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Manchester Is Red… Further Proof

Despite the fact that United have had larger attendances than City every single season since the war and City, even as champions, struggle to sell out their ground, some deluded blues still claim the city is theirs.

A team of data researchers from the Oxford Internet Institute are the latest to shed light on this myth after monitoring geotagged tweets from the beginning of this season until Christmas.

Check out the Oxford Internet Institute for more information.

Map created by Sam

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. johnnymufc says:


  2. johnnymufc says:


  3. trollhunter says:


  4. Aj says:

    So, for over a decade it been proven time and time again that manchester is red, deluded blue rats, their lovers and the press just continues to live in denial.

  5. red joey says:


  6. Aj says:

    Five years ago it was revealed that outer the 2.5m mancunians, 2m was red.

  7. TheCANTONA says:

    ok. if i say “wonderful” too can i get the prize??

  8. WeAreUnited says:



  9. santafereno says:


  10. Red Keighley says:

    Off topic. Very interesting article in today’s Guardian on Fergie’s best buys. No mention of Bebe!!

  11. Unitedforeva says:


  12. stu1united says:

    That is just….

  13. stu1united says:

    :-) beautiful

  14. cruserer says:


  15. dazbomber says:

    Why is Eccles and irlam a funny colour and not red ,you can count city fans on one hand Eccles is RED.

  16. giggs11 says:

    even though a well known fact, it is always nice to read further confirmations of positives facts / city are a joke …

  17. wigan red says:

    There is absolutely no chance that the wigan area is blue. The MEN also did a survey and said wigan was blue. This baffles me as i’d say it was 90% red compared 10% blue. Only in the last year or 2 have I started noticing the odd blue here and there. I’ve got loads of united mates in wigan. I don’t no any city fans from Wigan.

  18. Twisted Fatboy says:


  19. Twisted Fatboy says:

    That’s right two l’s is how I rolll.

  20. xluciusx says:


  21. FletchTHEMAN says:

    While this meets with our expectations, the full map of england shows how difficult it is to interpret this data without a bit more information.

    Are we really to believe that over 50% of the rest of england is Blue? Or that all of the Isle of Mann and all of Southern Scotland is Blue? Makes no sense that.
    I’ve been to Douglas and there’s a United supporters club and loads of reds. Didn’t even hear about city fans there. Just looked up the www page of the Isle of man MCFC www site and they claim a membership of 64!
    What to make of it. More likely, the areas around Manchester have thousands of emails, and teck savy people who are happy to have their tweets geotagged. While other areas, maybe have a fraction of this. With small numbers of “geotagged tweets” the data from any area is pretty worthless.

    Just sayin, nright Red or Blue could be 10 tweets or 10,000. All you know is there is more of one than the other, same color. Marginally interesting if it supports your idea, but otherwise pretty worthless?

  22. FletchTHEMAN says:

    *** bright Red or Blue ***

  23. wayne says:

    City are a bunch of fucking jokers Mad Mario he’s a retard found this article just tells you what a fuck up he is

    Another thing i can’t get my head around this WS transfer heard Galatasaray offered 10 mill and are going to pay WS 4mill a year,if that’s true Utd should have signed him

  24. wayne says:

    I’ve been catching up on the news i know a lot of Reds will disagree but the Liverpool game is no longer the biggest game on my calender i fucking detest City and the Rent Boys because of what they’ve done to Football.City are even more vile than the Rent Boys.Dippers i fucking hate but sorry just don’t rate anymore fucking shit,i know everyone builds it up as form doesn’t matter biggest derby etc,etc but the truth is Utd should take these cunts apart,if these daft bastards decide to try and play football from the back the ‘Rodgers’ way Utd are going to have a field day.
    Read a interview from Sir Alex about how Utd went after RVP hard and the fact if a club want’s a player badly doesn’t matter how long is left on a contract. Paraphrasing ”City wanted Nasri last year and paid 24mill for him,Utd wanted RVP and paid 24mill for him,fucking classic Sir Alex is the best at sticking the knife in

  25. wayne says:

    Fucking dead on ROM tonight,feel like Zibbie talking to myself,wonder what happened to him i know he was having health problems hope the lad is ok,maybe Utd was just a passing fancy.
    Love the fact Newcastle are struggling hate Pardew the phony cunt,best scenario for me Utd win the title,Everton finish in the top 4 to make sure one of those other cunts can’t and Newcastle and Qpr go down fucking hate Pardew and ‘Arry tossers

  26. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Steven Gerrard REALLY IS a Cunt isn’t he? Now he says he is willing to cheat to win Liverpool the game on Sunday. He claims bucktooth is the best striker he has ever played with. But didn’t he say that about Torres and Owen? LMAO coming from the mug who said Joe Cole is as good as Messi, I wouldn’t take anything this twat says seriously.

  27. Voice of reason says:

    Nah – the scousers is always the big one – everyone knows the bitters are a joke – yes they maybe the most important games now but that’s because of the league table – to those of us who grew up in the 70s and 80s the scousers are always the number one enemy – imagine if those cunts won the league again and the media wankfest that would follow – we look ready for this one this time

  28. wayne says:

    Voice of reason,my true hatred is Leeds that’s how far i go back hate Liverpool just don’t rate them have respect for their history just like i’ve respect for the Gunners but are no longer Utd’s main rivals and are slowly descending into mid table mediocrity
    City and Rent Boys fall into a completely different category because i have no respect for anything about them,think they don’t deserve any respect or any success made up of mainly whores who in themselves have no character.At least to a point players are going to Dippers and the Gunners because of history and not money.The sad fact is City and Chelsea have created a false economy so unless Gunners,Dippers start paying bigger wages their fucked.Utd are the only team that can stay pace to a point is because of the large revenue.By both clubs overspending they have reduced the contenders considerably only 3 teams have a chance of winning,just think both are ruining football my hatred is deeper,nether have soul or character

  29. domunited says:

    With City I’m like “sit down and shut up” but with Liverpool I’m like “i’ll rip your farking throat out”

  30. covyder@malaysia says:

    The arab thinks that Manchester is blue…they must be colour blind!!!…hahahaha…..

  31. drv3011 says:

    did ya guys read abt what rodgers had to say?pool are as good as any team in the EPL!he seems so desperate to screen their mediocrity with useless excuses.

  32. covyder@malaysia says:

    things never change in Handiverpool FC @ Liverpool FC, different manager comes in will read the same script except just minor changes to the wording but the meaning is the same!!!….they are still livinf in the past…….do you know that they are still celebrating their last Champions League victory till today???

  33. United Till I Die says:

    I know the map says St Helens is RED but I doubt they’re on about United? Anyway, everybody knows United are the biggest team in Manchester you don’t need Twitter to tell you that. Any City supporter who lives in the City and has an IQ higher than a dead battery would tell you the same thing.

  34. drv3011 says:


    true,true.they’re such a tiresome bunch.btw,are you from malaysia?i am too.nice to see a fellow malaysian on this blog.

  35. Hans says:


  36. covyder@malaysia says:

    yes i m from Malaysia (Sarawak in fact)…

    on Manchester is blue thing!!!…i doubt that very much cos they never seems to fill up their stadium which capacity is less than 2/3 of Old Trafford!!!….

  37. drv3011 says:


    thats why their stadium is called emptyhad.

  38. covyder@malaysia says:

    hahahahaha…the sheikh must be wondering whether they have invested in the correct Manchester club!!!…..

    This is just too funny!!!….

  39. Saad says:


    That’s right, I’m desi!

  40. Marq says:

    Freaking commentators waxing lyricals about how good Chelsea is beating Stoke at home. Yea, thanks to 2 own goals (fantastic headers too) that got them on their way plus a soft penalty. Gotta feel for that guy Walters, 2 own goals plus a missed penalty, not even a consolation for him.

  41. AJ MUFC says:

    St. Helens is an old Lancashire town if anything it’s mostly united. Never seen a city fan in Wigan or around that area so surprised to see one spec of blue

  42. United Till I Die says:

    @AJ MUFC – cheers for the info, never been to St Helens only past it. Glad to see they’ve got their priorities in order!


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