Ahead of Manchester United’s 1-0 win over Everton, Sir Bobby Charlton’s stand was unveiled.

Louis van Gaal has sung the praises of the United legend and discussed how he felt seeing the fans paying tribute to Charlton.

It was fantastic. It was a privilege to see how, in the English culture, they respect all the players – it’s marvellous to see. And when you see a standing ovation for Sir Bobby, some tears are in my eyes. I liked it very much and I think he deserved it. I watched Sir Bobby and Jimmy Greaves [as a child], who were idols for me at that time. Then I met him on my first day as manager here at Old Trafford and I was very honoured. So he was always in my mind and when I saw the standing ovation today, it was clear he is always in the mind of the fans. I have spoken with him [Sir Bobby] and also told the players we must get a victory today, otherwise this is not such a happy day for him anymore.