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LIVE BLOG: Yokohama F-Marinos 3-2 Manchster United FT

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. gaz says:

    @NBI good review mate spot on about the young ones, Januzaj is silky on the ball fucker looks like he just hit puberty years ahead for him, works his bollox off aswell love that. Zaha needs a bit of polishing but he is a good signing for us,not bothered about fabregas be a good signing but he was a cunt to Fletch a few years back threw his shirt on the pitch after a game, we need cover for MC16 most important player for us now he is.

  2. King Cantona says:

    Moyes has 3 Star Men – Lindy, Januzaj, Zaha! Seeing one youth player shine is usually rare enough, seeing 3 young players perform consistently well to a high level and hold their own with the big boys is HUGE. They are also exciting players to watch you feel they can do something every time they get the ball.

    @ WilliamAR – I get they have to travel for commercial reasons but these are crazy long flights and you wonder if they’ll be knackered when they get back for start of a brutal few games, also how good this is for training.

    Moyes has had a good chance now to see the players in action. Hopefully this will result in him backing these 3 to break through this year. Lingrad may benefit from a bit of a loan. JZ look like they could do a job! Good to see Smalling back, always felt he would be Rio’s heir if he can keep fit.

  3. The Truth says:

    @King Eric

    That’s not being a cunt, Lindegaard is dog shit and needs binning off before he costs us any more games. His performance against West Brom was one of the worst I’ve ever seen. Funny to think back to the cocky comments he made when he signed, something about how he didn’t come to United to “pick his nose” on the bench and expected to play. Some mug coming from the dregs of the Danish league thinking he deserved to be our number 1! Turns out Schmeichel had it right when he said he couldn’t work out why we’d signed him.

    What makes me laugh above all is the many mugs I had to listen to who reckoned Anders was better than De Gea and should be our permanent number 1 after he managed not to disgrace himself in a couple of cup games against nobodies.

    Awful, shambolic and shocking. I think you’ve just about summed the mug up there.

  4. Sushi says:

    Wenger is a cheap bastard:

    christ what a pathetic loser! thinking he can cheap out

  5. King Eric says:

    The Truth. Which was West Brom game as never saw that? The five all debacle? Didn’t realise he was in nets that day. Sums it up then. Reading away is one that comes to mind. Don’t dislike the fella, just don’t rate him. As I say it takes him five minutes to get down to low shots. Oh he’s not in same league as young Dave.

  6. The Truth says:


    40 mill for Suarez? Can’t understand why Wenger wants him at all. He has proven time and again that he’s a headcase and a scumbag of the worst kind. Wouldn’t think he was Wenger’s cup of tea, even though Arsenal have had some snide cunts during his tenure. I reckon he’d flop at Arsenal anyway, same as every other striker they’ve bought over the last 10 years.

    @King Eric

    Yeah, the 5-5 game.

  7. enzophonics says:

    Fabregas played in an Arsenal team that were direct rivals to Utd – plus he was their captain – epitomizing the ‘Wenger’ philosophy and attitude. He is a Barca player now and has had his slice of dream-return.

    If Utd do sign him (IF) he won’t be coming straight from Arsenal but an older player with less direct rivalry influencing his decision. He is a cog that would be brilliant to at United is obvious, but either way he seems a player who is not motivated solely by money so kudos. We Arsenal Silvestre – albeit an aging player but still players these days its not a black and white thing as with fans – players move to rival clubs as long as it makes sense to them – and them alone. Cue Rooney likely to join Chelsea. Ambition-gate, Mourinho factor, Ashley i-would-take-a-bullet-for-Cole, Terry and a nice paycheque for monsieur Stretford.

    Praying new manager at barca Martino wants defensive signings – record with Paraguay hints at this, hopefully he pushes for and Barca have to sell – only worry is they might decide to shift Affellay and Alexis Sanchez and hold on to Cesc.

  8. The Truth says:

    Got a hunch this Fabregas thing is all Sky Sports News bollocks. Don’t get your hopes up about us signing him, it will end in tears as usual.

  9. enzophonics says:

    @King Eric would love to see a compilation of players that say the right things about a club but talent-wise are not up to scratch! Every club has one or two over the years!

    Loving the fact that we have such a beautiful talented team. I recall us playing some Danish team a couple back, with Big John O’Shea in mid, Silvestre at the back, Richardson as the future from the reserves. Bloody hell – we are moving along nicely. Not to slight any of the players mentioned but the stature of United surely we are allowed a few Kagawas, Zaha, Januzaj and Van Persies! Am very excited with the foundation SAF has left us with – Hiddink said a while back when he was at Chelsea – ‘With Sir Alex, he is always 2 years ahead’ and that paraphrase is exactly the team Moyesy has inherited – players at his disposal who will light up the prem for next 2-3 years he can groom and pick now;

    Adnan Januzaj – Will Keane – Michael Keane – Larnell Cole – Jesse Lingard – Sam Johnstone – Tom Thorpe – Marnick Vermjil – Kagawa – Buttner – Jones – Smalling – Welbz – Powell – Perriera and Tunnicliffe/ Petrucci if they step up.

  10. The Truth says:


    You don’t have to go as far back as us selling them Silvestre to prove your point, I seem to recall another player moved directly between Arsenal and United a lot more recently!

  11. enzophonics says:

    So Yohan Cabaye-bye, Garay and Beans it is then…so much for my wish for Kandogbia, Thiago and Bale then (my post come Sept.1st)

  12. enzophonics says:

    So Yohan Cabaye-bye, Garay and Beans it is then…so much for my wish for Kandogbia, Thiago, Bale and Fabregas then (my post come Sept.1st)

  13. enzophonics says:

    @The Truth yeah but according to the ABU media and Arsenal/Chelsea fan Van Persie never existed. After all Arsenal have a 50% sell on fee and his ‘love’ for L’Arse means he would swiftly move back to Le quartier francais of London if he ever moved back to England…ah the fickleness of it all…tra la..we have our own Wayneeee Rooooney saga.

  14. redruud says:

    people should bloody get a grip….its a goddam preseason

  15. MumbaiRed says:

    Fabregas left out of Barca’s pre season tour:

    If United pull this one off, it will definitely go down as one of the major coups…

  16. Costas says:

    King Eric

    Lindegaard was in goal both times United conceded 5 goals last season. He didn’t have the strongest of back fours in front of him, but the pattern was similar. He lost the plot after things started going against hi
    Wouldn’t surprise me if Moyes decided to go with David, Amos and Johnstone as his goalkeeping trio.

  17. MumbaiRed says:

    Barcelona face Bayern Munich tomorrow and after tomorrow’s match they travel to Norway but there is no confirmation that Fabregas will meet up with his team mates at any point on the tour.

    This will definitely get the rumour mill going again… Is he also contemplating a move to United? Or is he simply being rested?

  18. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Rested for what? He’s barely played pre season. Most likely he’s injured, don’t get your hopes up.

  19. King Eric says:

    Costas. Hi mate. Oh yeah the Chelsea game too. No he didn’t have the best back four to be fair. Wootton and Keane in front of him. I agree though Amos and young Sam are just if not more reliable.

    MumbaiRed. Hmmm. Interesting.

  20. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Costas & King Eric – I agree with both your sentiments on lindegaard. Simply not good enough for the highest level, his shot stopping is below par and his distribution is terrible. I’m sure he’s a good lad with confidence but he’s deluding himself if he thinks he’ll ever be number 1. Out of him, amos and johnstone, I think johnstone has most chance of being 2nd choice. De gea is the undisputed number one and that won’t change hopefully.

  21. samuel - united WE stand says:

    The younger players are all very technically strong, the likes of adnan januzaj, lingard, cole and more have been taught well, none of them look uncomfortable when marked tightly, all wirh individual skills and intelligence. I think what they’ll be working on is gaining more strenghth,mainly upperbody in order to match first team football but I think they have the ability to be key players for united. In adnan especially, we are looking at a natural elegant playmaker, he’s got skillful craft and guile to carve team open, he’s got class that can’t be taught, his passing both short and long range is top class, he’s inventive and mobile, a,great dribbler too. He’s a,set piece expert, always demanding the ball to make the difference. Only 18 but looks like one of those top top players that get fast tracked to the first team very quick, he’ll be some player in a few years time, maybe even sooner depending on how quick he gets stronger, he’ll a chief playmaker and hopefully he steps up. Although they still have to prove themselves at the top, i think these collection of younger players coming through is the best since the giggsy’s e.t.c, at least 90% of them are technically gifted with confidence, I think they’ll save united money in the market for sure.

  22. Sam says:

    @ Mumbai Red – To be fair, all the other Confed. Cup lads are not in the squad either mate.

    Yeah Fabregas would be a coup. The spanish press are just starting to report it diligently, hope we land him.

  23. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Januzaj, lingard, cole, will+michael keane, marnick vermijl, angelo henriquez, zaha, nick powell, varela, maybe petrucci? And more. Fergie wasn’t bullshitting when he said he’s left a solid foundation, that’s a lot of talented players capable of breaking through added with the ones already in the team.

  24. xyz says:

    @Wayne, 18:07

    I agree 100% with that point. A bad ref’s decision in a cup match can be all that stops a team winning a cup, while the league never lies. We have got ourselves a manager with a proven track record – now let’s see what he can do with a squad as good as ours.

  25. MumbaiRed says:

    @samuel – united WE stand : Spain played the CONFED Cup. All internationals in the Barca squad are not travelling to Munich and Norway… all are being rested…
    But I do have my hopes up on this deal and my reasons are

    1. The fact that we have made it so public (first with Irwin and now with Moyes), it clearly shows our intent on getting this transfer through. There is a risk of falling on your face when chasing transfer targets and announcing it publicly – I doubt whether we would do it unless there was an element of certainty in it. Like most fans here, I don’t think Woodward is a muppet that he is made out to be and neither are United. Certainly not so, in the Glazer era. If anything the Glazers are best at it. They run the business part of a Football Club better than any other club. So all this talk of Woodward does not know how to run it, had Gill been here, he would have done this differently is all nonsense to me. If Moyes and Woodward are doing this in a particular way – they clearly must have their rationale of doing so.

    2. This is not a major deviation on part of Moyes-Woodward from the Fergie-Gill era as it’s made out to be. While we may have done business discreetly earlier , but in the last couple of years, Fergie too talked about his targets in the media – De Gea, Moura, Hazard, Van Persie. I doubt whether we would do it this publicly unless we were given some encouragement either from the club or the player. In this case, I think it’s more from the Player than the Club. Why does Pique, Puyol and Iniesta have to come out and clear the air and Fabregas remain silent.

    3. United never really went for Thiago. Either they felt that Thiago was not required or they had identified someone else. If Bayern Munich with all the bodies that they have in their midfield required Thiago, United certainly know that Thiago would have added value to their existing midfield. So clearly they feel they can get someone else in that position who is better than Thiago.

    4. Moyes is no novice as some fans clearly think. If anything, his handling of Rooney issue makes me believe that in the post Fergie era – atleast one thing that won’t change is the belief among players that no one is bigger that the club. He has identified that there is a deficiency in midfield and is trying to sort it out. That he has not tried to get anyone before Fabregas clearly means he is our Plan A. Coupled with the fact that we have not moved to any Plan B clearly means he thinks there is a chance we can get our man.

    5. Rosell may say anything but if we are making a third bid for the player, surely we wouldn’t if they didn’t give us some sort of hint. And like all clubs know, each player has a price. Barca would sell at some price. Fabregas ideally would want to paint a picture that he would not have wanted the move unless Barca want to sell and that’s understandable. He has 2 sets of fans to placate – Barca and Arsenal. The response of Tito Villanova to the first bid is not clearly that of a manager who’d try everything to keep his player.

    6. Fergie’s words: Everything is in place for a big signing.

    6. Lastly, RVP and Fabregas have the same agent.

    So am keeping my chin up and hoping that this will go through.

  26. parryheid says:

    Any sightings of Fabregas at Manchester airport yet or at Carrington for his medical?

  27. The One says:

    MumbaiRed, huh, very optimistic…I’m a bit more hopeful after Sky’s claim that Fabregas is considering his future but not as optimistic as you. :)

  28. The One says:

    MumbaiRed, by the way, I don’t think we can read too much into Fabregas’ omission from the touring team at all.

  29. MumbaiRed says:

    btw, I was optimistic about Thiago as well… :)

  30. The One says:

    MumbaiRed, I would have loved Thiago to join us, younger but already with a lot of experience and yet, still not the finished product. However, in retrospect, and now that he has joined guardiola, it does appear that we weren’t seriously after him.


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