Romelu Lukaku has spoken to Sky Sports ahead of this afternoon’s game against Liverpool. He reflected on his love for scoring goals that has gone back to him being a kick and how he stopped playing for Belgium’s youth teams because they played him on the left wing.

Scoring goals is the best thing ever. I’ve always played as a striker since I was a kid, I’ve never played in another position because my dad would come and speak to the manager right away.

One time, I remember they tried to put me in the No 10 position and I even retired from the national youth teams because they tried to play me as a left winger. I stopped playing. I was 15.

I didn’t play for anyone until I was playing for the first team because I was playing as a left winger. I said, ‘no I’m not coming anymore’ and I focused myself on development at Anderlecht. After a year and a half, I was in the first team.

Lukaku has claimed his time at Everton helped him with his development and put him on the right path to be able to shine at United.

At Everton, it was a great step in my career because I learned a lot of stuff there, such as coping with being the main man of the team, coping with being under pressure. I think that prepared me really well for United, although this is a whole different type of pressure, but it is something that I always wanted because I said it loud and clear that I wanted to play for a big club. I am grateful for the opportunity I have.

I started really well and then I went through a spell where I had to learn other stuff in my game. I think the November/December period was difficult for me, but it was a period where I think I had to prepare myself to do other stuff. And I think my understanding with my team-mates became much better after that. From January onwards, I’ve been going from strength to strength. I’m doing well right now, but I want to keep improving because I think with my young age, there is a lot of stuff to be done. And I relish the challenge to become a better player than I am now.