The football from Manchester United over recent weeks has been incredibly frustrating to watch. Against Leicester, United had 69% possession and had 10 shots, against Watford it was 56% possession with 13 shots, against West Brom 68% possession and 13 shots, and against Crystal Palacfe 56% and five shots.

However, against West Ham, United had 63% possession and had 21 shots. The issue wasn’t so much the style of football, but the inability of the players to stick the ball in the back of the net. Yet at the full-time whistle, there were loud boos from our fans, having chanted “attack, attack, attack” on several occasions.

Louis van Gaal has talked about this and insisted he doesn’t understand why the fans were chanting that.

Scoring is not only about composure but also a lot of luck, in my opinion. I’m not so worried but we need to get over this period. My players created a lot more chances than in recent matches but we didn’t do the most important aspect of football. I don’t understand that they are shouting attack, attack, attack because we are the attacking team and not West Ham United.