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Liverpool Guilt In Heinze Tapping Up Is Icing On The Cake

If Heinze’s move to the dippers had been cleared this summer, it would be a pretty humiliating situation for United. We’d made it known how much we loved the player, and to see him wearing the red of the scum week in week out would have been a lot to stomach. As soon as Heinze went back on his claims that his life in Manchester, playing for United was “perfect”, and announced he was interested in a move to the dippers, we wanted shot of him, and any club but Liverpool would have done for me.

I was hugely relieved when a deal with Real Madrid was agreed, especially considering we made a profit on the 29 year old, who is past his best. Ferguson was clearly still livid, in disbelief that a player he had bent over backwards for would stab us in the back, betray us in the worst possible way. When Palace announced that a deal had been in the pipelines for them to buy our Argie, and then sell him on to the dippers, Ferguson got just the therepy he needed. He wanted revenge, and here was the perfect way to get it.

“We are looking at Liverpool’s whole role in this,” said Ferguson. “David Gill is working on it at the moment. We will get to the bottom of it and see what comes out because we are not letting them off with it.” When asked whether he suspected there had been some ‘tapping up’, Ferguson fumed, “We will see.”

The situation wasn’t given much time to cool, when Rafa Benitez launched a ridiculous attack, losing the plot Mourinho style. When asked about his feelings on the Premier League tribunal’s decission to deny the transfer to Liverpool to go through, Rafa exploded, “How can a player with a signed agreement be treated like this? He has a document that is clear, but the Premier League prefers to believe the word of someone else who made a mistake. I know there were accusations against Liverpool in the hearing which were unbelievable. How can this be allowed? Then I would ask why is it that Liverpool always plays the most fixtures, away from home in an early kick-off, following an international break? We had more than the top clubs last season and we have four already to prepare for this season. Then I want to ask the Premier League why it was so difficult for Liverpool to sign Javier Mascherano, when we had to wait a long time for the paperwork, but it was so easy for Carlos Tevez to join Manchester United? It’s going to be very difficult for us to win the Premier League because the other teams are so strong, but we will fight to cope with our more difficult kick-off times and all the other decisions which are going against us.”

The once cool, calm and collected Benitez appeared now to be off his trolley, making snipes about the fixture list and the embarrassingly ridiculous claim that the Tevez “transfer saga” was a simple process for us.

Ferguson faught back, easily putting Rafa in his place, saying “I am really disappointed with Rafa. He is going on about Saturday fixtures after European games. Well, he wants to look at our fixture list over the last two or three years. Maybe then he would have something to complain about. As for Carlos Tevez, it took about three months.”

Whilst you may be forgiven for thinking the hostility had ended between the two managers for the time being, after Fergie backed Rafa’s comments on kick off times following internationals, you’d be wrong. Reports today suggest United’s claim of Liverpool tapping Heinze up is being investigated, as well as the claims made by Crystal Palace. Both are being looked in to by the Premier League, with two large fines up for grabs if Liverpool are found guilty.

It would be the icing on the cake if the dippers were punished for trying to sign Heinze, but I won’t hold my breath on the Premier League announcing they are guilty of anything. Lest you forget, Robbie Fowler running to the United fans showing his four/five pudgy fingers deserved no punishment, apparently, whilst Neville’s badge kissing cost him £5k. Mellor and Gerrard’s red cards in the Amsterdam Tournament 2003, as well as Gerrard’s punch in the pre-season just gone by, were worthy of no further punishment, apparently, whilst Scholes and Rooney were each handed a three match ban in the league for red cards in the same tournament in 2006. I therefore won’t get too hopeful of the Premier League panal discovering any wrong doings, despite what Crystal Palace representatives have to say to the contary.

Meanwhile, Heinze is sitting on the Real Madrid bench, and the Premiership trophy is sitting in our trophy cabinet. Perfect.

[edit.] Wow this picked up a lot of dipper reaction. Maybe they’re all just a bit embarrassed that Rafa fought so hard to sign one of our bench warmers? Who knows, but do stop littering this United blog with your moronic insults and sick Munich remarks. Such comments will continue to be deleted, so time to give up.

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  1. Chris the Diabolic Swede says:

    I think those two claiming you’re a cunt is just two scousers with really small dicks. Sad really, you dippers won’t win anything this season either. Gits!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Rafa does have a point about the Tevez deal. All the issues Utd had to overcome were between the player and West Ham, as soon as that was sorted out the deal went through very quickly with the league and FA. Liverpool had to wait ages in January when they put their deal through.

  3. Anonymous says:

    ah the scouse. full of nothing to say and lurking around where they’re not wanted. shame you cant be as committed to showing some class and winning as you can to throwing shit and knocking over ambulances.

  4. Worth says:

    What a bunch of children, getting so angry over a game. Football is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. Instead it is populated by fools like you lot, I’m talking about fans of all clubs, who are filled with hate and anger and only want to put one over one another.

    You lot disgust me because you spoil what is supposed to be fun with your petty squabbles.

  5. trescothica says:


    Well may I suggest that you get back to potting your plants & going to Sunday school.

    I am an ex catholic who struggles to see much good in the world today, but Worth, football is something that unites millions & millions of people – ragardless of what club they follow.

    Sorta like a global religion – so if you get troubled by this sort of debate, as thats all it is – A DEBATE – two easy words for you worth….


  6. elvido says:

    I have been a ardent ManUtd fan from Bangalore and have been rudely told by “fans” that if can’t watch a game then I am not a “fan myself.. mostly by pool and chelski “fans”. And for my part i watch every game played in the premiership, the La liga and the serie A. I am not sure what your levels of expertise is, but I sure can tell you if someone’s playing a long ball game or which one is a 3 pointer.. I am saying this cos most of the “feedback” i have received has been on Utd blogs!!!!! WTF?!!!!! Don’t these guys have blogs of their own?!!! I wold not know cos I have never looked for one!! Very happy with my team, thanks you.. If you don’t like what’s written here, why do you visit the damn site and make asinine comments? We are fans who have to kiss ass to get a Visa to watch a match forget bargaining for tickets!! The fact that you guys are lucky enough to watch your heroes is apparently not good enough.. you have this innate desire to go to your neighbour’s backyard and take a piss, and everyday?!!! I actually said once [to lotsa threats] that if i had not supported ManUtd It would have to be Arsenal [Obv, since they are the only 2 teams that play football].. Chelski fans especially took offense.. HELLO?!!!! Your owner agrees with me but you don’t?!!! Damn, the english taught us the language but apparently you don’t recognise it if someone else uses it…… Get a life!!!!!!!

  7. 9 times says:

    firstly youve just got to laugh at the insecure thieving gits checkin out our RoM webby… many of us mufc faithfull go on the slum sites to see wot shit theyre talkin about?……. not feckin me. ive got better things to do.
    as for heinze, he either didnt know that he would of caused an eternity of venomous backlash by upsetting the millions of fans who have been paying his wages if he had joined the dippers, or he is just a total tosser with no common sense.
    as for the scousers tapping him, im surprised they didnt just nick him along with a load of wheel trims whilst in manchester.
    good bye and good ridance to an arsehole who has well and truly been taken off sir alex`s, gary neville`s and scott the red`s christmas card list.
    p.s. worth, you sound like the kind of man that would forgive your best mate for shaggin your wife behind your back. drink a can of red bull and live dangerously for once…


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