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Look What Was Trending In Liverpool Yesterday…

Half an hour before kick-off yesterday, look what one of the most used words from people in Liverpool was on Twitter. Typical.

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  1. Blotto says:

    Ignore it! otherwise you’ll be trending Hillsborough and Heysal!

  2. Jonaz says:

    BR, please joe all is fit to play a big team like liverpool. He always give away cheap passes. Liverpool must offload him and bring in an experience and quality midfielder who will help Steve Gerrard and suarez and sturridge. BR, liverpool is playing CL next year at all cost.

  3. alfREDo says:

    Are you lost Jonaz??

  4. stu says:

    Good lord Scott your scraping the barrel here arent you? I suppose your gutted that you dont have a video or a gif with which to batter us with of plane arms or stuff like that. I saw this posted on another united site yesterday. If it was trending, then surely you have the resources to go and find out what people were putting in the tweets so you cn use it against us?

    Just because something is trending doesn’t mean it was being talked about in a bad way. I actually mentioned the word Munich once or twice on the internet yesterday – in relation to the fact that it was really nice what Bobby Charlton did and I wonder if we could do the same for something like Munich.

    Of course, what with everyone who has ever supported liverpool ever in the whole world ever being vile racist inhuman scum who finger there nan in the bath and stuff like that – then what I actually did was mention the word Munich disrespectfully.

    You are normally really good when posting stuff like this with your follow up evidence with links – to rub the salt in even more. How come there is none here? Why do you need to wind up after what i thought was a game that was relatively trouble and internet free (thank god). It was about the football yesterday – which you won, wind up about that, dont go digging.

    I remember when you wrote an article last season i think it was about how Liverpool fans were making stuff up about what united fans had done (pissing on the hollsborough memorial i think it was) to bash us even more. Vheck out this clow:

    His twitter account has been suspended. But see – its easy for people to write twitter bullshit, isnt it.

    For any decent United fans reading this id like to thank your club for hosting the Hillsborogh families yesterday. Some of the animosity between us these days is borderline pathetic. You won the match, enjoy that by all means.

    Take care


  5. Pav1878 says:

    Thanks for a level headed post Stu. Don’t worry, rational (yet still passionate) fans always understand each other.

  6. matt says:

    Yeah, but we know LFC fans are cunts. Does this really surprise anyone? You just hope that one day these people grow up (although they probably won’t).

    @ alfREDo

    I was thinking the same thing.

  7. ak47 says:

    On a side note, the FA have been coming down heavily on clubs who’s fans let of flares this season. Citeh were investigated by the FA. Yesterday it was clear to all that a flare was set off in the away section of the fans. The smoke was still visible for about 20 mins.

    I’ve had this theory that the FA will refuse to punish Liverpool in the near future for anything because of the apparent guilt they carry for their part in Hillsborough. As yet, the FA have yet to make any statements if Liverpool will be investigated.

    There’s absolutely no way the FA can’t at least investigate Liverpool here, i wait in baited breath to see if they do, if they don’t then questions must be asked why

  8. stu says:

    Everton fans let off a flare at anfield last season. No punishment
    Flares get let off all the time.

    Why look – here are your own fans letting off more than one flare away in Europe.

    and oh whats this – your fans setting one off at Elland Road

    oh and..

    Should I carry on? I dont recall th FA doing anything about you at city or leeds.

    Its pathetic (and pointless if you ask me) but it happens, and rarely does it get punished, because really is it actually any trouble to anyone unless something gets caught on fire..

    All fans have dickheads – ours (liverpool) just as much as anyones, when you talk about Liverpool fans, setting off flares or fans that set flares off in general, you should take about mindless idiots, not tarnish the whole set of fans about one thing. I certainly wouldnt say because on the two links above that all united fans set flares off and all united fans should be punished.

    What I would say is that idiots should be punished.


    The fact that some people get confused between what is essentially a dickhead, and a whole set of fans, is utterly beyond me.

    We could all stop this sniping and work on eradicating these whoppers from our clubs. But we wont, we will just keep firing it back and forth. Its a shame.

  9. wayne says:

    stu i’m prepared to bet,most of the Munich tweets weren’t from well wishers,would like to see your tweets though mind cutting and pasting them.thanks
    You talk about animosity well that’s been caused by that despicable racist cunt and KKK backing him to a point of making t-shirts and calling Evra and Utd liars,so take a good look in the mirror because all the shit has been one way traffic
    When it comes to football no animosity our way,why would there be,Utd are superior in every way and have been for years

  10. stu says:

    Hi Wayne.

    I didnt tweet – I dont tweet, I posted it in facebook. Do I really need to post a picture of my facebook page? You can find me my name is Stu Robinson. I have klots of mates in Manchester and Liverpool. I assume you know that people from Manchester and Liverpool do actually get on, unless you live in a part of the country were you havent ever been to either city.

    All been one way traffic eh?

    Wow – I wish i lived in your perfect world.

    I am from in between Liverpool and Manchester – a place called newton le willows. I live in Liverpool now I have for ten years. But one time I worked in Manchester for about 8 years and used to Dj there alot. Ive been battered twice in Manchester for being nothing more than a Liverpool fan.

    Ive never said anything bad to united fan, or negative, or racist.
    Nor have a great deal of the liverpool fans i know and meet.

    Banter yes. Thats it though.

    I grew up surrounded by united fans and some of, if not my best mates, are united fans.

    Its just a football team that you support – not a lifestyle choice. You are either a BAD person or a GOOD person. Not a LIVERPOOL fan or a UNITED fan. Don’t believe your hype.

    There are good and bad people in EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF LIFE. And what your favourite colour is, what football team you support, or what kind of music you are into has nothing to do with that.

    If you are a dickhead you are a dickhead. Full stop. And I dont think any United fan is a dickhead until they do something that only a dickhead would do. In your case, I dont think narrowmindedness counts, so at the moment you still seem a decent chap.

    But good luck with your way of thinking Wayne, im not here to change your mind or anything – clearly trying to be rational is just fuelling your fires of hatred.

  11. wayne says:

    stu nice long speech but you didn’t address my point,in regards to you getting filled in that happens has nothing to do with Utd/Liverpool go to any city wearing opposing colors just asking for trouble.Walk into the wrong pub in any city without even being a fan can get filled in,that’s just part of working class England and has been for years
    The reason any animosity has intensified over the last couple of seasons is because of Suarez and King Kenny not doing the right thing which ultimately cost him his job.I’m sure dipper’s have a lot of animosity towards Utd that stands to reason playing 2nd fiddle to us year after year and the gap in class becoming bigger and bigger but in football terms Liverpool are irrelevant to Utd just 6 pts like any other mid table team
    Suarez is a good footballer but a horrible,lying,despicable little cunt,King Kenny fucked up but I’ll say it again if the animosity has intensified it’s because of the actions of Liverpool Football Club not Utd

  12. stu says:

    But I wasn’t wearing opposition colours, Wayne.

    And I agree with all that you say – I dont see you have a point to address. What Suarez and Kenny did was pathetic really, and you know what – there are MILLIONS of Liverpool fans who think like that. But sites like this and people like you take the opinion of a few bellends on RAWK, and the odd mindless idiot on twitter.

    Before what Kenny and Suarez did last season you sang more songs about throwing us on bonfires, and whatever else you could think of than I have heard any other team sing about anyone, ever. But, thats your right, and you are entitled to that. If you tell me its because of yearsof Munich chants, I wont disagree.

    You see – you miss my point. We could stop all this, bioth sets of fans, if we stopped sniping at each other, me and you could start it right now Wayne – the revolution. A new found respect between a United fan and a Liverpool fan. What do you reckon? I have no problem with anything you have said as you are entitled to your opinion, in fact, i agree with some of it. Thats because im not labelling you as a UNITED fan now but a GOOD PERSON.

    The animosity has been there for years – what about when we were on top of the world? Your fans absolutely hated us. Read any of the books from the time. Its just that back then there was not forums like this for open debate with each other.

    Not that this is a debate. Liverpool bad, United good.

    Bad / Good.

    Thats it.

  13. wayne says:

    stu that’s a little to Cum Ba Ya for me i’m more of the Bluto type lol

  14. stu says:

    I was of course kidding anyway.

    but there is some truth to say we could stop ait all now and just get on with football banter.

    be ace that.

  15. Dan says:

    Stu – absolutely spot on. Tribalism in football is pathetic when it gets this serious. There’s nothing wrong with tribalism when it’s light hearted ‘banter’ (i hate that word), for example the Giggs 12 Gerrard 0 thing is funny, and I’m sure Liverpool fans have some genuinely funny chants mocking Manchester United players and that’s great as well.

    The problem starts when people start taking things too seriously, and saying all Liverpool fans are cunts etc and making moral judgments about someone based on the area they grew up in and therefore the football team them support. Manchester United fans sing about Hillsborough. They do and if you seriously deny that, then you must not have been to many matches. That is just as deplorable and disgraceful as Liverpool fans singing about Munich. There’s no excusing it or justifying it. The fact is, supporting Manchester United doesn’t put you on a moral high ground over supporting Liverpool. There are just as many idiotic and moronic Manchester United fans as there are Liverpool fans.

    Can’t people just enjoy the fact that we’ve beaten them five times in a row at Old Trafford, without resorting to calling them all scum or bin dippers or whatever?

  16. King Eric says:

    Oh the ever so classy scousers.

  17. aberbacadabra says:

    never, do i sense a bit of self pity here.

  18. stu says:

    haha jesus.

    try to make some fair points – still get ribbed.

    ok lads you carry on hating those dirty scousers, fucking vermin they are lets burn them all!

    toodle pip

  19. Robbie says:

    Stu – you seem like a decent bloke and a level headed one at that. I do take slight issue with you saying there are millions of Liverpool supporters that think Suarez and Dalglish’s actions were pathetic. Firstly, I was at OT yesterday and the WHOLE of the Liverpool section were singing songs about Evra being a lying bastard. Secondly, your whole squad wore those ridiculous t shirts and your club has never publicly changed it’s stance, largely leading to my first point. I don’t personally see all these level headed scousers you refer to, other than you yourself and a couple of mates of mine, certainly your match-going support (who I would argue are representative of your support in general) take a moronic stance and further attack a man for the offence of being racially abused.

  20. Zulu-Utd Malta says:

    When I’ll go for a walk on the Sliema front I always meet some dogshit on the pavement and I ignore it or if I don’t ignore it I smell it.
    So ignore these useless good for nothing cunts and look forward in beeting them again next season to stab more misery in their useless lifes !!!

    y.n.w.a. = you’ll never walk AGAIN !!!

  21. United Till I Die says:

    @Stu – well said.

    I can vouch that loads of LFC supporters were cringing over the suarez t-shirt fiasco and the constant PR fuck ups at Anfield. And as you said, loads of supporters at both clubs are able to get on without any violence or disrespectful mentions of the dead. We are two big Clubs with a huge history, surely thats enough to be getting on with?

    Sounds a bit daft even typing that, but theres so much hatred in the game its actually necessary to state the obvious at times. You’d think blood is spilt anytime rival supporters are in the same room, the way some people bang on with all the off-pitch bollocks. Saddest part is most of them are old enough to know better.

    Thats NOT to excuse what goes on in the stadiums on match day mind you – out of the two groups who cause trouble, I think most of the venom starts with LFC supporters due to the success of United over the last 2 decades. Im not calling the United mob angels, but thats how its always seemed to me.

    But away from the terraces, the majority of supporters who can’t afford (or can’t afford to make the sacrifices for) regular travel,tickets, food and drinks don’t have the same hate in their hearts. I guess most of them have bigger shit to worry about like bills, kids and life in general.

    Heres the thing – considering everybody in the stadium is probably working class and therefore one pay cheque away from ruin, the fact theres so much hatred disguised as support is the most cringeworthy thing of all. How many of these blokes put that energy into making the streets safer for their kids, or keeping predatory bankers and millionaire politicians in check?

    But thats another story altogether. For what its worth, I’ve always thought United supporters singing songs about LFC when we weren’t even playing them was down to an inferiority complex anyway. Past glories aside you are a decidedly mid-table club these days, so who really gives a toss about you? haha.

    Jokes aside, while I’d agree most LFC supporters out there are as level-headed as the next lot, too many supporters who go to matches do your club no favours, and thats the problem. Good luck with staying mid-table aye? haha.

  22. GerryDaly4 says:

    That Stu bloke made some decent points. I have to say, am i the only one to be a bit embarrassed by the ‘murderers, ‘the sun was right..” etc songs at the match?

    I always hope we might just be above it. In my eyes you lose the moral high ground when we sing these songs. It was a brilliant atmosphere on Sunday and the “teeth are offside’ song was class. we didn’t need to resort to those songs

    There’s enough to mock Liverpool about on a football level without singing songs about people who died at football matches ( whoever they were & however they died).

  23. gfunk says:

    Manchester & Liverpool>>>>>>>>>>>Opposite ends of the same city!!!!!
    (Ian Brown 2010)
    I should know i live in the centre of both, the wastelands, badit country, aka, Warrington!!!! A melting pot for exhiled Mancs and Dippers. I suppose that is why i can tolerate scousers more than the vitriolic fans who curse their very existence on here and other forums.
    I thought scouse Stu made some very valid points though.
    I do agree that a large majourity of our fans neither live close enough, or have ever experienced negativity with scousers and are ‘haters’ just because its what they think is expected of them….
    We do sing about them (and citeh) week in and week out, even when we are playing Stoke, WBA etc. It may be a veiled attempt to belittle the club we are playing, but the flip side shows us as being obsessed with our ‘closest’ rivals.
    Anyone mocking the dead, in any way, is abhorrent!!! it is not something that i have or would ever partake in, and it embarrasses me to fuck when we do it!!! We are above it…………….
    To those people old enough to remember the bad old days when you literally took your life in your hands going to liverpool/Everton away in the 70′s & 80′s, ours is a different argument to the one being discussed. I can live with shit being flung, it does not scar you for life etc. Stanleys and being scared to death as a 6 year old i can live without……………
    Give peace a chance and lets stick to gloating when we beat them, when it becomes 20 + 4, and not every bastard week.


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