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Liverpool’s Small Club Mentality… Please Leave Ronaldo

To guarantee an argument which will last all night, put a Manchester United and Liverpool fan in a room and get them to discuss which club is the greatest.

“Have you ever won the Treble?” “We’ve won it five times,” “18 years,” and “18 vs 17 titles,” would probably be the phrases that appeared most often.

Whilst I hate Liverpool most passionately, you’d be an idiot to ignore their great history. Sadly for them though, that’s all they’ve got to cling on to these days, as whatever success a cup competition brings you, the biggest and best clubs want to win the league. What does Stevie Me call it? The bread and butter, and he’s not wrong.

Liverpool resent United being called the biggest club in the World, despite arguments to support it. However, their own players aren’t doing their club any justice when resorting to such a small club mentality, as Alvaro Arbeloa did yesterday.

“If Ronaldo plays in Real Madrid it will be good news because he is one of the best players in the world and is our enemy at the moment,” Arbeloa told Sky Sports News. “If he can play for Real Madrid for me it is perfect. For us it would be a good news because for Manchester United he is very important and if Ronaldo is not in Manchester for Liverpool it is good.”

What’s he playing at? Why is a Liverpool player talking to Sky Sports News about United’s possible transfers? What on earth has it got to do with him?

Fernando Torres has been linked with a move away to Chelsea in recent weeks. Can you imagine Nemanja Vidic getting on the phone to have a chat with Sky Sports News, claiming he hopes he leaves?

For a situation to be “perfect” for a United player, it would be in regards to their own club. It was “perfect” to win the league last season. It was “perfect” to win the European Cup. If Ferguson was to bring in one of the brightest talents in the World to the club, there would be an element of perfection in that.

But how sad that perfection for Arbeloa is nothing to do with Liverpool FC, but all about United. One player being sold from United is “perfect” for him.

It’s a worrying sign when a player is more concerned about the goings on and players of other clubs than he is his own.

“This is our year!” Steven Gerrard will be telling him, but who wants to let Arbeloa know the scousers have been saying that same shit for the past 18 years…

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. John says:

    scouse bastad! haha. next year, next year, next year!

  2. jsos says:

    this is a sad state of affairs for the scouse. havent heard much response from them about arbeloa’s comments, but humiliation should fit into that category nicely. how embarrassing to show your fear of another club’s player… and how ignorant to think ronaldo’s future will somehow affect liverpool’s inability to win the league in almost 2 decades

  3. Gary says:

    I just find it hillarious that Arbeloa thinks that people actually care what he has to say. Hes a typical Liverpool player if you like, a steady performaer but not good enough, Liverpool have signed plenty of players like that, like the new fall back a on free transfer Degan or what ever his name is!? Yea like you say Gerrard will probably come out for about the 3rd or 4th year running saying how this is going to be Liverpool’s year. He even claimed after they beat Aston Villa on the opening day of last season that Liverpool had proved they could win the title because they dont throw away stupid points no more. Typical Gerrard getting carried way after one game. I also so then heard of countless Liverpool fans how they were going to do us in December because they were a due a win. They fell flat on there faces again. When will they ever learn that there a laughing stock and not taken seriously as a challenger for the title.

  4. Steevo says:

    I doubt Nemanja or Rio would bother contacting SSN really, owing to that nice little spot the lad Torres occupies in their pockets.


  5. David Quinn says:

    Desperate times for liverpool, hoping that another player leaves.

  6. Jody says:

    80% if not all manc fans hate ronaldo at the mo
    because of the way he’s carrying on about this transfer to madrid, being a ponsy prick about it, coz he’e the one and only thinking he’s not replaceable but as soon as a liverpool player opens his mouth about it there all defending him
    hahaha.. Petty!

  7. Craig Mc says:

    Hahahahaha – most L’Pool players have a United complex. They would like to get rid of all our players if they could, and mostly they would love them in their team – Heinze anybody, Vidic, Brown, etc etc etc!.

  8. Sean says:

    I seem to remember your fans saying it was the end of Liverpool when Owen went and were actively willing Gerrard to leave. Short memories…….For those older don’t you remember singing ‘where’s your Kenny gone’? Didnt think so…….

  9. jsos says:


    you’ve made quite a few claims up there, but the question is this… is the chatter of supporters (albeit pretty vague accusations “actively willing Gerrard away? sounds very factual lol) the same as your own club’s PLAYER commenting to the press? The question here is not whether supporters of one club have ever wished away competition from the other.. the commentary is showing, rather, that Liverpool’s actual players are commenting to the press about this.. fans will go on all day, but to have your own club’s players getting in on it is quite another. You’ve missed the point, mate.

  10. Tom F says:

    If Ronaldo did leave this summer.. or preferable is left in the stands if he does kick up a fuss then I hope that everyone will get the message that we still have Wayne Rooney, Tevez, Scholes, Nani, Carrick plus more creative, attacking or forward players.

    Manucho will not be pushed about by anyone, I can tell you that. I hope his work permit is sorted this summer.

  11. Robin says:

    I think that Arbeloa guy is an idiot. I remember he talk some sh*t before their game at OT last year, in which they lose. Never heard of him again until this morning because of his another idiotic comment. Arbeloa who?

  12. Gary says:

    Reply to Sean.

    What United fan said it was the end of Liverpool when Owen left???? How could it be the end of Liverpool if he left when you never got started in the first place you moron!

  13. Jonny F says:

    Sean – Why, oh why would United fans ‘actively will Gerrard to leave’ when he was going to join Chelsea, when they are a much, much bigger threat to us than you have been for 15+ years? Or, let me guess, is this going to be ‘your year’? Have you ‘turned the corner’?……….

  14. Stephen says:

    Jonny you forgot in Refa we trust!!! ha ha ha!!

  15. Tom F says:

    “Steve Gellard, Gellard – he kisses the badge on his chest, then he hands in a transfer request.. Steve Gellard, Gellard!!”

  16. Tom F says:

    It’s also quite a sweet fact that Nani and Anderson have both won more Premier League titles than Stevie Me. Quality.

  17. OMelhorDoMundo says:

    He actually thinks they’ll be up there?

  18. Drew Vader says:

    i just cant wait to see which United player is going to score in front of the kop this year? We need to keep this trend going and follow in the footsteps of O’Shea and Carlitos.

    I’m picking Andersonsonson to be the hero this time around. Thoughts?

  19. Tom F says:

    My dream would OBVIOUSLY be GARY NEVILLE!

    Our defenders do quite well against the Dippers (TM)

  20. Israel says:

    I’v got no time comparing d king of europe and england with one mere wisher dat always craw alone.
    United reigns!

  21. jimmy Bob says:

    tom F is bang on the money !

    poor dippers always yearning for past glories no wonder yesterday was written by a scouser

    happy to finish 4th with a decent cup run how the mighty have fallen

    poor old shanks and paisley would never be happy with such a dire

    in rafa we trust (so say all united fans)

  22. Phoenixred says:

    I’m happy i’m not the only one who noticed the stupidity oozing from this guy’s comments. Has he forgotten that even before CR7 came, Liverpool had never still defeated us?

  23. Manuxtreme says:

    quality read mate as usual and cant agree more with what’s been said.

    Anyhow posted this on OSR, hope you dont mind ;)

  24. KingOfZamunda says:

    Steevo- GENIUS :)

  25. phoenix red says:

    excuse me the other phoenix, come up with your own name, why dont ya? as far as those laughable dippers are concerned, you’re havin a rafa

  26. daddy says:

    ronaldo spent the 2 games leaving arbelloooa on his backside…
    vida spent 2 games with torrres in his back pocket..
    nuff said…

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