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LIVE BLOG: Wigan 1-0 United FT

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. red_bicycle says:

    @ Max

    Are u serious?

  2. kanchelskis says:


    I guess he thinks if he doesn’t use Evans or Carrick as his scapegoat, people might think he’s not scapegoating …

    Sadly his post is devoid of any insight, sense or intelligence, which kind of cancels out the desired effect.

  3. Goughie says:


    I doubt Jones can spell or punctuate either.

    Given the occasional use of crude language on this blog, Max, young fella, you might be better off sticking with the CBeebies website where you can chat to Tinky Winky and Bob the Builder without fear of being abused.

  4. And solskjaer has won it says:

    Aston Villa-at home-pivotal game towards end of the season. Just reminds me of that epic macheda goal. not keen on the guy but what a debut.
    We wouldnt want it easy and god knows they never do it that way. Would 99 of been better if cole and yorke had us 3-1 after 90 mins -nope!
    It was already at the point where people were saying we were winning league by default, now we can show that we’re battling for it and wasnt a given

  5. Goughie says:

    Good crop of youngsters at Villa. I’ve seen most of them shine at the HK Football 7s over last few years. However their dud manager doesn’t let them out of their own half very often so hopefully we’ll put them away on Sunday without the need for a late Kiko-type intervention.

  6. Clint-Iamyourpapii says:

    This blogs a joke on matchday and the day after.
    Far to many cunts,idiots,plastic and one hit “wonders” posting in with a opinion more useful to a horny hamster.

    If we’re going to debate about Jones, realise he’s 19 and a career begins at that age and who the fuck was Vidic at 19, Rio was Ballotelli at 19, Evans was a reserve player at 19, so fuck off, this boy is ahead of his class and does some pretty great stuff. He’s one of kind and was tipped to be the next big thing, which I still stick by, even if doesn’t hit the heights in 4-5 years time, he’ll be at the level of defenders like John Terry,Sol Campbell etc who are not terrible are they, but they ain’t terrific either. People here are like a fucking oracle “Jones will never be good, he’s clueless.” Your a fucking plastic retard, go join a special school you drowsy knobs.

    Our midfield has been strong this year with Carrick and Scholes at the middle but the honest truth is theirs no strength in depth there so obviously we’ll need to improve their in the summer. Giggs is getting ripped into after 20 years of service and no deterioration in his ability. He may not be a centre midfielder but his contribution this season has been tremendous, he saved us against Chelsea and Norwich to name a few. He’s going through a bad patch in the middle because of form, discipline in attacking and over complicating things, he’ll be great against Villa, watch him bounce back.

    Can’t believe the bullshit.

  7. max says:

    @ Kanchelskis – do one! U spend your days on this forum behind a bloody computer and key board. Both u and that Costas fella. Pathetic. I’m dead serious! Rafael is a proper right back! He’s been in great form recently + him and Valencia have developed a great understanding together. I saw on MUTV last night that he traveled with the lads so I can’t understand why he never started. Jones doesn’t know if he s coming or going. Is he a right back, is he a centre back or is he a midfielder.?? Nobody knows. Its embarrassing. Jones is simply NOT good enough and that’s a fact people. I can’t get my head around it why we had to buy the guy? What’s he done this season people besides for about 3/4 alright performances that’s it?! I’d rather play Chris Smalling ahead of him. I’d also rather play Fabio ahead of him. Both fabio + smalling are better defenders than Jones In my opinion. Even Fergie had a go at him after the game last night. So what does that say? Why do people keep dfending the lad time and time again. I’d give my left bollock to play for a club like MUFC!! And watching players like Phil Jones weraung that famous red shirt does my head in!!!! Robbing a living @ the biggest club in world football! Its an absolute piss take! I couldn’t care less what u people think? He’s simply not good enough. I NEVER attack out players. I love each and every1 of them dearly but watching a person like Jones in that red shirt and performing like he has done the last few times he has played has really put me off him in a big way. He doesn’t seem to understand what it means to play for a club like United. He’s young and immature! taki g to twitter last night saying he aint a neutral when liverpool beat blackburn in the last minute! What is that all about?? Welbeck and cleverley were superb when they came on last night. They fought for the cause, played with heart and passion and most importantly fought for that red shirt!!! They were terrific the 2 of them. They’ve been @ the club for a long time and u can tell they know what it means to be a Manchester United player. Its sad that I can’t say the same about Jones. Its just my opinion people and that’s that. Just really disappointed in the lad and disappointed at the defeat last night. I HATE losing and dont we all. We had a chance to stay 8 points a ahead of city and we blew it and now they are back in it. Why do most United fans get som bloody giddy and think the title is over with 6 games to play. Its a joke! Another joke is why Fergie never stuck with the same team that beat QPR? Imo that’s our best 11 besides possibly Nani. Scholes has been UNBELIEVABLE since he’s come back and him and Carrick have developed a great partnership. So why change it??? Yes it was inevitible changes were gonna be made BUT come on Fergie, there’s only 5 games left. NO NEED TO CHANGE THE TEAM!!!! NO NEED!!!!! Saying that, you’d still have expected the lads to come away from Wigan with the 3 points last night. It wasn’t to be and now we move on. Villa on Sunday and then Everton. 6 points and NOTHING less will do. Come on REDS!!!

  8. kanchelskis says:


    OK, I can only assume Phil Jones did your missus up the pooper or something. If that’s the case, just say so, instead of making up a whole load of barely-thought-out shite. I can’t summon the energy to respond to each of your dismal points. I’ll limit myself to one… Scholes played 90 minutes on Sunday, and you think he has the legs to start another game against a high-tempo side, 3 days later? Can see why you’re a professional troll and not a football manager I guess.

    For now, I’ll just stick to favouring Fergie’s judgement over yours.

  9. max says:

    Jones has got a missus already. Kaya Hall is her name and she’s coloured if I’m correct. Ritchie de lAet would have done a better job at rb than Jones last night. At least that’s his natural position! Scholes could have played at least 60 minutes and I guarantee if you’d have been able to ask him if he could have played he would have been 100 % keen to play. He must have been itching to get on the pitch watching from the stands. Imagine what he must have been thinking watching Jones play? My word he was probably cringing inside! These are professional footballers we talking about here. They’re fit and strong as can be. There’s no reason why Scholes could not have played last night even though he is pretty fucking old but still. Look at tennis players for example. to win a grand slam they play +- 3 hours of tennis for 10 out of the 14 days. We have 5 games left. The lads had a 3 day break for fuck sakes. RIO played with his back problems + he’s 33 so why couldn’t Scholes play?? He never played so what’s the point in even getting into this with u. Pointless.

  10. max says:

    And for your information Scholes did NOT play 90 minutes on Sunday. He came off after he scored another trademark belter to put us 2 – 0 up. Yet another reason why he should have started last night. Get your facts right mate.

  11. Costas says:


    Why even bother with Maxine mate? Definition of a retard.

    I wonder where she was hiding when Jones was one of the team’s best performers week in week out.


  12. MarkoWire says:

    Cant believe United lost to Wigan. Out of the last 8 games and the teams we beat we lose to fucking Wigan. This will only lift Cities confidence now and they will be well up for the Derby. City also play first on Sat which will most likely be a City victory against Norwich. Come Sunday against Villa, City could be 2 point behind us and the pressure is well and truly on us then. That will be a MUST win game on Sunday and also sets up a thriller at the wastelands. Lets hope Norwich are stuborn on Saturday and get something out of that game to take the pressure off us on Sunday…

  13. And solskjaer has won it says:


    Alright Hansen,chill

  14. YorYor says:

    Bollocks to the max. Modern fans eh. They think everything’s like a computer game, it all just falls into place as long as you hold the controller properly. Zero idea about REAL man management, physical fitness balance, and of course considering your next rivals and whether certain resources are best allocated for later.

  15. max says:

    Hahahaha ah this is hilarious!!! Obviously you’d get involved Costas! Couldn’t resist hey u massive cunt! U have nothing better to do? U should find a hobby or something instead of spending all your time all day infront of a stupid computer screen and keyboard u prick!

  16. max says:

    I’ll blame Jones for the goal as well. Even though it was def not a corner. Where was jones to mark his man and close him down. Maloney went past Jones like he wasn’t even there. Yes it was a world class finish but still…he shouldn’t have been allowed that space and freedom. Rafael would have been all over him. Sloppy! He cost us last night and its not the first time this season. He’s cost us in the Champions League as well. How can people still defend the guy? Do me a favor!

  17. Costas says:

    My heart goes out to you Maxine. It’s that time of the month again and you’re out of tampons.

    And I’ll be here whenever I want and for how long I want. My life is perfect and I have the luxury to be here 24/7 if I want to. Too bad you can’t say the same you troll.

  18. Max says:



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