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Macheda: This Is The Day Of My Dreams

“I think this is the day of my dreams,” said Macheda. “It was my dream to have my debut and to score a goal like that. I very much enjoyed it. Ferguson just play simple as you know. Just go out and play.”

Macheda ran in to the crowd after his winner and got past the stewards to hug a fella in the crowd.

“I run to my dad and my family and I went to them and they were celebrating too,” he explained.

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  1. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    my misses cried when she heard that from him

    there is only a few ways he can top what he did today in football

    and i hope he does them all in an united jersey

    enjoy your moment young man

    and from a man united fan

    thank you

  2. Cantona77 says:

    Wonderful.. Absolutely fantastic.. Im lost for words… Great thing for the lad…. Great thing for us… Were back…

  3. dirkcee says:

    wat an image. as if the goal and what it meant wasnt nough the moment where TV cut to his father cryin after he scored was just fuckin beautiful.
    well done son
    this fuckin league is ours.

  4. Kiko's Right Foot says:



  5. Anant says:

    i’ve only gotten this feeling once before,,,that was when i saw a certain 16 yr old evertonian help us by knocking the stuffing out of arsenal on his debut .

    kiko , my friend , it seems you’re destined for greatness .

    proud day for us fans – the academy is churning out great prospects . macheda and welbeck we’ve seen . others like ravel morrison , ryan tunnicliffe , petrucci , ajose , king and the new antwerp fellow will surely be knocking at the door in the none too distant future . and thats just the offense !

  6. adnani says:

    we need a song for this guy lol but he luks gud enough to be the net best thing like fernando torress .

  7. Anant says:

    Kiko’s right foot – his left aint bad either . just check out that long range effort in the video scott posted earlier . he also played in a delightful cross with his left today

  8. Anant says:

    they couldnt give him the champagne bottle as he’s not old enough. nev took it for him!…funny

  9. pjch says:

    What a debut Absolutely fantastic and he looked every part a winner. What a goal to snatch 3 valuable points. Hope Fergie uses him more this season and then next season will be great for him.
    I said yesterday that we need to match Liverpool but what a way to do it.

  10. jcolas says:

    I’ll never forget his name… And to have a game like that after the last two was absolutely vital to the title.

  11. Drew Vader says:

    I’m not ashamed to admit it, but when it showed his Dad with the tears running down his face after the goal, it made me well up a bit myself…Fucking beautiful. And who doesn’t imagine the feeling of what it would be like to run to their father/brother to celebrate after a winning goal on your debut in the stretty end?

    Love the picture. It looks like Fletch is going to choke him out!!

  12. Drew Vader says:

    There is another great pic from the goal, I saw it over at ESPN’s article on the game by the wanker the Insider. But anyway, the pic has Danny in the background and his face is priceless!!

  13. Chris Ant says:

    Only seventeen,
    Already lived his dream,

  14. Laos Red says:

    This could potentially be a defining goal in our title challenge, and it couldn’t come at a better time. United > All things!!

  15. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    i hope this chant can be sung tomorrow

  16. SINGH7 says:


  17. denton davey says:

    I just loved the excitement and celebration on ALL three goals – Fletcherinho’s face-morphing was spectacular. Ronaldo, after the goals looked really “uninterested”. NOT ! And the rest of TheLads showed how invested they are in winning everything they can. Great stuff, now that a corner has been turned DON’T LOOK BACK !

  18. Chris Ant says:

    The famous man united went to Rome to rob there youth,
    The famous man united went to Rome to rob there youth,
    The famous man united went to Rome to rob there youth,
    And got 2 world class kids!!!

  19. five says:

    Shivers down my spine

    I dont care if he never scores a goal again I’ll love him forever after this!.


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