleasingly. A full return to fitness will help him of course, so he may yet have the last laugh. I hope he proves a lot of people wrong including myself, but let’s not start handing out accolades yet. We need to now as a team follow up one good performance with another one, which has been something we’ve not managed to do this season. No better team to do it against than Liverpool.

  14. Tommy says:


    Im not getting carried away mate, I was just picking up a point on mobility, He coverered the most ground today out of anyone on the pitch, now unless every player on the pitch was lacking mobility his movement was impressive regardless of opposition

  15. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Tommy, well maybe I need to watch the game back. Fellaini certainly did well for Welbeck’s goal, and that stat of course is impressive as well as surprising. Maybe his clumsy style can be deceiving on some peoples eyes. MOTD now and I’m not dreading watching it for a change this season!

  16. Tommy says:


    haha yea, ive just updated my facebook page and my status is “You know what, I finally get to tune into MOTD and the pundits are cokehead fowler and dull as fuck murphy, typical” haha

  17. wayne barker says:

    i’m not getting carried away either,was a dominant force at Everton and a key component to the Belgium side,the guy is quality.His problem was Moyes signed him so automatically had a target on his back.Even today morons saying Moyes doesn’t understand this or that,it’s just fucking stupid.He’s been a prem manager for 12 years and has forgotten more about football than anyone one hear who takes constant shots knows.To suggest he’s a micro brain and doesn’t understand tactics is absurd,it really makes me laugh anyone on here think they know more than Moyes.Maybe the job is to much and he won’t survive but to constantly insult him by questioning his knowledge is wrong.
    People get after me for defending him but like Tommy i’m backing the club and Sir Alex there is one thing i do know Moyes knows a fuck of a lot more than the idiots on here,who seem to want to insult him every chance they get

  18. united till i die says:

    Normally I’d agree that jones should play CB and he played well enough today to keep his place next week but I’m thinking Moyes will want Vidic back in the line up next week and jones may be the one to lose out. Fellaini did nothing today to deserve being dropped next week I just think Jones would be better suited to closing players down Suarez before he gets the chance to pick up the ball and turn. Fellaini definitely looked to be moving more freely today which is good to see. My only gripe about what I saw from fellaini today was on occasion he went to close a player with the ball down and instead of making the tackle he was trying to anticipate where the ball was about to be played and he essentially ran straight past the player. Ive noticed it before and I’d like to see him commit to either standing off and cut off the passing lane or close the man down and put in a challenge. A win next week would give Liverpool something to think about with their next two games against relegation strugglers.

  19. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Yea I said that before I saw the pundits! Although Murphy was the scourge of United he actually seems like a decent guy, a shame the same can’t be said about that prick Fowler,I really can’t stand that twat!

  20. Tommy says:


    Mourinho full of shit of course he would prefer the points than the games in hand

  21. wayne barker says:

    i find Maureen boring just the same routine,press love to say he’s playing mind games but really isn’t he’s just predicable

  22. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Yea Mourinho is sounding like a broken record with the “we’re not favourites” speech. He’s still a good character to have in the game though, even if sometimes he does overstep the mark and embarrass himself slightly, like he did when he labelled Wenger an expert in failure.

  23. Tommy says:

    oh no according to the morning papers, Cleverley set to be offered new 5 year deal

  24. Only 1 Utd says:

    Omg if Man Utd offer Cleverley a new contract AND A FUCKING PAY RISE then David Moyes deserves the sack for that alone.

  25. Only 1 Utd says:

    Whats next??? Are Valencia and Young to be offered new contracts aswell!!

  26. Tommy says:

    @Only 1 utd

    On Match of the day, they go through the morning papers and had that on one of the back pages, cant believe it myself, surely must only be paper talk, It seems that Moyes, Hodgeson, SAF and Martinez are the only 4 people in the world who rate clev

  27. Only 1 Utd says:

    I hope so. Surely Moyes can see that the level of the team drops substantially when he plays. The same apllies for Young, Valencia and Ferdinand. Also have you heard the rumours that Welbeck might be on his way out?? I can’t believe that when taking into consideration that Rvp and Hernandez futures are looking in doubt.

  28. Tommy says:

    @Only 1 Utd

    Cant see Welbeck leaving, He will be hear for years to come I think, Hernandez is definatly gone in the summer, Hows this for using someone tho, hes been used as the focal point of the pre season tour with the amount of hispanic people in the US, So I expect him to leave after the tour, simply because he is the focal point. I think RVP will probably go in summer, Ive got a sneeky feeling they might be some legs in this Cavani rumours

  29. scoreboard paddock says:

    @Tommy re Cleverly deal – I don’t rate him either but you can’t have it both ways ; you back SAF and Moyes for knowing the a lot more than people on here – so why aren’t you backing their judegment in rating Cleverly ? What’s the diff ?

  30. united till i die says:

    Cleverly is not as shit as everyone is making out but he needs to play beside a central midfielder that compliments his style of play. Playing him beside Carrick is pointless because neither offers much of a attacking threat going forward. Put him beside a top box to box midfielder and let him do the dirty work and he would become a better player. He needs a more defined role because right now you cant really class him as attacking midfielder or a defensive midfielder. Now I’m not saying he hasn’t been poor this season because he has and its clearly effected his confidence but if nothing else he will make a decent squad player. Once upon a time people where saying similar stuff about Darren Fletcher.

  31. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    If Martinez rates Cleverley so highly, he might as well come and take for free, or exchange him with Ross barkley..either way, it will be a nice move for us. We don’t negative players like him who only passes the ball backwards most of the times, and sideways @ times. That guy never learnt a thing from our great Paul scholes. Opponents run circles around this guy. Still wished we retained Pogba. I believe in the phrase that says ‘Do not fix it, if not broken’. Moyes should continue playing the same lads he played today, and stick with them. Valencia, cleverley.and young must steer clear out of the 1st team. They offer nothing to our team , and slows down our fast attacking football style.they Are the major problem in our team,they are the root cause of where we are currently in the table..they should be disposed if possible.and Kagawa should be given more playing time, he deserves it than those 3 imbeciles that moyes keep picking ahead of him

  32. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    If moyes extends cleverley’s contract, it will mean we will never buy a mid-fielder this summer, and our mid-field woes will continue. I think we do need a sporting director after all cos , our coach is cocky with certain decisions. He needs to be directed, cos cleverley does not deserve a new cotract with such shambolic displays. We are far better without him, he might as well give 5 year contract deals to both Young and Valencia LMAO

  33. Trafford_Lord says:

    Good Team sheet, Better Clean sheet and Performance all around from the nonsence served up in Greece. Well played Moyes and all our lads. Great to see Kagawa get a trot out.

    Westbrom are horrible at the moment and we did what anyone would expect any United side should do.

    The Liverpool, Olympiacos, and Man $hitty trinity of games will be my final indicator on if there is a glimmer of promise for Moyes as a United manager. It will be a barometer to let me know if we should even bother with him at the helm next season.

    In no secret that he has underperformed, he admits this himself in that ill-timed but compulsory letter to the fans. He has been given time not afforded to many quite simply because he is at a special club. Any other club would have kindly shown him the door.

    The team acquitted themselves well versus the baggies, I wish them the best of luck as we start to close out the season.

  34. Greeny1982 says:

    just a thought but if we were to sign another striker like Cavani and let RvP leave then would we not still have the same issues we have trying to accomodate all of our big players now? i think id rather have Rooney up top with Mata in behind and then work out who to put on the right, maybe a new signing?

  35. elbowroom5 says:

    goes to say united problem is down to Moyes and his tactics and not the players. If the team is well deployed with the right formations, United are still world beaters.

  36. Matthew Fairclough says:

    Love United but hate Moyes? Regardless of one good performance against a struggling West Brom side (which should have been considered bread and butter every day of the week, but our reaction to having won the game – and in a convincing style! – shows how far we’ve dropped) – our general standard has been dreadful under him. If you feel that he hasn’t lived up to expectation and you want to see a new manager at the club please SIGN AND SHARE this petition now!

  37. united till i die says:

    Would you cunts with your stupid fucking petitions ever go and fuck yourselves.

  38. Tommy says:


    I take your point mate but with Hernandez going and possibly RVP, I think we will need another striker at least 1 more, You cant go into a season with only Rooney and Welbeck as senior strikers, So it will either by a marquee signing like Cavani who will prob cost atleast 50million or we chose to sign a player who dont mind sitting on bench for considerably less, What I will say is just because Rooney and RVP is not working well, it does not mean Rooney and Cavani wont hit it off

  39. Greeny1982 says:

    yeah we defo need a replacement striker and Cavani is an excellent striker who can run in behind more effectively than RVP and him and Rooney could be great together, like you mentioned though its being able to handle being benched for tactical reasons that could be a problem with a marquee signing, i think a younger striker would be ideal, i seen the comments from David Friio regarding Antoine Griezmann who can also play wide left, although i cant remember him sparkling against us in the CL group stage.

  40. OJM says:

    Matthew Fairclough:

    – Knobhead.

  41. Only 1 Utd says:

    “I wanted to make sure Darren Fletcher and Ryan Giggs were involved. We’ve got a lot of big games coming up and Tom will be involved in a lot of these in the coming weeks.”
    Is Moyes being serious?


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