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Liverpool Legend: FACT, Sir Matt Is The Greatest Ever

“Matt Busby is without the doubt the greatest manager that ever lived. I am not saying I think he is the greatest manager, I am saying he is the greatest manager. Facts can prove that. He had tremendous courage, and his foresight and ability, everything a man needs to be a football manager, Matt Busby has.”

Bill Shankly, who is regarded as one of the greatest all time managers, revealed during an interview which took place in the 1970s that he believed that Sir Matt Busby was the greatest ever manager.

Busby was a pioneer for this country in European football, competing in the European Cup against the wishes of the FA, and becoming the first manager to lead an English team to European glory. He built his team was scratch, losing some of the most talented and influential members of the team on that tragic day in Munich. Ten years following that disaster, he built a team worthy of the title ‘Champions of Europe’, bringing through some of the most exciting and able players this country has ever seen. Just six players representing English teams have been named as officially the best in Europe, three of those belonging to Sir Matt’s team.

“I saw Old Trafford a few days after the Blitz, and when I looked at it, I thought `That’s the end. There will never be another football team here again,’” Shankly said in the interview. “Tommy Curry was trying to keep things going then, but there was not even any water running into the place to have a wash, so the players could train. It’s the most amazing thing that this club, and this ground, has risen from this. It is a tribute to Matt Busby.”

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  1. bchilds says:

    Well said Mr. Shankly, well said.

  2. Jaimie Kanwar says:

    Nice one, Scott. Great quotes from Bill Shankly there. Sir Matt was indeed one of the all-time greats. and as a Scot, it gives me great pride to see the amazing impact Scottish managers (and players) have had on the game.

    Of course, we all know that Busby’s 3 years at Liverpool and schooling in the Liverpool way of doing this is the main reason he was such a success at Man U ;-)

  3. Rafa The Gaffer says:

    That was before Bill met Bob. Sounds like a film ;-)

    Matt Busby and Shankly, and Fergie for that matter, will go down in history as icons of the great game.

    But only one manager has won 19 trophies in his 9 seasons in management
    at top level.

    Mr Paisley was an unassuming chap who didn’t want the limelight, unlike most of the other managers who thrived on it.

    And that alone stood him out, but his achievements are second to none.

    Ferguson, Shankly, Busby, Stein, Clough, Revie, Bobby Robson. Absolute legends of the game.

    Bob beats them all in my opinion.

  4. the king says:


  5. Par says:

    Thank you, King, for elevating the discourse.

  6. Koproar says:

    Matt Busby was indeed a fine man and manager. The article says it though; Busby WAS the greatest manager in Shankly’s self-effacing opinion. At the time Shankly made his heartfelt comments Paisley’s achievements were yet to be recorded. The genial Geordie’s magnificent record marks him out for greatness above and beyond Busby’s.

  7. Dave B says:

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  8. jobo says:

    I’m liking the double meaning in the title :)

  9. North Stand,Tier 3,Back Row says:

    So scousers rate Paisley above Shankly? Thats a bit of a surprise. Paisley inhereted a great young squad from Shankly, some had already won the championship twice, and lost a European Cup semi in 66. Shankly took a team from division two, and built it from scratch. Busby did an even greater feat, took an average team, and by 1958 they were arguably one of the best in Europe, and from the depths of dispair, he then built THE WHOLE CLUB back from the brink, and 10 years later won the European cup. These men (and the likes of Clough and Reevie) built teams from scratch, Paisley got handed a team on the brink of greatness and kept them there. Fair dues, he did what he did, but it takes more than trophies to measure a manager.

  10. the king says:

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  11. JPF says:

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  13. Giles Oakley says:

    I find this kind of direct personal foul-mouthed abuse totally obnoxious.It has no redeeming features , it’s just nasty. I don’t particularly like it when United fans dish it out , especially if there’s not at least a modicum of wit, but I’m astonished at how low this exchange has sunk. Can you imagine what Shankly or Paisley or Fagan (not to mention ex-Liverpool captain Busby) would think of The King Said and how he addresses people? Can anyone see anything in this witless torrent that shows he understands what his own team has stood for in football? Aggression like this is shameful and without being too sanctimonious or boy-scoutish about it, I would appeal to United fans not to answer in kind. I would also ask Liverpool fans to disown The King Said, unless that’s how you like your club to be represented.

  14. the king says:

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  15. Stephen says:

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  16. Giles Oakley says:

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  17. JPF says:

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  18. Giles Oakley says:

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  19. Stephen says:

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