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Losing Scouser Says Japan Trip A Waste Of Time

Graeme YSB Souness has today claimed that Manchester United’s trip to Japan to take place in the FIFA World Club Cup is a waste of time.

The team landed in Japan this morning, with the intention of winning the competition for a second time, as the only British club to ever do so.

There is a mixed feeling amongst our players over the competition, with Paul Scholes confessing he would rather stay at home and concentrate on the league, whilst Wayne Rooney wants to add another trophy to our collection from 2008.

Waste of time or worth our while?

Souness was a part of the 1981 side that lost in the final to Flamengo, under the previous name of Intercontinental Cup.

“We treated it as a testimonial and were told not to get injured,” said Souness. “Sir Alex Ferguson can’t say he’d rather not be going because it sends out the wrong message to his players but it’s something he can do without. Given a choice between being crowned the best team in world and winning the Premier League again I know which he’d choose. You spend goodness knows how long on a plane, allowing your body to get into another time zone and then back again. We didn’t take it that seriously. You can’t sleep the first night because of jet lag. We didn’t know what to eat and were ordering hamburgers in the middle of the night. At 3am the night before the game all the players were on the floodlit golf range because we couldn’t sleep.”

Well it’s not rocket science is it, the idea that the Premiership is more worthwhile than this competition in Japan. Obviously Sir Alex Ferguson wants another title. However, the two things don’t have to be mutually exclusive. United beat Palmeiras in the final of 1999 in Japan, yet still went on to win the Premiership for the next two seasons on the bounce.

United are the only British side to have won the competition, so to be crowned the best team in the World for the second time in our history would surely be pretty nice. With our squad, I don’t see why competing in Japan would rule us out of claiming the title again. We play best when our backs are up against the wall and returning to England for the new year knowing we have to win our games in hand could be what we need to give us the kick we’re missing at the moment.

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  1. Redrose says:

    Once you go to all the effort to get there, you might as well go for it.

    I don’t know how they travelled but you do minimise the jet lag if you go west from the UK, over Alaska and come back over Asia – I find that it is the travel eastwards that kills you.

    But how do you fit it into the chant –
    Champions of England,
    Champions of Europe,
    Champions of the World ?

  2. olusanjo says:

    please what is graemme sounnes?

  3. Tevratov says:

    Champions of england!
    Champions of europe!
    Champions of the world!
    Champions of a rank domestic 3.5% beer?
    Why not!……..

  4. RedDevil says:

    olusanjo- A bag of shit.

  5. RedDevil says:

    Champions of Manchester!
    Champions of England!
    Champions of Europe!
    Champions of the World!
    Galactic Champions? :lol:

  6. loftyhouse says:

    Its not like we have the choice. The media are making out as if were swanning off thinking were bigger than the prem. Neglecting to mention its compulsory for the winners of champs league to take part. Ofcourse wed rather stay in prem but if these things are the trappings of success so be it. In 99 they media did the same thing wen it cost us fa cup place. When the fa put huge pressure on us to go and take part in south america as it would help their bid to host world cup. Usual selective journalism where united are concerned.

  7. EastStandManc says:

    As I’ve said before, the same media laughed/criticised us for going to Saudi, and we ended walking away as Champions of England and of Europe at the end of the season.

    Here’s to hoping this sojourn has a similar effect!

  8. King Eric says:

    loftyhouse: agree with your points there.

  9. TonyBee says:

    Graham Souness > Failed Manager. Shitbag dipper sour grapes merchant….I
    bet if the fucking dippers were going he would be saying something different…. the sad cunt

  10. Kings says:

    He’s a cunt. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s a trophy to be won, so let’s make an effort to win it.

  11. Kings says:

    The untouchables: United get away with it again after reprieves for Ronaldo and Rooney. This is a headline banner from the Daily Mail. Cannot believe the audacity of the fucking cunt who wrote this article. Talk about being quick to jump on our back.

  12. Col says:

    We could probably do without going but now we’re there we should go for it!
    The ABUs would never let us forget it if we fail AND don’t win the league!

  13. suhayl says:

    World champions…lets win it lads…and then come home with another trophy and rule our roost here an all


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