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Liverpool Skipper Jealous Of Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs

Steven Gerrard has handed in two transfer requests to his supposed beloved club, with the intention of joining Chelsea and winning the title with them.

Gerrard was just 9-years-old when Liverpool last won the title and despite claiming it is ‘their year’ for pretty much every season since, they have failed to even put up much of a title challenge since their last win in 1990.

Gerrard has today admitted he is jealous of Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville, who have lifted the trophy for the past two seasons.

“I know I’ve had a decent career and done well so far, but I still have so many ambitions,” said Gerrard. “When I see Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs lifting the Premier League trophy over their head and I haven’t got it, I want it bad. It is going to be one of the most exciting title races in years. The other teams below the so-called top four are taking points off the top four. No one is running away with it. The last three or four years have become a two-horse race in November and December but it is anyone’s title at the moment. We are happy where we are. We are disappointed we haven’t got a bit of a cushion but it has been a long time since we have been able to say Liverpool are top of the League in December!”

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  1. Its in my blood says:

    And an even longer time till YSB can say top of the league in May!

  2. Aziz in Nairobi says:

    You will b jelous of Rafael also,1seasone 1 PL,what of carrick 2 1st seasones 2 PL and a CL trophy,you Gerard 10yrs 0PL trophies?

  3. United 4 me says:

    hahaha gerrard. get a life coz u aint going to win one. with that defence of liverpool u just wish of winning one and u just dream of being giggsy or neville for just one season. go hand in another transfer request *THIRD TIME LUCKY* and then u might just win one if u have the biggest fluke of a year. SUFFER NO PL 4 man utd’s S H I T

  4. spencer says:

    Title winners don’t throw away points at home to the likes of Fulham, Stoke and West Ham.

    That was very similiar to our home form im 2001-2002 and we lost the title because of it.

  5. Stephen says:

    Stevie Me is one of the most selfish fucking players I have ever watched, he makes Ronnie look like Roy Keane.
    I watched the West Aaaaam game and he was constantly shooting from about 40 yards, and when Kyunt did the same, the Liverpool hero (who actually wanted to sign for Chelsea, but hey lets forget about that indiscresion), was screaming at him to pass, yes you guessed it to him!
    There is a simple reason why the dippers havn’t won a title yet, and Stevie is down to you, you simply only play for yourself thats why Giggsy and G Red have won 17 betwwen them, because they play for the team and not for themselves.

  6. aniq says:

    ever think of fergie is jealous with rafa?? ermm..

  7. Sam says:

    gerrard just isn’t in the same class as ryan giggs. He’s a good player but not one good enough to deserve a winners medal because of it. How long has gerrard been around? I can’t name one season where he’s given 100% effort all the way through. Remember Arsenal were up there last year in a 3 horse race but what happened? Come february it’ll be a one horse race

  8. denton davey says:


    As some of you may know, George Gillet is not only the half-owner of LFC but also the sole owner of the storied Montreal Canadiens ice-hockey team. So, his financial derring-do is a staple of Canadian sports reporting; and it turns out that in January, 2008, he used his half-interest in LFC to secure a one-year, high-interest loan from an obscure financial company in Delaware. At the end of January, 2009, Gillet has to re-negotiate that loan in the midst of a credit crunch or else sell his share in the team to his equally-leveraged partner – co-owner, Tom Hicks.

    As anyone knows who is trying to secure credit at this time, this is the worst of times to be trying to do so. One is bound to ask, therefore, IF this situation will result in one of the three following scenarios:

    1 – Gillet defaults and some obscure financial company ends up with half-ownership of LFC;

    2 – Gillet sells his share to Hicks; or,

    3 – Gillet regnotiates his loan at a much higher rate and therefore demands better cash-flow from his “asset” = fire sale.

    In these circumstances – and those which are swirling around Roman Abramovitch’s toy-team, the RentBoyz – the Glazers’ financial acumen almost looks like “probity”. At Old Trafford, wages are still less than 50% of revenues; pre-interest profits are enough to cover debt loans; and the turnstiles just keep ticking over. The meltdown of AIG is also probably a good thing since the shirt sponsorship rates for top “franchises” are only going up and up and up – will we finally see a red shirt with a Nike logo ? And will that UTD/Nike “partnership” ensure that it would be financial suicide for Cristiano Ronaldo to pack his bags to pursue his “dream” ?

    But, getting back to StevieMee and his mates – will they have to sell Javier Mascherano ? or Fernando Torres ? in order to raise cash-flow levels to meet the new debt charges ? Will they really end up with a team of “11 Carraghers”. If so, will StevieMee jump ship ? He’s already shown everyone that his loyalty isn’t exactly trustworthy.

    The League Table doesn’t lie – for the moment, LFC are in first place. But, for them, the financial bell is tolling so it would seem unlikely that they will experience the stability necessary to provide the platform for the team to continue its early-season success. And, don’t we all just love that !

  9. MANU says:

    Stevie G is a f******** fool……you cant compare him to the likes of Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs….Dream on Stevie G

  10. Mic says:

    Did you know when Gerrard got robbed he was held by police by claims of insurance fraud.

    Apparently Gerrard said that he had 6 Premier league champions medals stolen.

    The loss adjuster said in reply “Look Steve , you’re a good player but you’re no Phil Neville”

  11. TonyBee says:

    Mic: fucking hilarious ….

  12. pali says:

    || Mic Said,December 3rd, 2008 @19:31 Did you know when Gerrard got robbed he was held by police by claims of insurance fraud.

    Apparently Gerrard said that he had 6 Premier league champions medals stolen.

    The loss adjuster said in reply “Look Steve , you’re a good player but you’re no Phil Neville”||

    This is so TRUE..

    (thx mix, nice post)

  13. IndReddevil says:

    @mic, ha..ha..ha…definitely not Phil Neville…..

  14. Jake says:

    he’s the best central midfielder in Europe and Giggs has been plagued with hamstring injuries for 10 years for the bod that said Gerrard couldnt compare because he hadn’t given a whole season of 100% effort to his club. They won’t win the title but so what if he put in two transfer requests, everyone has doubts, in the end he stayed and you’ve got to admire him for that because he could well end up without a premier league winners medal, yet still managing to carry his whole team and become one of the best in the world…I hate scousers but I make an exception for gerrard when we’re not playing them, nobody can do what he does at the pace he does it

  15. King Eric says:

    Best central midfielder in Europe? I think not


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