Romelu Lukaku made a great start to life at Manchester United, scoring in almost every game over the first couple of months, before the goals dried up.

The Belgian has started 2018 well, scoring three goals in the five games United have played, but he insists the team doing well comes ahead of him finding the back of the net. Betfred betting wouldn’t favour him to win the Golden Boot but if his improved goalscoring form continues he can narrow the gap.

It’s started really well. I think I started really well but then I had a setback for about two months where I didn’t play well. But, like the rest of the team, I’ve started 2018 really well so we have to keep going, keep working hard, improve and get results.

It’s a situation where obviously I’m a striker first so I think about scoring goals, but sometimes there were moments where I was doing much more for the team, things which would benefit the team, so that’s the most important thing.

The team comes first and I think I had to find the right balance between sometimes going for myself and sometimes helping the team. I think I found the right click and it’s going to benefit the team even more.

I’ve always been a goalscorer since I was a kid, so I never knew anything else. But, when you play for Manchester United, you know that the team comes first and, for me, it was also an important thing for me to come here because I wanted to play for trophies and fight for trophies and we’re still doing it. So that’s the most important thing and I’m scoring goals along the way, so it’s good.