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Liverpool’s Torres Is The Kid, Rio Is The Man

Fernando Torres, nicknamed ‘El Nino’, had a very impressive debut season in the Premiership, scoring 24 league goals for Liverpool. The player who United have been linked with on numerous occasions but instead joined compatriot Rafa Benitez with the dippers.

Whilst having his way against most Premiership defences, Torres was rendered absolutely worthless in both matches against Manchester United. He didn’t have a sniff of goal at Anfield or Old Trafford when playing against the Champions, with Rio Ferdinand effortlessly keeping Torres out of the game.

So, in honour of Rio Ferdiand, who cruelly lost out on the England captaincy today, Mancunia Merchandise have added a Rio design to the collection.

Until August 25th there is free shipping on any orders that include kids/baby items. Simply enter BACKTOFREESHIPPING when given the opportunity to redeem a voucher.

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  1. colin says:

    the only reason torres was as you ” call kept out the game” was what i’d call kicked out of the game,with no protection from a ref who most believe was on the payroll.

  2. Fred the Red says:

    this will come back to haunt us

  3. Woody says:

    It looks like Rio wants to give him a cuddle, is that your interpretation of mans man?

  4. VIOUL says:

    He broke the record of your nistelroy with 25 goals and thats it. Come on El Nino

  5. Matthew says:

    I thought Torres had beating of Rio at Old Trafford – but Steve Bennett decided to take charge so Rio was able to control Torres in his own particular style…

  6. ace says:

    fair enough, torres didn’t have his best game on either occasion and ferdinand was indeed excellent. however torres was badly let down by his colleagues in terms of service and i can only hope that fred the red’s observation proves prophetic. i wearily recall dismissing ronaldo as a show pony who never produced in the big games…..

  7. Tom F says:

    I quite like the design… have a sickly feeling in my stomach about Anfield this season though.

  8. suhayl says:

    Torres may get the better of rio in future games and vice versa. Both are quality players. But last year when torres pissed on most DID have him in his back pocket..for pace, positioning, power etc etc. Colin you’re talking crap..absolute crap….rio is no kicker..he is the most accomplished tackler in the game..doesnt get dirty or need to get tight to get the ball ala carragher. Who is like vida more hands on.

    So the t shirt is wholely appropriate and spot on considering last season. Rio did have him in His back pocket. Watch the gaes and take your bias out of your arses

  9. OMelhorDoMundo says:

    Can’t believe what I’m hearing about the ref. Simple fact is that Torres bottled it against United.

  10. Gary says:

    Scousers always come up with excuses, so the balming the ref for both defeats last season makes them feel better. In the last 8 league games we have won 7, drawn 1 and conceded just 1 against the scousers which was an own goal by John O shea in a 2-1 victory for United. I suspect the ref was to blame for all 7 defeats they have suffered against United in recent years. Torres was just marked out the games last season and Gerrard was completely snuffed out by Anderson.

  11. Pat Nevin says:

    Ha Ha Ha.

    I love the ‘scousers always come up with excuses’ line.

    Err, how many times has your drunk manager complained about the refs?
    You’d need all the fingers of your ‘spectators’ to help count there are that many.

    This T-shirt would be a silly buy if Torres scores in the next few meetings.

    Anyway it’s the Blues from the Bridge you should be worried about.

  12. OTRed says:

    Of course blame the ref, Mascherano mouthing off and saying “fcuk off” totally have nothing to do with it. Ok, so that explains the 3-0 steamrolling, how about the previous 1-0 win? What happened there…the ref?

  13. UnitedRay says:

    Ha ha nothing new here.
    Scousers=false dawn+nostalgia+excuses. In rafa we laugh!


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