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Mad Liverpool Boss Still Going

Manchester United have won all nine of their Premiership games since Rafael Benitez got his list of ‘facts’ out on the telly, whilst Liverpool have won just three of their eight. Eesh.

Yet Benitez claims he has no regrets about reelings off his, erm, ‘facts’. At the time he said everybody agreed with him, except the only people who came out in support of him were a washed-up, fame-hungry ex ref, and a few old Liverpool pros.

Asked did he have any regrets, Benitez defiantly claims he did the right thing, again making the ridiculous emphasis on his ramblings being ‘facts’, not mere comments.

“I do not regret saying anything, and it did not have any effect on results,” said Benitez. “It had no effect on us hitting the post in the last minute at Stoke, it had no influence on them winning their games in hand. I have not spoken to Sir Alex Ferguson since, I do not expect any response from him and I do have great respect for him as a manager. I do not believe that my remarks, facts not comments, has had any effect on the title race. They have won games in hand but I do not believe what I said had any impact on the situation at the top of the league.”

It’s no wonder Benitez doesn’t want any further response from Fergie, given the only time our manager has spoken about the ‘incident’ was to call Benitez “disturbed” and “angry”, but why does he keep opening himself up to this ridicule? Why not just tell the press he doesn’t want to talk about it anymore, instead of giving them exactly what they want?

Seriously, the guy started off his rant citing an occasion when Ferguson got punished by the FA, then two minutes later he’s saying Ferguson is the only manager not to get punished by the FA. Facts? He screwed up, fine, it was funny at the time, but let’s drop it. But he won’t let it drop. He keeps making us laugh at him by insisting that it was a good idea to get on TV with that list of paper, reading off a load of nonsense about our manager, then going on to win less than half of the games that followed, surrendering his lead at the top of the table and dropping to third.

I almost feel sorry for him. 


“32 years FUCK all, 32 years FUCK all, 32 years FUCK all, 32 years FUCK all… we all hate Leeds scum, we all hate Leeds scum, we allllll hate Leeds scum, we all hate Leeds scum… I saw my mate the other day, he said to me he’d seen the white Pele, so I asked, who is he? He goes by the name of Wayne Rooney. Wayne Rooney, Wayne Rooney, he goes by the name of Wayne Rooney… Top of the league and that’s a fact, top of the league and that’s a fact!

Get your Mad Rafa Fact Sheets

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. TonyBee says:

    Fuck the dozy Spanish twat…. let’s shut the fat cunt up once and for all and beat them bastards tommorrow

  2. Didsbury_King says:

    his attitude stinks

  3. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    now people before there is a hate war remember the main “fact”

  4. Rob the Red says:

    Clinically bonkers!

  5. Doc says:

    7 points behind a team who are worth twice that of Liverpool with yous only managing to score 3 goals more this season, whilst considering the fact that we outscored arguably the best United team for some time last season and also bearing in mind it took Fergie 7 seasons to win the title before which couldn’t even get in to the top 6 let alone 4, it appears that having beaten you once already this season, we are on the ascendency whereas the mighty united have plateau’d and await the successor to old bluenose.

    Fact is, Rafa’s tactically head and shoulders above Fergie and all things considered he’s not that fucking mental if he’s catching a team up that has been building for 20 odd years in just 4 and a half.

  6. Cally says:

    Obssessed mancs still going…

  7. King Eric says:

    Cally – Obsessed dippers on a United site!

    Gotta hate – Spot on pal, she has become a right little celeb has Emily.

  8. little red says:

    well erm, what did he say that wasn’t a fact?

  9. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    nice one king eric

    wanna raise the kid right:)

  10. Scott the Red says:

    Doc – Liverpool finished 4th the season before Rafa took over. United were in the relegation zone when he became our manager. Obviously it’s going to take Ferguson longer to win the league. Not a difficult concept, surely?

    Cally – this is a United blog, here to post about United-related news stories. If your manager keeps talking about United, I will keep posting about it. However, the obsession is with your manager, not us.

    Little Red – I will refer you to the article: The guy started off his rant citing an occasion when Ferguson got punished by the FA, then two minutes later he’s saying Ferguson is the only manager not to get punished by the FA.

  11. little red says:

    ok scott the red, what was the fact, don’t quote hearsay, lets here actual quotes

  12. little red says:


  13. TinManUnited says:


    “we are on the ascendency whereas the mighty united have plateau’d and await the successor to old bluenose”

    Funny thing is, you are exactly right. We have plateaud. I mean what else could we possibly win, unless of course they have Milky Way competition or something. Where else can you go when you are at the top?

  14. Scott the Red says:

    Little red:

    “I was surprised by what has been said, but maybe they are nervous because we are at the top of the table.But I want to talk about facts. I want to be clear, I do not want to play mind games too early, although they seem to want to start. But I have seen some facts. On 1 November, they played Hull and Mr Ferguson had a two-match touchline ban and a £10,000 fine after confronting Mike Dean, the referee, for improper conduct.”

    2 minutes later…

    “He is the only manager in the league that cannot be punished for these things.”

    So, do the FA punish him? Or don’t they? Fact? Lol ramblings of a mad man.

  15. mancaroon says:

    hey Doc……..calm down calm down. silly dipper twat. go pollute your Liverpoo blogs.

  16. olusanjo says:

    when you are at the top, you plateaued by stayng at the top and that is what manchester united has been able to do and that is an hallmark of great teams. if there is a tournament for clubs in the uiniverse, we would have gone for that in pluto or somewhere since we are the champions of the world.
    by the grace of God, a 3-0 or 4-0 win for united will be very pleasing.

  17. TinManUnited says:

    is there an echo in here?

  18. Maik says:

    This guy amuses me to no end. I really hope he stays at liverpool, we won’t ever get a clown like him to make us laugh if he doesn’t.

  19. the king says:


  20. TinManUnited says:

    @the king

    the shit is probably what attracted you to us then huh. and since when did they allow internet at the council house.

  21. spencer says:

    Keep that ‘we’ve won more’ chant until after the match tomorrow king. you will need it as a comeback when we boast yet another victory over you and end your premiership title hopes for another season
    if rafa cracked up over being top of the table, imagine what he is going to be like with 70,000 plus singing rafas cracking up

  22. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    17 leagues 18 leagues
    +11 f.a cups +7 f.a.cups
    +3 european cups +5 european cups
    ———————- —————————
    31 30

  23. Jake says:

    king, I take it you’ll be watching tomorrow’s game through the padded bars of your cell you fuckin half-wit…10-0 Premierships, 2-1 Champs. Leagues, 1-0 Inter-continental cup, 1-0 Fifa World Club cup…we are the greatest team of the modern era and define the most successful league in the world…your lot, however, provide a supporting role, a bit like the court jester of a Shakespearean play…long may it continue

  24. micheal says:

    this is off the subject but it has annoyed me what I have seen of berbetov so far is that he is no good enough for united, the ironic thing is the frontline that played against fulham was our best front two. berbetov seems to slow and not explosive enough for our game and ronaldo ends up going to fast for berbetov. ronaldo rooney tevez is our best attack with giggs nani or park fighting for the left slot.

  25. dela says:

    @ michael
    Dude, are you crazy? Berba has been our player of the season, after Vida and Giggsy. He has more assists to his name than Stevie Me or Fat Boy, and still has 8 goals to his name. Berba simply has to start, if you ask me.

  26. micheal says:

    no I am not crazy, tevez is better then berbetov by quiet a country mile. he has 12 goals and he as not started as much as berbetov, in all our dangerous attacks he is never involved and is a defenders dream, gerrard he is a top player and would be ace alongside carrick. tevez for me should be starting every game, for me you cannot have scholes carrick ronaldo giggs berbetov all starting in one match, there is not enough energy and work rate in the side you need a mix and come tommorow the team should be
    o shea ferdinand vidic evra
    fletcher/anderson carrick
    ronaldo rooney tevez park
    I would have tevez over berbetov every day of the week.

  27. redgister says:

    oh my god u cant be serious rooney is the white pele what cheap drugs are u on thats an insult to pele rooney is at best an average striker would not rank in the top 10 strikers in europe fact!if i was you i would go back to your dealer and ask for your money back you got ripped off

  28. Farhan Borst says:

    just trust fergie.

  29. micheal says:

    rooney is one of the best players in the world, he is a total footballer not just a striker. I would say pele was one of the most overated players in history, he never played for a big club and choose to stay in an average league. I could name you 20 players better then pele and that included cristiano ronaldo and messi here they are who are better then pele.

    best law charlton C ronaldo messi zidane Maradona stefano puskus Beckenbauer Eusebio cruyff platini giggs henry kaka Zico Bergkamp Zola Baggio
    and some of these are not in the top 10, I could name Van Basten gerrard etc who are better then pele.

  30. Truth says:

    Lol, keep talking about us, we are all sitting back down the road having a nice chuckle on how wound up and frightened you are of us. This isnt a manchester united blog, its an anti-liverpool blog. Congrats ya bitter glory hunters!

  31. Marq says:

    Anything that is Manchester United is anti-Liverpool

  32. Marq says:


  33. cantona7 says:

    Anything that is Manchester United is anti-Liverpool yeah true to me too
    but not everything anti-liverpool is MU.. @Truth, i hope you can see the truth here..

    Anyway I welcome all liverpool fans here. Come here more often. We will try to get you get less deluded here. Hahahaha

    I cant imagine how can someone defend Rafa, even if you are a liverpool fan, because Rafa is definitely talking bullshits. I cant take any joke from his rant anymore, because it makes me sick to see somebody in position like that so deluded and his club lets him go on. Although i do hope Rafa stays there. :p

    And michael, i understand you. but you just have to appreciate that we have both of them, because they are very different, and we need them both. I love Tevez’s workrate, but i also love Berbatov’s touch. Berbatov is more composed in front of goal than Tevez, but Tevez gets to the correct position more than Berbatov.

    I let SAF to choose who’s to start. It’s up to his tactics and approach. And in Fergie we trust. Not the FSW haha

  34. Stenhousemuir_Red says:

    @ the king dipper FACT all dippers are murdering horrible bastards FACT no one in britian likes the murdering horrible bastards with their daft accents and FACT your winning fuck all FACT when your teams at O.T. today you and your mates are gonna go and rob your own players homes, FACT weve won it 3 times without killing anyone FACT your a cunt

  35. knightsmith says:

    I heard Benitez was seen in a shopping centre getting abuse from an old age pensioner, apparently she was struggling with a load of shopping ,and Benitez asked if she could manage.

    The old woman shouted back “No way, you got yourself into this mess you fat inept fool, you can get yourself out of it”

  36. Super Torres says:

    Maybe you lot should learn to keep your arrogant gubs shut, 4-1 get in you beauty!!!!!

    Still Scott, i suppose this gives you more to write about Liverpool now lol.

  37. little red says:

    scott the red
    who is the deluded one rambling along now u muppet? u r picking on a single thing that was said by benitez in a whole list of things he said.

    During the Respect campaign – and this is a fact – Mr Ferguson was charged by the FA for improper conduct after comments made about Martin Atkinson and Keith Hackett. He was not punished. He is the only manager in the league that cannot be punished for these things.

    “Then he was talking about the fixtures. Two years ago we were playing a lot of early kick-offs away on Saturdays when United were playing on Sundays. And we didn’t say anything. Now he is complaining about everything, that everybody is against United. But the second half of the season will see them playing at home against all the teams at the top of the table. It is a fantastic advantage.

    “But at Christmas, United played on the 29th and the rest of the teams played on the 28th. We were away against Newcastle two days after playing Bolton. They were playing about 40 hours later, they were not complaining then.

  38. suhayl says:

    little red….your club are murderers..end off…bye bye you fuckin dipper..twat.

  39. little red says:

    suhyal, what about the crystal palace fan stabbed by urselves outside selhurst park, since we are on the murderers topic. i suppose having a team of rapists, woman beaters, an spit roasters is better?


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