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Make Sure You’re Watching

In case you hadn’t already pencilled this in to your diaries, be sure to watch Panorama tonight at 10.35 on BBC1.

With the press reporting on the news that the Glazers are a massive £1.1bn in debt yesterday, I’m sure you will be keen to learn just how fucked we are.

However, for those who have scoffed at the green and gold movement, it can’t be denied just how much press attention the iconic colours have drawn in. The Glazers are now under unprecedented pressure to give in and hopefully the revelations of this evening’s programme will only add to that.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Red Devil says:

    That was a fantastic repartee mate….no disrespect to anyone..but that amazing…hahahaha

  2. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    then hopfully the gloryhunters will piss off

  3. Costas says:

    @Red Devil

    Morning mate. Thanks. No disrepect from me either. :D

  4. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    costa good morning
    i hope you dont go the rest of your life with out seeing the glazers dressed as gnomes , it’d be a terrible waste.

  5. Costas says:


    Morning pal. Haha. No, there’s no chance I am missing it. I’ll try to watch it as soon as possible.

  6. They Always Score says:


    Dont the glory hunters bring more money into the club the various purchases they make? Would the club have been as successful without the people who started supporting the club after Munich and jumped on the bandwagon after the advent of the premier league? There’s a lot of money gone into the which has enabled us to buy players due to our ‘gloryhunters’. Just a thought

  7. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    @They Always Score

    im sorry ,your right. i write things under the understand that just because ive explained things before everyone knows what i thing.
    i simply put united fans in 3 groups
    1/the all in fans-who would be 70-80% of fans who know the club know its history etc
    2/gloryhunters-as you say they keep the club ticking they are making united a world wide success
    3/gloryhunters who wont admit the they are gloryhunters- they act like 100% they call rooney shite or fat bastard in a pub or ground in temper when he has a missed placed ball, they just want to spend. they want ronaldo now not the ronaldo we bought . they speak the loadest because they think they are the smartest. the bitch and moan and know more than the manager. they dont fully get why tevez is a prick. you can be a know it all you can be a know nothing but its the knownothing no it alls that embarrass me as a fan

    and “They Always Score” im not puttinhg you anyway in there as ive not read many of your posts i was just explaining my post. i hope you understand

  8. They Always Score says:


    thanks for explaining that for me. I’ve been coming here for a long time but I rarely post anything. Hopefully the more I do you’ll know under which category I fall.

    What I’d like to offer generally on Panorama is that for United fans who are interested in what’s going on for example readers of this blog it’s nothing new. But for those who really didn’t know much about it, then it makes interesting viewing and it will raise awareness. This isn’t something which could just blight our club but to supporters of other clubs it acts as a warning. Some fans if other clubs take joy in this but it will be happening elsewhere and it is already.
    Anything which helps us raise awareness is helpful and I’m glad this documentary was made even if they treated us like kids by using a bunch of gnomes to help get their message across.

  9. King Eric says:

    aig – What. Are you even serious or taking the piss?

    Actually embarrassed by just how gullible some United fans are.

  10. Red Devil says:

    @ AIG…..
    Its gonna end in the next few years…..You cannot be serious mate……
    Have you seen the talents in the youth ranks…..Ravel Morrison, Pogba, Eikrem, John Cofie, Will Keane, Petrucci (everyone seems to have forgotten about the Red Totti by the way–he’s been injured for a while)…..Cathcart, Corry Evans and Reece Brown…….even if half of those step up to the first team, then we’ve got the spine of the side for the next 5-10 years as there’s a good mix of defenders, midfielders and strikers in there…
    And we can easily count on the scouting network to get at least a couple of gems for cheap…
    Even without substantial spending, I think we’re not too bad are we…?

  11. willierednut says:

    King Eric – Agreed mate, as i said on a different thread, the Glaziers turned down 1.5 billion offer for the club, if they were on the brink, wouldn’t they have accepted this offer?

  12. aig alex is god says:

    well. the way its going at the moment you cant just bank on youth to win things. its rather a mixture of both. Just the way barca do. In all fairness their youth progress is currently better than ours. You do need a few good signings every season. SAF did do it with the young lads all those years back but now with more money being pumped in and clubs like city and spurs getting stronger we will have to buy some quality if we have to keep it up. For all his greatness we cant expect SAF to do it with such limited funds given the money some other clubs have. We need both.


    think of it glazers point of view mate. they dont give a damn about man utd. they are considering it as a money making machine. as long as they can suck money from the club they dill do it.they will maybe increase the debt more and then accept a 2 million offer. for them, the more money they get, the happier they will be.

  13. willierednut says:

    AIG – I agree there not avid United fans, but that doesn’t mean, that they will let United go bust, it’s not in there interests. I don’t like how the Glaziers have aquired United, with the leveraged buy out, but there’s not much we can do about it now.

  14. aig alex is god says:


    i think they dont care about United mate. the more money they make, the happier they are .never bother to visit games or seem interested in United games.they will know there will always be someone interested to buy a club like United. thats the thing they are taking advantage of and are not interested in selling at the moment.

  15. willierednut says:

    They don’t care like you and me, but that doesn’t mean they’ll let our club go bust. The one thing that annoys me is there lack of communication with the fans, this needs to be addressed.

  16. Wakey says:


    I’m busy so will reply to some of the others later but you mentioned this before but I’m not sure you saw my reply.

    The problem with them communicating with the Fans is that the supporters groups from the off have made that impossible. I’m not saying they would even with a more resonable suppoers group speaking on our behalf but with MUST and a lesser extent IMUSA being our mouth pieces its never going to happen as these two groups have alienated the Glazers with the pushing of the truth, even outright lies and petty personal attacks on them.

    We need a more resonable and new supporters trust if we want them to communicate with the fans better

  17. Wakey says:


    “never bother to visit games or seem interested in United games”

    Do you not think tthat’s partly the fans fault. From the off the fans have made it hard for them to attend, infact at times when they have attended their safety has been considered to be in so much threat that they have had to be smuggled out as if they are a countries leader who has just been told that their is an assassin nearby

  18. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    sweet jesus i never taught id type this but here goes

    I agree with you, there safty has always been an issue when they ae at old trafford and its 100% understandable why they dont atend games, just look at the beautiful pricy cars they left outside old trafford on there first trip to see a game because they all had to leave in the back of police riot vans.

  19. willierednut says:

    Wakey – Yes, i did see your reply, but the facts are, that MUST and imusa are United supporters clubs. And just because they don’t agree with the Glaziers buy – out of the club, doesn’t mean that they should be marginalised from any discussions. There needs to be some common ground found, between all parties, because i’m sake of hearing from the Glazier spokesman, they need to come out and engage with everyone that loves United.

  20. Aig alex is god says:


    glazers took over the club in 2005.the protests against them intensified mainly last many games did they come and watch before that?. Ever heard them praising the team,the boss?.cant remember any such instance.have to speak yourself.cant be sitting in your million dollar mansion and your spokesperson speaks everytime on their behalf.even if they come now to watch a game they wont be sitting amongst the fans.they will have their own bullet proof,bomb proof, shit proof box.

  21. Wakey says:


    The problem is if you had a neighbor who then went around being a nuicence and started telling the rest of your street lies about you or spinning the truth and then who went and twisted everything you say would you then work with them? You are highly unlikely to do so and that the situation you have here with MUST.

    MUST need to back off and be more realistic and resonable. Infact the way they are I doubt any future owners would really want to work with them, the Red Knights were offering them the Golden Share as they needed MUST to get the knock down price they were after but i get the view that MUST think they were going to get more input than a golden share actually gives. They are just too much of a loose cannon for anyone to seriously work with, infact they are very much like the Trade Unions of 70s/80s (and which are seemingly making a return) where they are so overly agressive they limit the make it impossible to share a table with them.

    If MUST can’t stick to the facts and can’t provide a balanced arguement with context. And if MUST keep making up lies, twisting statements and being overly agressive and making personal attacks then I think as fans we have to just accept a dialogue with the fans will never happen. The balls in MUST’s leadership court to act like adults so that pressure to come to the table. Again I don’t know if that will work but atleast then the ‘fans’ wouldn’t be part of the problem

    @Aig alex is god
    You are very much mistaken. Infact the Panorama last night showed protests from between 2004 and 2006 against the Glazers when they did attend and the issues that went on surrounding that including them being bundled out of OT into a police van to escape fans baying for blood.

    They are never going to attend every game due to being based in America. A couple of them have said in the last year though that they would like to attend more matches and that would be good for everyone if they did as they would almost certainly find themselves more drawn to the game of Football (Mind you we don’t want a full fan owner, they are prone to messing around with the football side too much. A little more of a fan in them would be good however). So as fans we need to back off them a little when they do attend matches, be vocal against them but their safety shouldn’t ever be doubt

  22. aig alex is god says:


    fair enough. looking at the way they run the club and stay away from making statements it seems they arent much interested in the betterment of United but more concerned about their own benefits. The liverpool owners are american too and despite the protests against them they still do attend matches ocassionally, the glazers dont even do that. at least they should make more of an effort to clarify their stance and future plans for the club and show some interest


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