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Mad Eric On FCUM Winning The European Cup and Fergie’s Retirement

Manchester United fans will always have a lot of time for whatever Eric Cantona has to say. Whilst sometimes he is rather ‘out there’ with his statements, there usually is an intriguing thought behind it all.

Today, Cantona has spoken about his hopes for Football Club United of Manchester, whilst expressing his concern for our future once Ferguson leaves.

“They have a great idea,” Cantona said of FCUM. “I hope they will become a great club and win the European Cup in 50 years’ time. Every club has to be created at one point. Now I am interested in the people who create clubs. Which type of people created Manchester United or Manchester City?”

As far as the issue of Ferguson’s retirement is concerned, Cantona understands why the fans are nervous.

“I can understand why the fans are concerned,” Cantona added. “The philosophy of the club will never change while Alex Ferguson is at the club. After he leaves… that’s what makes me worry. Ferguson is so strong, so popular, he can control everything. For the moment nothing has changed there — apart from in an economic way. I’m worried about the future. I hope that things will not change.”

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  1. Sully [South Africa] says:

    What the hell is FCUM??? Anyone?

  2. marno says:

    football club united of manchester

    non league lads set up when glazer took over.

  3. corea says:

    Sully [South Africa] ,

    FC United of Manchester

  4. ianheath653 says:

    The club’s web site is located at The “great idea” Cantona was talking about is the fact that it’s a fan-owned club. Basically, everyone who buys an annual membership, no matter how much or how little they pony up, gets one vote apiece in major decisions like choosing the board members, passing or nixing rule changes, setting ticket prices, sponsorship decisions, determining the club’s future direction, etc. Some other clubs, like Exeter City and AFC Wimbledon, follow similar models.

    Given enough time, such an idea could become quite huge, and it could become so in ways we don’t anticipate right now. For example, over here in the USA, we’ve had a problem in politics for a long time where the candidates who win elections have usually been the ones who can raise the most money from large corporations and wealthy donors. Once they get into office, they unsurprisingly govern primarily on behalf of those big donors (exhibit A: George Bush). All of a sudden this year along comes the Barack Obama campaign, which instead has been getting millions of people to pitch in a few bucks apiece over the Internet, and they’re raising more money now than those who followed the old model ever did. Right now, we have no idea what the long-term ramifications of that are going to be in our political system.

    The core ideas behind the Obama campaign’s fundraising system and the founding of clubs like FC United are essentially very similar, and right now we also don’t know what the long-term ramifications of those ideas are going to be in the world of sports.

    Cantona was probably thinking along those lines during that interview.

  5. nagraj says:

    My heart supports FCUM but my head MUFC…

    Come on FCUM…

  6. suhayl says:

    Eric is spot on. We have someone in charge who is the LEGEND OF LEGENDS. Someone who has taken care of our club, taken charge, looked after it…honoured the tradition the history and everything that is MANCHESTER UTD. No one is above him or loves man utd more than him. He is such a vital vital cog and someone that promotes and illuminates the name manchester utd alround the world.

    It does worry me too..that when SAf goes what will happen. How can any manager know more than him. how can even 10 men together be worthy to lick his boots. How can anyone else lead the legacy and honour our history and tradition like he has. Who can LOOK after our club like he has…it does worry me. As he is mr MANCHESTER UTD…HE IS OUR CLUB.

    Other managers at other clubs are just employess…they come and they go…they get hired and fired. They just do a job and get paid. We have someone and been lucky to have someone for a generation that is and has become the club..SAF = manchester utd and man utd = SAF.

    how the fuck we are going to live on after him i do worry. Will the new man respect all he’s done. Respect the ambassodor of man utd and respect the tradition and history and illuminate our name like he has.

    No where in the world is a sports name and its manager so intwined so linked so synonymous with each other. You mention other managers and a list of things will come ito your mind..including all the clubs they ve managed. but when you mention MAN UTD…first thing you mention is SAF…..and when you mention SAF……it instantly is Manchester utd

  7. suhayl says:

    That day will be the biggest dread day…biggest upsetting day in a whole generation of utd fans..players and for the club.

    I just want him to go on foreveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer


    Im having nightmares already. Seriously the day he will be like losing a loved one x 10000000000

  8. suhayl says:

    And for FC utd… was a shame we lost many fans when the glazer basards took us over. I have many a friends who support FC…i follow them too. Many have come back to utd…some do both…some still adamant they wont come back until glazers f off. Which seems unlikely in present day takeovers.

    I love those fans still and admire what they stood for and i did too….but there was nowt we could do…i am still bitter angry and upset. But manchestr utd is my life…i cannot give them up

    I still will follow FC…and hope all those fans that supposedly wuit our club come back one day….if they havent already..many a true true true manc born die harders were lost

    Hopefully FC and Manchester utd…both as 1 or as 2 can rule the leagues and dominate future leagues to come

  9. suhayl says:

    Seriously thinking of SAF leaving has made me sick…its a nightmare and time i just dont want to comprehend…gotta go..i really do feel ill thinking about it

  10. Tom F says:

    I liked the idea of FCUOM at first. I couldn’t really buy in to it though. I was too weak, or my love for Manchester United current times and past was too strong.

    It’s interesting to think that the section of MUFC supporters who now only maybe sympathize with them really would believe that they are the most loyal supporters of us all.

    I would probably disagree, because I for instance have chosen to stick by United even after we were taken over by somebody I really cannot stand or do not believe in. Maybe if we weren’t successful and the team weren’t giving us the pleasure that they have it wouldn’t be so easy. If somebody came in one day with the attitude of the Man City mob, I would have to really question my involvement and faith in our Club. That would be a really sad day, so I hope it doesn’t come. Football, In the premier league is slowly being ruined as it is by each foreign consortium that takes another piece of our culture away from us.

    I guess that is what makes FCUOM so appealing. I am not backing down though.


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