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Liverpool Fans Taint Carra Testimonial With ‘Best Mate’ Owen Reception

Sadly for Jamie Carragher, the Liverpool fans who bothered to show up for his testimonial today couldn’t look at the bigger picture and booed Michael Owen. The ground was just 78% full in what was a disappointing turn out for the man Liverpool fans call a legend, particularly when you consider United legends Giggs and Keane got sell out crowds of 67,500+ and 69,000+ respectively.

Just before half-time, Owen won a penalty for Liverpool which he of course gave to Carragher to take.

Carragher revealed after the game that he wanted best mate Owen to take the penalty but could imagine what the response would be, given the negative reaction Owen had already received.

“I asked the referee to give us a penalty before half-time because I was thinking about Michael as I wanted him to score – I totally forgot that people would want me to take one,” said Carragher. “He’s my best mate in football and I think it took a lot of courage to come back today and do it for me knowing he would take a lot of stick. But I think the crowd would have killed him if he’d taken the penalty listening to their reaction.”

Before the game, Carragher had asked the fans to show a bit of respect.

“I hope it doesn’t affect the reception,” he said, of Owen’s decision to join United. “I think he deserves a great one for what he did for Liverpool. He was a fantastic player – right up there with the greats for what he did. The chance to go to one of the biggest clubs of the world was difficult to turn down.”

However, Liverpool fans even booed Owen when he returned with Newcastle, bizarrely enough, so I suppose there was little chance of them holding back today, even for the sake of their legend, Carragher. Whilst Carragher probably wasn’t expecting a standing ovation for Owen, and certainly wouldn’t expect anything but abuse for Owen when he returns with United, he probably was hopeful that Liverpool fans could lay off for this just one day. The testimonial is a time to celebrate a legend’s career, not to boo your legend’s best mate, regardless of what he’s done.

“All the ground booing Owen,” said one fan on Liverpool’s popular forum, RAWK, who was watching the game from home, instead of Anfield. “Just to confirm that Owen is getting booed everytime he gets the ball!” said another. One fan on the forum, amongst others, was embarrassed by what they were watching. “It took a certain amount of guts for Owen to turn up,” he said. “It was always going to be a controversial element to the game but we should not be booing him all the time, point made now, and Carra obviously wanted him there, so just concentrate on Carra’s Day and pay tribute to the guy!”

Hats off to our Mickey for having the balls to go back there. It’s a shame they couldn’t even just show indifference towards him for the sake of Carragher, although I’m sure our Owen enjoys knowing he still gets under their skin.

The testimonial was all for a good cause, however the ground was just three-quarters full, despite the tickets being sold for as little as £20.

Best supporters in the land.

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  1. Scott the Red says:

    stu – As I’ve already explained to you, the posts that mention are Liverpool are simply because Jamie Carragher keeps talking about us.

    If Carragher didn’t keep talking about being inspired by our players like Giggs, Scholes and Neville, his love for best mate Owen and his respect for Sir Alex Ferguson, you wouldn’t see us on NewsNow.

    Davey – Yes you should hate Owen. But as I’ve clearly said several times, you shouldn’t boo him in a testimonial he’s been asked to play in because he’s the best mate of the legend whose career you’re there to celebrate.

  2. willierednut says:

    Paul Ince was a judas bastard, but if he came back to play in a testimonial, and Giggsy, or Gary Neville told us to not boo him, then I’d adhere to their advice, because i respect their opinion. ps That’s me speaking personally.

  3. Costas says:


    Good point. I’d do the same in that case.

  4. stu says:

    @ scott – oh ok, so if i go looking through this site I wont find any posts about Liverpool that are not Carrager related. I read this site mate, i know how many posts you make – and so do you.

    Look its probably getting boring this now – i made my point back and it seems some have taken it. Were not all that different many of us on here or other forums, we just support different teams. You always have united best interest at heart and me Liverpool.

    I do think reading carra’s comments “they would have killed me” its a bit tongue in cheek isnt it? Why not do a post about how THE MURDERERS WANTED TO MURDER JAMIE CARRAGHER because he did say that – and that would fit your agenda of us all being scum bags, eh? Or is it because you have taken a throw away line and made it into a story to suit your needs.

    i think its that isnt it. Its your blog though chief – do what you want, the faithful will always listen.

  5. Kopred says:

    Soctt – Where did you get your quote from (don’t say Cara)? A good journalist, if quoting, would reveal their source. Would they not? Secondly, if you think about, every other player would have got a cheer, Owen’s name goes out over the speakers and instead of the 37K that were there cheering, stop, show no support and say 1000 go boo (which they are entitled to, at the end of the day paid the ticket price). A 1000 people can make a loud noise in a quite ground.

    You seem to be good at maths, work out what actual percentage of the 37K actually booed.

  6. Scott the Red says:

    Kop red – For any fan to boo is embarrassing. It’s not my concern how many of the pitiful turn out decided to boo, despite being asked not to by Carragher.

  7. Wazza says:

    Haha.. Its perfectly sane that someone wants to add to their rivals’ embarrassment. You don’t have to get so upset. What was even more embarrassing was that this post highlights what Mr. Liverpool himself says, so you don’t have to throw dung here and point out someone’s opinions.
    Nailed it, Scott.

  8. Kopred says:

    Scott – you wrote the article to have a dig as you had nothing better to think of. You never stated where you got your quote from?

  9. willierednut says:

    Kopred – You barred from rawk as well? Or just a keen follower of news now?

  10. Kopred says:

    I generally don’t bother commenting. Kopred means Kopred. I go and watch with my own eyes and make my own judgements. Are than reading crap.

  11. RyanGiggsTheLegend says:

    Why are some liverpool fans doing on United blog. This is our blog, if you are not blind, you can see that we also talk about Real Madrid, City, Arsenal, Barcelona, and more. We are not discussing about why Liverpool has not won EPL for 20 years or Liverpool’s debts. Owen is a UNITED player now, so it matters to us when he get booed. Every tread Scott posted are related to the club, players, or the manager.

  12. stu says:

    ” It’s not my concern how many of the pitiful turn out decided to boo, despite being asked not to by Carragher.”

    Its funnty that, because in the rest of the article you seem to make it very much your concern about what is essentially our business. At least, the bits that make us out to be bad. Agenda, etc.

    @Wazza – your right it is. But I am a Liverpool fan, one from Liverpool who also goes the match – so an actual fan – and im not that embarrased by any of the things that happened today. I dont agree with booing owen, I wish there was more of a turnout – but I can hardly say i find it embarrasing.

    is it any more embarrasing than when your fans were giving it the united not for $ale campaign – when you were a Public company on the stock market (and therefore were in fact massively for sale)? I dont think so, because im a liverpool fan. You think so, cos your a united fan. Fair play.

    Im boring myself here now so i think ill call it a day.

  13. willierednut says:

    stu – I agree with you on the booing thing, I’ve never bought in to the concept of it, for me it’s counter productive. Don’t use news now as an excuse for coming on here, It’s a weak excuse lads.

  14. Kopred says:

    desperate? very much wrong. the only reliable source there is the mirror. So well done you proved you got the quote right. Well done in getting a paper article, sensationalising it and then hopping for hits from LFC fans to get hits.

    Enjoy your site.

  15. Scott the Red says:

    stu – I’m not concerned. Believe me, your fans showing themselves up is not a cause for concern for me. This is a Manchester United blog. A Manchester United player got booed. If you’re embarrassed by your fans behaviour, as you should be, and therefore frustrated it’s on the internet for all to see, that again is not my concern.

    Kopred – So we can agree the quotes are genuine. Carragher acknowledged that Owen got a bad reaction and that the fans would ‘kill’ him if he took the penalty. And yes, begging for sources of the quote, with the slim hope that I had just made them up, was very desperate, but also very amusing.

  16. willierednut says:

    Well, you did respond to it Koppy, so how do you like them apples.

  17. Wazza says:

    “I dont think so, because im a liverpool fan. You think so, cos your a united fan. Fair play.”

    You got the perspective right, mate. That, in my opinion, is the essence of ROM. Perspective.
    You should expect digs and swipes not just out of the blue. But where there is some perspective to it.
    And you are right. You will bore yourself. Atleast you make more sense than the average liverpool fan who comments on ROM.

  18. Giggsys chest wig says:

    To be honest far to many United sites spend far to much time obsessing with Liverpool and City.
    The Liverpool sites hardly give United a mention.
    It’s a joke that United fans spend time singing about Liverpool, their players and scousers when we aren’t even playing them.
    You don’t hear Liverpool singing about us all the time.
    Why do some fans sing about Torres and Gerrard and not our own? Embarrassing.
    3 seperate features on Carraghers testimonial on this site alone, more coverage than what Liverpool sites are giving it.

    Time a large chunk of our supporters focused on United and our players.

  19. Scott the Red says:

    Giggsys chest wig – Michael Owen isn’t a United player then?

    What I find embarrassing is fans who try and form disrespectful and false stereotypes about our fans. Who the fuck sings songs about Torres and Gerrard and not United players? No United fan does that. So, why are you trying the perpetuate such a negative image of some mythical United fan?

    It’s International break and there’s fuck all going on. A Manchester United player got booed in a testimonial today. It got reported on a Manchester United blog. I suggest you stop being so precious.

  20. redseven says:

    just logged on and read all the comments, gutted i wasn’t here earlier, great stuff

    united liverpool banter, just as good as city united banter!

    liverpool and city fans both a bunch of classless wanks

  21. willierednut says:

    Tuftys here in spirit any way lol.

  22. Jeff says:

    I was at the match today – as an Everton fan not a red (yes – we had a team there as well!). Its obvious that you didn’t watch the game from your comments on the reaction to Michael Owen . Yes, there were some boos when Owen came on and again a few early on when he first touched the ball but frankly they were a minority and the vast vast majority of supporters (on both sides) were good humoured and friendly. The reason that the crowd didn’t want Owen taking the penalty was that they wanted Carragher to take it – they’d have objected to pretty much anyone else taking it – is certainly wasn’t an Owen thing. I can only imagine that you fancied stirring things up rather than fair reporting.


  23. wruth03 says:

    What realy annoys me about the Liverpool fans booing of Owen is the rubbish being spouted defending the Liverpool fans behaviour. Rubbish perpetuated by the ill informed media. The fact is Liverpool fans treated Owen abysmally the whole time he was playing for them. Owen was treated with contempt and hatred by Liverpool fans right from when he made his Liverpool debut against Wimbledon. A vile hatred based on the simple fact he replaced Robbie Fowler their God. At one point they even went as far as to threaten the lives of his wife and daughter. to me this means Liverpool fans have long since lost any right to boo Owen. Can anyone seriously blame Owen for leaving fearing his family’s safety. It is public knowledge that Owen was receiving hate mail and death threates for years before he finally left the club.

    Also does anyone remember Liverpool fans burning Steven Gerrard shirts just because he was thinking of leaving. I know I do the pictures were on the national television news. Just further proof of the scandalous behaviour of some of the club’s fans. It is small wonder they were criticised by UEFA not all that long ago.

  24. bronx says:

    If Giggs decided to jump ship & come and play for Liverpool now at the end of his career, how would that go down with Manc fans? Just wondering – especially if he went back to play in a Paul Scholes testimonial!

  25. Pride Of All Europe says:

    What about Sir Matt? Played for both Liverpool and Citeh. But still shed a tear for him whenever I see his smile after we won the prem for the first time.

  26. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    if you ask me tufty has a hairy chest

  27. willierednut says:

    GHTT – he he.

  28. shebangsthedrums says:

    Bod – If you don’t give a shite about us, what are you doing on a Man Utd blog, slight contradiction there me thinks! I personally would never visit a Liverpool supporters blog, or any other team for that matter.

  29. TImF says:

    It’s pretty funny how you’ve got two articles on Carra’s testimonial both making a big deal about how only 35000 people turned up. Here’s a number for you: 7434. That’s your turnout for poor Norman Whiteside (yeah, the guy that won you the FA Cup with one of the greatest goals ever scored in the competition). I’m a (proud) Northern Irish Liverpool fan, so my opinion doesn’t count and I’m less than scum, but I still feel shame on your behalf for your appalling disrespect for one of your greatest ever players.

  30. cantona7 says:

    i thought i read somewhere that Carra said he wish Liverpool would get back their class and respect. seems like it’s not going to be very soon…

  31. Gano says:

    Strewth guys! I was gonna support Utd lastnight but now ROONEY is gonna leave to save his marriage. This is terrible news as he often has to pay for sex, now Utd must be worried about Rooney leaving????, im neutral here in oz!!!!!!

  32. AlphaRS says:

    @Giggsys chest wig September 4, 2010 at 17:51
    Couldn’t agree more with this comment. We can hold no moral highground over anyone else.
    But it’s always good fun making fun out the opposition.
    I actually think Carragher has made some quite fair, measured, and complimentry comments about United and SAF over the years. It takes a player with some measure of class to do that about your most bitter rivals. I may get run down for it but good on him for coming out and saying those things.

  33. yuan says:

    he deserved to be fuck off!

  34. willierednut says:

    Gano – Fuck off you knobhead.

  35. mattbw7 says:

    fuck me, who didnt expect Owen to get booed, I dare say about 25 yearsago that never would have happened for a few reasons, one because players didnt have the power they had today, they where just told what their pay was going to be and had little chance of moving because the club held thier registration. It seemed to me at the time Owen wanted to stay bu tthe club didnt want to pay what Owen and his advisors thought was fair so they went thier seperate ways.

    It happend to Hughes, it was well know before he moved to Barca that he was half of what some of the bought in stars where on at OT and the club wouldnt budge and he fucked off.

    Add in to this mix that most clubs seem to have a lot more dickheads amongst thier support including us, I too remember the stuffing Giggs was getting a few years ago it was embarrasing as I thought of those away fans listening to us abuse one of our own by our own.

  36. King Eric says:

    Watched the game to see how Owen got on. There were a few boo’s but fuck all really.


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