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Liverpool Have Spent More During The Premiership Years… FACT

Crazy ol Rafa is talking “facts” again.

“Check the figures,” Benítez said. “It doesn’t matter what Ferguson says about money. They have more money and can spend more than us, so we have to manage and do our best in every single deal.”

Wrong again!

It turns out that Rafael Benitez has £43m more than Sir Alex Ferguson since joining the Premier League in 2004. Liverpool fans bang about the FSW’s net spent. Fair do’s. Liverpool have made more than United in the transfer market, around £26m better off. That still means United have done better by £17m in the transfer market.

The transfer website where I got these figures from details every clubs’ transfers since the Premiership began in 1992. Liverpool fans claim we have “bought” our success in the 18 years that have gone since their last title. Bad news for them.

Since 1992, United have spent around £11m more than them, an average of around £600k a season. When you compare the difference in success between the two clubs in that time, the difference in spending is laughable. When you then consider that when it comes to sales United have made roughly £13m more than Liverpool it becomes even more ridiculous. Since 1992, United have ten Premiership titles and have an average net spend of £11,799,118 per season. Since 1992, Liverpool have zero Premiership titles and have an average net spend of £11,908,529.

Facts, facts, facts. You gotta love em!

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  1. Tom Earnest says:

    By anyone’s figures Benitez’ net spend is less than Ferguson’s. An analysis of gross spends is completely irrelevant.

    Considering where Liverpool were when Rafa took over compard to where United were at the same stage, it’s incredible Rafa has managed to close the gap to the extent he has.

  2. costas says:

    Where were Liverpool under Houllier tom?They weren’t so much worse were they?Houllier did take them second within 3 years didn’t he?And he had a smaller budget that RAfa had.And let’s not forget the fact that you won the Ch.League with basically Houllier’s group of players.You said compared to United.United were pretty shity at Rafa’s first season.We were in a transitional period ourselves.We had sold Beckham a year ago,Ronaldo and Rooney were still immature as talents and the only good players were Scholes,Giggs and Ruud.The differences are not so big in the budget for the past 5 years.Rafa is talking as if he has Torquay’s budget.United have buyed fewer,better players than LIverpool in the last 5 years while at the same time keeping only 8 out of the 21 players we had in 04.

  3. Tom Earnest says:

    In 03/04 the season before Benitez arrived, we finished 4th, 30 points behind the leaders. Of that squad, 3 players remain. We’ve gone from being a side who are happy to finish 4th to one who will, this season, be unhappy if we finish 2nd. We’ve gone from being a side who rarely got to the latter stages of European competition to one which is involved every year at the business end of the champions league. Reina, Skrtel, Agger, Mashcerano, Alonso, Torres. These players are in a different class to the players they replaced.

    I personally think comparing the spending of Rafa to Ferguson over 5 years is odd. Ferguson’s been in charge for over 20 years, it’s hardly surprising his turnover of players is going to be smaller. Comparing gross spend, as Ferguson tried to do last week, is absurd too. We had to sell players such as Momo Sissoko, Peter Crouch, etc to raise funds for other transfers. Hardly world beaters but players who improved the overall strength of the squad. Try, if you can, to imagine if Anderson and Nani had been signed for Liverpool for the amount Ferguson signed them for and had been used as sparingly and in the case of Nani, been as unimpressive. Rafa would be getting slaughtered for it. Rafa gets slaughtered for signing Lucas, a player who’s had a more positive impact than Nani and someone who was signed for a 3rd of the price.

    When you win everything you’ve done is genius, when you lose, everything you’ve done is foolish.

    We’re 1 draw worse off than you this season albeit having played one game more. 1 draw. Is Benitez really doing such a bad job? Either the players he’s signed are better than people say they are, or he’s better at coaching than people say he is. One thing is quite clear, Liverpool are getting closer, why?

  4. costas says:

    I told you why.Because no matter what Benitez says,the gap in spending is not that big.That’s why you are close.Not because the only way Fergie can have success is money like Rafa implied yesterday.You are also close because you have played 6 games less this season.Around this time it takes something out of you.I understand that he bought and sold Crouch to get Voronin and then sold him to get Keane.I get what you are saying in that respect.He could have done something else.Invest on a player.If he had bought Carrick 3 years ago,he would have sold his problem for the next 5-6 years.He wouldn’t need to constantly buy 8 players in a summer and then replace them.Money is a good crutch to use.When you are 10 points away,you can say that United spend more.When you are 1 point back you can say that we are challenging a side with more money.But if you look back to the United side in 96,the Arsenal teams in 02 and 04 and even the Blackburn team in 95 you will see that they won the title without being the richest club in the league.One final thing.Houllier did get you to second place.He is the only manager in the last 19 years to finish above United(until perhaps this year).And the fact that you won the Ch.League with basically his players,proves that maybe Benitez shouldn’t have been so rush in chopping and changing.

  5. Jake says:

    tom earnest is back after a Liverpool win…fair-weather Liverpool fan…idiot

  6. steve holland says:

    ye liverpool have spent more but….they have always had to balance their books by selling, fact..they have actually made a profit in the transfer market the past 5 years, so stop talking nonsense, fergie can buy 30mill player liverpool cant, this is reality and has been for a long time….so money is a big issue at anfield


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