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Manchester City Fans Crowd Around MASSIVE New Signing

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. DH says:

    Bruce Jones is a United fan isn`t he ?

  2. jamos9 says:


  3. jamos9 says:

    You should turn it into a

  4. D.Teacher says:

    Almost….not quite…but almost…as funny as UNITED’S MASSIVE DEBT.

  5. DiavoloRosso says:

    I’d love to see that on the back of buses going down Deansgate !

  6. SOFI says:

    LOL such an amazin fan base

  7. Jake says:

    hahaha, curly watts the coke head…my dad was with a mate of his who curly owed money for drugs once years ago…my dad said his mate actually called him ‘curly’…bunch of washout city fans, all we need now is pacquiao to finish Ricky (everyone loves me, I love everyone) Hatton if he ever plucks up the courage to fight him.

  8. Stephen says:

    D.Teacher, is that funny? Jesus you must have a shit life if you find that funny.

  9. D.Teacher says:

    No Stephen, you sad ragamuffin, but it is still funnier than that pathetic effort. Tell you what is shite though. YOU hiding from the truth – how much debt did you say? Hey, guess what the clock is saying?


  10. Justin says:

    D.Teacher your right the clock is tickin…..on the transfer window which ridiculous transfer are shity bidin for next Messi – no, Ronaldo – no, Kaka – ha ha ha no. I’m sure all us united fans are cackin our pants at the thought of Bellamy the 14 million wonder striker playin against us.

    Paul Dickov 20 million from Leicester to shity you heard it here 1st

  11. Colbert says:

    Kaka doesn’t want to join City, Robinho buggers off to Brazil in a strop. A United legend is sending you down. PMSL muppet.

    Enjoy the Championship you bitter blue cunt.

  12. moonik says:

    funny pick! blatant jealousy from the swampies, cant handle the truth! tik tok!

  13. Stephen says:

    Ragamuffin? Why are we hiding from the truth?

  14. Justin says:

    1st we sent bryan kidd to mess up leeds, agent hughes is now doing a great job with shity. We’d send some one to the dippers but rafa keegan is doing a fine job screwin that up on his own.

    Made me laugh when shity are claimin milan bottled the transfer more like Kaka want’s to win things

  15. RN says:

    D teacher, get a life you moron.

  16. Colbert says:

    Bring back “soldier blue” Lee Bradbury from Iraq! Or did he shoot himself after watching another shambolic City performance?

    Why do City fans all look starving and impoverished? Are they on hunger strike until Kaka comes to City or something?

    A deceased racist comedian, a fat boxer and 2 alkies (mind you, watching City must drive you to the drink) = the pride of City, ladies and gentlemen.

  17. Stephen says:

    The way Citeh dealt with the aftermarth of the Kaka non transfer made Chelsea look dignified.

  18. DiavoloRosso says:

    An unbiased opinion :

    QPR owner Falvio Briatore… believes it was the right decision, and said: “Put [Michael] Schumacher in a Minardi, he won’t go anywhere.

    “Even with Kaka, Manchester City wouldn’t have gone anywhere. They were completely mad.”

    … mind you, coming from somebody who’s invested a fortune in QPR …

  19. FailsworthDevil says:

    That arab wont be there in the next 18 months, he will get bored, coz he cant sign anyone big.. and will fuck off and go and buy an island or sommat..

    Citeh will be playing leeds them hahhahaha… blue nose twats

  20. Taehr says:

    Debt…?hehe even if we had to go bankrupt some billionaire would buy the club from the glazers no worries…because we are Manchester United.

  21. D.Teacher says:

    £880m in debt and counting boys! tick tock tick tock

  22. D.Teacher says:

    Actually, it’s £880m in debt and counting LADYBOYS!!

    Tick tock…..tick tock

  23. davetian says:

    I think the fact that this silly cunt is coming ONTO our blog once agian proves that most fans prefer to see United fail than there own team thrive. He’s probably a bitter Arsenal fan with nothing better to do apart from cry about how Wenger wont spend any money.

    Debt is debt, and it’s being managed. You worry about your own club, we’ll worry about ours. We’re not Leeds, we’re actually successful.

  24. Jake says:

    errr…most governments and companies have been in debt since the 18th century mate…that’s the way it works, just ask the american govt. who have loaned massive amounts of money off china…it’s called serviced debt and is guaranteed against future income at a low interest rate…I’m pretty sure we can guarantee our future income…city, unfortunately…cannot

  25. Stephen says:

    D.Teacher, fuck me you are boring, change the record.

  26. Arselicked says:


    You can’t lay off Arsenal, can you?

    Tick tock…….tick tock

  27. Mannyutd says:

    Tick Tock Tick Tock…… The Relegation Clocks Ticking Again!

  28. Mark Moore says:

    Shitty small time club, hillbilly fans.

  29. D.Teacher says:

    Love the swampies trying ‘oh so desperately’ to justify their MASSIVE debt. Stephen doesn’t understand ‘ragamuffin’ hahahahaa. Try RAG then…duh!

    Jake, if you knew anything about business, you would admit that your debt is NOT serviceable….that’s why it is RISING and rising FAST, hahahaha.

    Davetian, OUR blog now, is it? YOU wrote it, did you? Duh! Oh, and do concentrate harder at school, little one, your spelling is atrocious.

    No wonder people call you muppets Manure, you don’t half talk some shite.

  30. TinManUnited says:


    Why don’t you ask the United fans on here if they would rather trade your billions upon billions, who cannot sign a decent player because your club are shite, for our debt ridden loads of trophies loads of talent,football club i.e. Champions league, World Club Trophy, Cristiano Ronaldo, etc….

    Would they Fuck.

  31. Colbert says:


    Do I wish we were subject to as much perpetual embarrassment as your shower of shite? Nah, think I’m OK mate.

  32. denton davey says:

    “Manchester City are tracking Chelsea’s 24-year-old Serbian defender Branislav Ivanovic.”

    After fucking up the Kaka transfer, you wouldn’t be wrong to say that ManShitty repeats itself first as tragedy, then as farce. What a bunch of wankers.

  33. suhayl says:

    United = THE ENGLISH, THE EUROPEAN AND WORLD CHAMPIONS. One of the most decorated and successful clubs in the history of football. the richest club in the world BY MAKING ITS OWN MONEY THORUGH CLUB REVENUES. The largest stadium attendance in britain. The largest fanbase in the world 440 mill at last count. Tradition and history to be envied. One of the greatest managers ever. Legends everywhere you look. ONE OF THE BIGGEST CLUBS IN THE WORLD WITH MILAN, BARCA, REAL, BAYERN.

    Shitty = have been plying their trade in league 1 not long ago, yo yo club, COUNCIL OWNED STADIUM HA HA HA HA HA. michael ball ha ha ha ha, vassell HA HA HA HA HA HA. Sold thier club to a human rights abuser, cant even fill the councils stadium most weeks….average attendance pathetic, a new manager every year, legends such as gary owen HA HA HA HA HA HA. think they won a lge cup sometime in the 70′s HA HA HA HA HA. Robinho thought he was signing for utd when he arrived at the airport..then got a shock HA HA HA HA. Berba ” shitty who are they???” kaka ” you taking the piss”. then you have the nerve to call the 7 times european champions and one of the greatest clubs in the world BOTTLERS…what scum. I mean c’mon 95 mill AND YOU STILL COULDNT GET YOUR MAN…thats how shit you are. For fuck sake A PROPER TOP CLUB would have got him for half the price. ANYWAY always remember your claim to fame….you had the tallest floodlights in europe at maine road…HA HA HA HA.


    Guys have you heard…they ve bid 200 million to sign Barack Obama… will they get him?????

    hmmmmmmmmm HA HA HA HA HA

  34. King Eric says:

    Horrible bitter vulgar club. A fuckin disgrace and an insult to a team as big as Milan to say they “bottled it” Also paid about Seven million too much for the dwarfe. A disgrace!

  35. knightsmith says:

    D. Teacher.
    At least we earn our money, and get people over the doorstep to watch our team, because we are sucessful, unlike your lot.

    Would you like us to come and fill your ground up, like we did with Maine Road?

    What is the league’s highest attendance? let me think……. it’s over 83,000; Man Utd .V. Arsenal; and where was this match played? …… Oh yes, Maine Road! Higher than any league attendance Citeh ever got there.

    But dream on, the championship is beckoning!

    There is even a quote in the bible about your lot, it says ” The Lord looked down on the city and wept”

    He must have known what we do!

  36. blindkat says:

    Even God hates citeh! Now that’s research! Nice one knight

  37. Red-Manc says:

    They signed Bellamy for 14 million pound ohhhhh city are a MASSIVE club

  38. edwin says:

    Nice one Knight! Now thats why Im a Christian!

  39. TonyBee says:

    D. Teacher > Patronising cunt ( or trying to be and failing miserably)
    Supporting a no win team with underaverage players, Tries to take the piss through sheer jealousy. Maybe Shitty should change the shirt colour to envy green.
    Their public owned stadium is this country first 40,000 seat shithouse, consequently all they can attract is maggots and flies.

  40. King Eric says:

    Paid approx 18 MILLION for the dutch midfielder whose name escapes me. By all accounts he is a “battler”. Oh well in that case he must be worth it!

  41. Laos Red says:

    Lets not be too harsh on city. Imagine having an older brother that always gets all the pretty girls, had high marks in school, gets a good job, better in sports, and loved by all the relatives, while you’re seen as the little snot that’s always fucking shit up for everyone else. I probably wouldn’t grow up a happy camper myself. So lets applaud them on a decent effort to fame and success by flexing their financial muscle…. Claps Claps Claps!!! Hooray hooray hooray!!!


    I suggest you broaden your thinking from now on. While before you were only the joke of Manchester, but now you are the joke of the World! Like Dick Teacher, some of you still have your heads up the Arab’s asses, so I wouldn’t expect you to see anything other than SHIT!!! Hahahahaha….

    But hey, there is nothing wrong with having high hopes, just be prepared to be disappointed. One valuable lesson, the higher your dreams, the more it hurts WHEN you fail! So for now I suggest you be content with avoiding relegation, than next year look towards signing Jermain Pennant for $78mil and hope he will help you lot break into the top ten.

    HAHAHAHAHA….. We sincerely thank you Manchester City Football Circus. For you give us a MASSIVE reason to laugh each day…….. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH…… Ouch my ribs are in pain from the laughter…..

    P.S. I’m in Melbourne and I sware I just walked past Robinho a few moments ago (isn’t he supposed to be training with his world class team mates in Spain? Or Brazil? Or some exotic country?). I didn’t recognise him at first but I knew it had to be him because I’ve never seen a grown man roll on the floor sucking his thumb with bells on his shoes. Please come and get him before the police does…..
    jsos Said,
    January 21st, 2009 @16:04
    ha ha ha ha ha

    Chingar Said,
    January 21st, 2009 @16:05
    Keep ‘em coming, Scott, we love ‘em! Haha, hilarious.

    dave_pistol Said,
    January 21st, 2009 @18:39
    do a pic of gerrard getting bummed in prison

    Failsworth Devil Said,
    January 21st, 2009 @20:06
    Do they make straight jackets that big… coz he is a big fat spanish twat aint he !!

    meko420 Said,
    January 21st, 2009 @20:54

    TonyBee Said,
    January 21st, 2009 @21:16
    Scotty, you is so good with the gags, fucking laughing me bollocks off….. you gotta do one of Gerrard being reamed in nick as Dave_Pistol says…..

  42. Marq says:

    It would seem D.Teacher thinks he is teaching eonomics. It was even $880M to start with was it? Learn about getting facts right first, our spanish friend at Liverpool maybe can terach u a thing or 2 about facts. Yes maybe there is a concern about the debt, but at least we know wat is needed to survive, unlike City & Chelsea, whom God knows what will happen once their owners pack their bags. Oh, ya, by the way, tick tock is the right word to use, cuz its a debt that is being sufficiently serviced, so tick tock tick tock, our debt gets smaller as we win more

  43. Marq says:

    Oh, by the way, there is a report that the super player Nigel de Jong that Man City signed had a £2.3m release clause in his Hamburg contract that comes into play in the summer, and our dear neighbours paid £19m for him, well done!

  44. Stephen says:

    I do understand the term you chump, fuck me D.Teacher you are a prize cunt aren’t you?

  45. Jake says:

    ‘Jake, if you knew anything about business, you would admit that your debt is NOT serviceable….that’s why it is RISING and rising FAST, hahahaha’

    That just about invalidates you of any intelligence you may have been pretending to have previously…what’s the saying, ‘better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.’

    In order to take out the loan in the first place you would have to prove that the debt is serviceable and manageable…Considering Premier league football is still a growth market in the far east and we’ve just become champions of england, europe and the world I think we can safely say that we are able to service our debt, what a prize div kid.

  46. DH says:

    Is Bruce Jones a United Fan ? I could have swore he was.

  47. EastStandManc says:

    Yeah DH, I always thought he was, too.

  48. DH says:

    ESM, Strange that a website with this name didn`t recognize the fact Bruce Jones, a Mancunian is indeed a United fan, oh dear.

  49. knightsmith says:

    Robinho to Man City: £32m
    Berbatov to Man United: £30m
    Keane to Liverpool: £24m
    Gerrard to prison: Priceless!


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