Luke Shaw underwent a second operation in Eindhoven today as he begins recovery from the broken leg he suffered in Manchester United’s Champions League game against PSV. Louis van Gaal has given an update on the player’s status in his press conference today.

I have to admit he was strong and firm. It was different to the day before, so I was happy with that. But, of course, he knows that it is a long way to go for him. The operation was a good operation but nearly all the operations are always good. We have to wait and see how long it takes.

My speaking about the subject gives him spirit. All the players, all of his colleagues, have called him and that’s maybe not good [if he needs to rest]. I texted him to say I’d call him later because rest is also important for the recovery. Of course, we have a fantastic doctor and medical department.

We sent people to the Netherlands to take care of the travelling when he’s coming back. We have to take care of that and also of his family because his family is there. That is also great support for him. The main thing is how the development of the rehabilitation shall go.

It’s a great loss. I have said in advance of this season already that it shall be the season of Luke Shaw. He had started fantastically and everybody had seen that. It is a great miss, a great loss.

You have to build up again a combination with the player in front of him. Memphis and Shaw were a very good combination and now you have to build up a new combination. You have to start again and that is difficult. It’s also difficult for the player who has to replace him.