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Macheda Is The Latest Victim

Federico Macheda has become the latest footballer to have his house broken in to, following a string of robberies in Merseyside, and more recently, the robbery of Darren Fletcher’s house.

Kiko was in his house in Sale when the robbery took place but was left unharmed, whilst his friend suffered minor head injuries.

The robbers, thought to be wearing balaclavas, took thousands of pounds worth of goods including a watch, jewellery and money.

Some reports claim that Kiko was out in Circle Bar in town before getting involved in a “heated exchange” with other men. He jumped in a taxi to come home and it was shortly after this that two men broke in to his home, believed to be after 3am.

A spokesperson for Greater Manchester police said: “Two men stole cash and jewellery from the victims before running out of the house. Inquiries are ongoing.”

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  1. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    he was in a fight in a night club and eft and went home they think the lads follwed him home and robbed him and bottled his friend,
    sir alex wont be happy
    1/why was a 17 year old in a night club the night before training
    3/bad press

  2. Gudjohnsen says:

    I’m just glad he wasn’t injured. But I’m sure Sir Alex will have a word with him if this is true about the night club, his holiday is over and the pre-season training has started.

  3. Oranges says:

    Hey AIG, I can’t read that link at work. Whats it say?

  4. Micky says:

    @AIG Alex is GOD

    This isn’t me being funny towards you, but if United end up getting Costa, I’d sure trust Fergie over any article

    If the player’s been shite for Gremio, then I’m sure Fergie knows about it

  5. AIG Alex is GOD says:

    @micky.i know that Fergie is the best to judge all this,but my point is the price.21 million pounds is just too much.if we are getting him in 10 it is may also be dat he is nt yet prepared for the physical nature of the league and dat is wht hasnt been used more.

  6. Costas says:

    It’s not that Costa is shit for Gremio. It’s just that he has played very few games in order to have such a price tag. But i don’t think we will sign anyone else. Seems like the media come up with something new each day. Remember the Eto rumor 2 nights ago?

    As far as Kiko is concerned, this is a crucial stage for him. This summer there was a picture of him smoking too. SAF has to lay down the law to him, because this is the point when he has to learn to be a professional footballer.

  7. AIG Alex is GOD says:

    @oranges.dat link has an article wriiten by a south american journo and says that costa is not worth the 21 million pounds Gremio want for also says dat UK newspaper reports stating costa is free kick specialist blah blah blah and is next ronaldo are nt true.he has made 15 appearences for gremio dis season and scored no goals.

  8. Micky says:

    The papers need to sell themselves, so they’re going to make up bollocks in order to sell copies.

    However, I don’t think we’re done in the transfer market just yet… let’s wait and see

  9. Imy - Mcr says:

    Hi all,

    Please see my new Utd Video, plz let me know wt u think

  10. AIG Alex is GOD says:

    @Imy – Mcr

    That made me cry.brilliant video.That is what manchester United is all about.

  11. wakey says:

    As I have said on another post

    The thing with Costa is he is 18. 18 year olds don’t get thrown into the deepend in Braillian football, its a tough and physical league which they get eased into in most cases. The Twins never played a first team game, Anderson made something like 15 total appearances. Ronaldinho only made 44 appearances in total in 3 seasons between the ages of 18 and 21, Ronaldo made 14 ect ect. Someone like Robinho who makes a large number of first team appearances at a young age is rare.

    If we wait his price tags just going to rise as he gets physically stronger and becomes a regular. United have been following him since he was in youth football and know what he is capable of.

    Additionally trust me the figure Gremio want is not £21mill but $21million. His agent has confirmed this. The figures that we are supposed to be looking to offer imho confirms what the agent is saying as 7mill and 21mill is massive and the addons are ridiculous. 7mill and 13mill are alot closer and seem more realistic for addons

  12. meshari says:

    kl kl , outside unitl the early hours of morning + havin heated exchange
    i dont know , but does he know that he is a pro player and he must know that he can’t go to night club as long as the preseason trainin has started.
    sir alex should not let this pass on .
    finally , im glad he is ok

  13. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    Imy i sub your videos and i got that this morning im iseeredpeople
    i loved it
    kiko stop fighting stop smoking of alex will paul ince ya

  14. Costas says:

    I am looking at it from a numerical standpoint. We have lost a winger and a striker and we haev brought in 2 wingers and a striker. And this is for a squad that has been called one of the biggest there is. That’s why i think we are done with our transfers. Are Valencia,the French kid and Owen ideal replacements for Ronaldo and Tevez? Probably not, but i just can’t see us buying anyone else.

  15. Imy - Mcr says:

    @ GHTT thanks mate, I saw your comment this morning, fantastic! I wanted to capture our history, tragedy and how special and unique our club is, as well as the fans affection. Hope I’ve given it justice.

  16. willierednut says:

    First the dippers players, now our’s wat the fcuk is going on, of – topic watching 7 1 thrashing we give roma on mutv wat a nite that was.

  17. Macheda is GOD says:

    :( i feel so sad people stole my things
    All the best for kiko,this just shows he’s already made enemies with the bin dippers.


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