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Liverpool Focus On CL… Title Is Between United and Chelsea

Michael Ballack would have been perfect in Manchester United’s midfield following the departure of Roy Keane. He wasn’t interested though, the general belief being that United were in decline, and he has since failed to win the Premiership or Champions League with Chelsea, whilst United have won both of these since Ballack joined the rentboys.

He has today however won a bit of favour with United fans, claiming that Liverpool won’t stand a chance of the title because of Rafa Benitez’s draw to the European Cup.

Despite currently being eight points behind leaders Chelsea and Liverpool, our much tougher fixtures have played a part in that. Ballack reckons Liverpool will fade away, as they usually do, and that it will come down to United and Chelsea again.

“It’s always the big four that everyone speaks about, but I think it’s still about Chelsea and Man United,” Ballack said. “Arsenal are already behind which makes it very difficult for them. Liverpool are very good at this moment but for me they are always a club for the Champions League, partly because they can put all their focus on one or two matches. But when you look at results and squads over the past couple of seasons as a whole, I think us and Man U are just a little bit stronger.”

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  1. redman says:

    we have beat. the both of you and chelsea at home, i know chelsea would rather play anyone but us. you mancs have had your day and it will only get worse when red nose goes. your right about c/l we will win that along with the prem,,,

  2. Tom says:

    On a weekend when neither Chelsea nor Man U could pick up points, Ballack decides Liverpool can’t win the title and that Man U will somehow magicly be able to close the gap?

    One would have thought that with all of the time he’s had to sit around and do nothing that Ballack would have been able to come up with something a little funnier than the above.

  3. icnoships says:

    Seeing as you normally don’t feel the need to comment on Liverpool’s position, this wouldn’t be a sense of insecurity creeping on , would it ………..surely not?

  4. Nino says:

    Liverpool fans chat so much bullshit…until they actually do win the Prem, consider what their fans say nothing but a load of hot air. I remember a few seasons back (was it 01/02, or 02/03?), it was December and Liverpool were top of the table. Was there such a big fuss over them winning the league that season? NO…and more importantly, did they actually WIN the league that season? A BIG FAT NO!!!

  5. jockewe says:

    would this man united side drop points att home to fulham? i don’t think so. liverpool can’t be lucky all season long, winning in the last minutes against mediocre opposition(City, Middlesbrough, Standard Liege, Wigan, Portsmouth, Man Utd(playing their worst football for some time).

    i can’t see liverpool winning the league, they just don’t have the quality in their team.

  6. denton davey says:

    Jockewe: what goes around, comes around. Usually these lucky, last minute victories/draws turn out to be compensated for when luck turns.

    That said, this year’s version of LiverPoo is much better than expected – the addition of Keane, Riera, and the growing maturation of Babel seems to have given them much more offensive capacity. Their defence is very well organized and very, very well protected by Alonso and Mascherano – their problems emerge when these first-choice guys miss games.

    It’s a long season – sometimes a team gets buried under an avalanche of injuries, sometimes not. You just can’t predict these things but based on past performance it would seem that Liverpoo’s fast start will come a-cropper in the cold, blustery days of the new year. At least that’s the view of a UTD-optimist – how else can I take solace from the crappy start to this season ?

  7. gingerprince says:

    redman why don’t you go and fuck off on the liverpool boards …people might believe you there

  8. Haakon says:

    Fat-Rafa will concentrate both on Champions League and the Premiership, no doubt about that. However, if you want to win them both you gotta rotate your squad. Funny thing is that Benitez have recived so much critism for his rotation policy, so when he rest Torres or Gerrard, and their nobodies mess up (El-Zhar, Xiki, Wiki, Robbie Keane or whoever), fans will be all over him again for his rotation policy. Even though it’s required to compete for both titles.

    They wont be able to handle the amount of matches, because they lack in-depth quality squad players (yes, like Fletcher, Park, Evans, Anderson, Tevez). And I’ve even taken out of the equation that Keane, Kuyt and Arbeloa not exactly fits my definition of Champions quality.

    Nor won’t the Scouse bastards handle the pressure during squeky-bum-time (even though I doubt they’ll be up there come April) because they haven’t been up there since they won in 90-91 – not even close (they were ~10 points off the winner the only time in the history of the Premiership that they finished 2nd).

    Ballack is just stating the obvious.

  9. malice_mizer says:

    its their year.( roll eyes )..

  10. dickson says:

    Any team would suffer if they’re missing their main players. Having said that, the back up quality for liverpool are much much worse off when compared to us and Chelski- that’s just the fact,

  11. phillyb says:

    Yep, liverpool seem to have more players on their books then any of the other three big four. But yet their squad seems paper thin.

    And if its not kuyt, gerrard or torres on the score sheet u lose. I honestly cant think of another consistent goal scorer that they have.

    Please dont say robbie keane, hes a bottler of forlan proportions.

  12. OTRed says:

    @Malice: its always their year for the past 18years, which is why they have 35titles by now, oh wait…

  13. Skittles says:

    Messi is and has been one of the most over-rated players i’ve seen in the past few years. Playing on a declining Barca team who are struggling to keep up with Madrid, its no wonder people think he look good because of the crap players and manager he’s playing with! What has he won…. Absolutely Nothing! He scores a few good goals here an everyone things he’s God, Ronaldo scored genius goals week in and week out last season and our rivals are just too bitter to say that he’s the best so they try to push someone else to say they’re better than Ronaldo but i’m sorry Ronaldo has been by far and away the best player of the last year!!!

  14. suhayl says:

    Ballack is spot on……..chelsea have proved that they can compete with injury ravaged teams and squads and fight on 3 or 4 fronts come the spring. And ofcourse WE utd have done that for 2 decades fighting on 4 fronts or 3 fronts right till the end. Dealing with injuries..and playing the squad game. As for the dippers facts are they can only concentarte on 1 cup at a time. Hence why they’re always out of 3 by xmas. Hence concentrate on 1 egg.

    They havent got the squad and pedigree to compete and 3 fronts. and 1 injury to gerrard and torres..and that really it. And as denton daveuy said…that 2 month lucky spell you had…with last ditch wins, flukey scabs, v 10 men, dodgy deflections, jammy smash and grabs and daylight robberies surely cannot carry on.

    Ballack for the first time was spot on


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