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Liverpool Reduce United’s Away Allocation

Liverpool FC have jumped on the bandwagon and plan to reduce the away allocation for United’s trip to Anfield next season due to our fans standing.

Last season, 2,948 tickets were given to United fans, but now they plan to give us just 1,965.

Manchester City, Sunderland and Bolton are amongst the clubs to have already reduced our away allocation for persistent standing.

Over recent years, Liverpool fans have repeatedly destroyed the toilets, ripped up seats and vandalised the ground with “Munich” graffiti, yet United have never reduced their allocation.

I wonder if Liverpool will also reduce the number of fans they allow in to the Kop for the same reason?

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  1. Jessop says:

    You miss the point here completely.
    If you see how poorly away fans are treated at Old Trafford you understand why clubs are taking this stand – it can’t be one rule for you and one rule for the others.

    To be honest the reduction in numbers won’t affect the non atmosphere that the United fans bring to the grounds.

  2. bill bob says:

    Just shows how old some pricks on here are……. Yet they can’t hadle the fact they are animals in some away grounds, Liverpool isn’t the only ground were United have had tickets have been reduced…. wonder why??

  3. bill bob says:

    From the telegraph

    The Ground Safety Advisory Group who compiled the report said it’s more for standing in the gang-ways though, not just standing, and acknowledge that other fans stand, but single out United fans for being worse for blocking those.

    “Pictures were presented which showed how the gangways at that game were affected compared to a similar high-profile game where persistent standing also occurred,” said the report. “The actions of the Manchester United supporters had overwhelmed the reasonable operations of the stewards through the management plan.
    “This is an escalation of the actions of the supporters from previous games. It is not clear what more the club can reasonably do through stewarding measures to ensure spectators do not encroach in to gangways.
    “Spectators from other away clubs attending the ground also persistently stand. However they do not spread out in to the gangways to the same extent that the Manchester United spectators do.”

  4. smartalex says:

    bill bob

    Those quotes already cited on this thread.
    They imply that poor stewardship is threatening our quota.

    Sort it out!

  5. Redfanfan says:

    @King Eric, thanks and good one on Bill bob.

  6. RedDevil says:

    If only the scum could slash away teams by a third they might be able to win something.


  7. portuguesemanc says:

    Those 1805 fans will be louder than the rest of anfield


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