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Look Out Arsenal! Louis Saha Has Returned

Louis Saha has received lots of stick from United fans this season after spending most of it unavailable for team selection. His mentality has been questioned as much as any physical ailments, with concerns Saha is now afraid of giving his all for fear of injury re-occurrence. This is something Saha has denied time and again but if his displays on the field are anything to go by, what once could have been described as lack of match fitness is not being put down to lack of commitment.

Louis Saha’s absence has cost United dearly on several occasions already this season, with United desperately needing a player who could just put the ball in the back of the net, a quality Saha, as our only out and out striker, possesses. For all the creativity Ronaldo, Rooney and Tevez offer us, sometimes we need a player who is more in the goal poacher mould. Suspensions and injuries to Rooney and Ronaldo have left us thin up front on several occasions and Saha’s seeming unwillingness to make up for lost time when he is on the field has left his less than popular with some reds.

Saha hasn’t played in the league for United since New Years Day when he came on for the final twenty minutes, and his last appearance for United a was a few days later, playing 79 minutes against Villa in the Cup.

Sir Alex Ferguson has today announced that Saha is ready to return to the first team and will feature in our FA Cup game against Arsenal tomorrow.

“He’s a fantastic player and I’m glad to have him back at this particular junction of the season,” said Ferguson. “He adds something different from what we have as a team as everyone knows and therefore, it’s welcome back. There’s no question that he is fully recovered, he’s done a lot of training now, he’s through that 10 days of intensive football so he’s okay.”

Do you think Saha can redeem himself against Arsenal?

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  1. Eddie says:

    Please dont start! This should be the team tomorrow:
    Fergie said he would rest some players, so I think Andy and Nani will start tomorrow.

  2. LondonGooner says:

    Yeah we are terrified of him and his “excellent” goal scoring record. Thats if he doesn’t pull a hamstring cleaning his teeth the morning of the match!

  3. stuart says:

    i wouldnt start with nani not on the last showing id go giggs otherwise good team selection lets hope we’re not scratching our heads after they name it.

  4. smarties says:

    He can’t redeem himself in one match. The only way he can redeem himself if he gets into top gear soon and give our strikers much needed rest. Then hopefully he’ll be replaced in the summer.

  5. PG says:

    SAHA does have the pace to trouble,but I doubt if he is in reckoning for tomorrow. I think Fergie would start with Rooney and Tevez and probably bring him on as an impact substitute.

    Either way, it would be a tough match with both sets of defenders having their hands full. Just hope that Rio is having one of his off days again. He was one of the chief culprits of the Sunday debacle.

    Game on ManU fans

  6. Sid P says:

    Saha will have an IMPACT…with the blade of grass that’ll take his metatarsal out for 6-8 weeks…Other then that, he’ll probably just come on as a sub and help pad the scoreline when he beat the Gunners but 2 goals to 1. ;)

  7. Tom F says:

    My starting 11 for tomorrow:

    WB, RF, NV, PC.
    CR, AND, OH, NANI.
    CT, WR.

    LS. PS. RG.

    LondonGooner, you stink of a man being bias. If you looked at stats and took into account the fact that despite Louis Saha being as injury prone as he is an never getting a decent run in games, his goal scoring record isn’t bad at all. Adebayor finally comes good and your lot start crawling up your own arses.

    Louis Saha, who is always fighting injuries and is always coming back (to the frustration of United fans) however he has started 4 games this season and scored 4 goals. Last season he scored 8 goals in 18 starts in comparison to Adebayors 8 in 21.

    it is not exactly upto Ronaldo or indeed Adebayors prolific records this season, but it is hardly anything below good form.

    He can always change games from the bench and is a great talent. WHEN HE IS FIT!!!!!

  8. denton davey says:


    I’d like to see the team outlined above – by Tom F.

    The idea of having impact substitutes like Scholes and Giggs is appealing. But I’d prefer it if neither one starts.

    Scholes plays too deep for my liking – he’s always been at his best when he has played “in the hole”.

    Giggs ventures in-field too often – the attack needs more width and Nani provides that better than the latter-day Giggs.

    The Anderson/Hargreaves combination is first-choice for me.

    Attack, attack, attack !

  9. spiritof1983 says:

    Saha training for 10 days without incident is wonderful news. Comng back at a great time. I had written him off as one to rely on in the run in but if he can stay fit he’ll prove me wrong. Hopefully when he comes on he will be full hearted in approach. Looked to me like he was holding back in the some games he played and in others like the Sunderland game he was actually better than Rooney in winning back the ball.

    Don’t see why or how he can start being out for one and half months. Pretty sure he will be on the bench to come on for Tevez who will need to be rested at some time for Lyon. Before Saha coming back, thought there is a possibility of going with 5 man midfield but with Saha in the picture we can easily manage 4-4-2 with bench options to rest Tevez.

    My formation options:


    Bench: TK, GP, MC, LS, PJS


    ————-And————- MC————–

    Bench: TK, GP, Nani, LS, PJS

    I’ll keeps Scholes and Giggs out of this. This will be a young man’s game and feisty affair. Save them for Lyon which will be a tactical game, where I would pair Scholes with Carrick and perhaps even have Hargreaves to cover the back four. Only doubt in this is if giggs will have a bench role to come on and help in creativity if still needing a goal. So either Park or Giggs for the 5th bench spot.


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