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Longsight Lad Signs

Wes BrownWes Brown has finally put pen to paper on a deal that sees him at the club until 2012, following months of speculation regarding his future. Talks broke down after Brown felt he wasn’t being offered a salary that was in line with his contribution to the club, particularly in comparison to the wages of players like John O’Shea.

Several months ago, Ferguson confirmed that the final offer had been made, to which there would be no improvements. Wes didn’t budge and an offer from Newcastle came in the January transfer window, which the club rejected. It was believed he would leave the club on a free at the end of the season, with Newcastle still strongly linked to signing him. Friends Nicky Butt and Alan Smith had previously made the move up North from United and it looked as though Brown was set to follow them.

Fast forward the clock a few months, and Wes, who has had more league appearances than any of our defenders this season, has a goal against the dippers to his name as well as a new four year deal. Both club and player reached a compromise. Today, Wes has spoken of the pride playing for his boyhood team gives him.

“Manchester United is a fantastic club and I am delighted to have signed a new deal,” Brown said. “To be part of a team I have supported all my life is a great honour. I can see this team winning many trophies in the coming seasons and it will be great to share in that success.”

Sir Alex Ferguson seems to be equally as happy, changing his hard faced stance of the passing months, when he had signalled his disappointment with an agreement not being made. “I am delighted Wes has signed a new contract, he has grown up at this club and is an integral part of the squad,” Ferguson said today. “He has done a great job during Gary’s absence and has been a major factor in our outstanding defensive performance.”

Great news for United that another born and bred player stays on the books. The difference these players who are passionate about United makes to our club is unmeasurable.

Brown has featured heavily this season, but with the return of Gary Neville and the summer transfer window on the way, how much will Brown represent the club in the next four seasons?

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Stephen says:

    After Saturdays perfomance lets hope not very much.

  2. jsos says:

    over the moon that brown has signed. plus, i’m glad we could find a “compromise” and stopped being a hardass over someone who has given so much this season.

    i’m also well impressed that brown didnt talk to the press through it all. Even with the club giving reasons why he should sign and taking a tough stance, Brown kept quiet and waited for things to be sorted. I definitely respect that.

  3. Liad says:

    What great news, was extremely happy to read the news about Wes’ new deal! Scott as you mentioned in your previous blog regarding the Wes Brown contract issue, he was getting offered less than O’Shea while doing a lot more for us than Johnny. Im a huge Wes Brown fan and believe that he would be a huge asset in any premier league team’s starting line-up. United have come to their senses and signed up a very talented player with pure United blood and passion running through his veins which is in current day, a rare and priceless quality.

    Stephen you say that after Saturdays performance you hope Wes doesnt play much , I disagree with you strongly. A lot of United fans dont appreciate what he has brought to our defence this year, his tough tackling, committed headering and general no nonesense style of defending has been a major factor in our excellent defensive record.

    Im very happy that Gary Neville will be back for us next season and will fight it out with Wes for the right back position and will probably win that place back, but I think Wes will be imperative as a covering right or centre back and will feature plenty especially as Gary is getting on with age and the games come thick and fast.

    Theres no doubt in my mind that United have secured a very good player for our squad for the next 4 years and am looking forward to plenty more hard tackles and full blooded commitment that we expect from our players.

    Come On You Reds!

  4. chrispus says:

    i still rate brown as back-up not first team BUT for all the hussle and tussle he has put in this season, he deserves to see the season through.

  5. KIENU says:

    well…..ok news…but what is left for Pique? do we really have to see him leave? at this rate, he won’t get his chance at RB or CB! i rate him ahead of wes!

  6. Stephen says:

    Liad, I appreciate Wes has had a decent season and, well when the monies right his commitment to the club has been tremendous but really is he a top
    centre/right back?

    For 60k a week I hope for a bit better than “cover for right or centre back”. I am not sure about the argument that O’Sh##e is on 60k he is worth the same. as obviously JOS isnt worth anyware near that amount, considering Sagna is being paid £25k per week.

    Sometimes I think because players who are priveleged enough to play for the best club in the world should be paid astronomic wages, as Scott said they could always join Newcastle.

    The pride of all Europe.

  7. mason says:

    do we really need wes that badly?…i wud rather hav hargreaves playing as RB

  8. Anant says:

    finally the money men at old trafford heard our pleas. absolutely delighted for wes . i believe he is THE best backup defensive player in the world and any club in the world would want him .
    eg.- he’s way better than the useless defensive backup at milan like bonera/favalli or any major club for that matter .
    as we have seen this year – the difference between us and arsenal lies in our strength in depth and we would do well to not lose sight of that fact .

  9. Southroy says:

    Glad to hear that Wes has signed a new deal. The goal against ‘Pool was priceless.

    Mason, while I agree that Hargreaves performed well as RB, his knee problems will probably prevent him from playing consistently. We can rotate our midfield pretty well but I’d prefer to keep the back four as steady as possible.

  10. Tom F says:

    Scott-It’s time for a Wes Brown T-shirt!!!

    I am very happy he has signed and hope there are no hard feelings left from this. I reckon it was the agent all along trying to get more money for himself.

    Everyone who dislikes Wes seems to always find reason to criticise his performances. He has played more games than any other United player this season and we have the best defensive record in the League and I believe the champions league. He is a consistant, no nonsense player who has quality going forward.

    Gary Neville is fighting for a first team game and although he’ll be back next season there should be no forgetting that Wes is actually a centre back and offers cover in both positions. I don’t see Nev playing week in week out, but hope he returns with his top quality ability.

  11. Liad says:

    Stephen, I dont think that its unreasonable to pay Wes what he is getting even if he will be a covering squad player. I really from the bottom of my heart hope he isnt just a covering player, and what I want you to remember is that as Tom F just said, Wes is actually a centre back and therefore whenever Vidic or Rio are injured we have an extremely talented centre-back ready for selection (IF he isnt already a starting player at right back)

    Look at us this season, the minute Vidic got injured we looked shakier just because we missed his amazing stability. I think that if Wes was not playing right back this season so well he wouldve played centre back when Vidic was injured and I dont think we wouldve experimented with O’shea or the highly talented but still very young Pique.

    Basically I think that Wes will be cover because of class players like Neville (not to mention his captaincy too), Vidic and Rio but I really hope that he maintains a good 1st team run and if not, I know that he can easily slip into the team whenever we need him.

  12. fatmanwalking says:

    I am one of the few people horrified with this piece of news. Brown’s been rubbish all season, with only the goal against Liverpool standing out.
    His positional sense is insanely bad, and I believe, the reason he is being appreciated at all, is Rio Ferdinand. Only the myopic would disagree with the fact that Brown has been constantly caught napping, and has conveniently left the defending to Rio, who has been ably taking charge, and hence helped United maintain its great defensive record.
    Added to this is all the cribbing by Brown to get this contract signed, it all just stinks. I wish he manages to get himself injured over the summer, and maybe that’ll give Pique the chance, or ever Simpson for that matter, both of them being way better than Brown, in terms of technique, if not experience.

  13. austin reynolds says:

    fatmanwalking- if technique was such an important quality to have in a right back maybe we could have kept hold of rossi after all?!

  14. fatmanwalking says:

    Well, sorry for writing ‘technique’ . I’ll change that to ability. And I do believe, Pique and Simpson have far greater ability at being defenders, even at this stage of their careers.
    And about Rossi, maybe we should’ve kept him. I am still for him to be brought back!

    Also, a lot of people have written about Brown being the best backup defender around? LMAO! Hargreaves is better than him at RB, without being a defender.
    And I hear he’s good going forward? Are you serious? The number of times this season he’s handed over the ball on the wings, leaving Ronaldo or Hargreaves to track back and defend! He does go forward, but doesn’t do anything there!

  15. Primachenko says:

    brown should not be a first choice player for a team of united’s caliber. backup, yes. starting, no.


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