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Manchester United academy sales

Mark Robins – £800k (£1.5m)

Darren Ferguson – £250k (£450k)
Lee Martin – £350k (£630k)

Colin McKee – £265k (£470k)

Keith Gillespie – £1m (1.7m)
Richard Irving – £75k (£130k)
Ashley Westwood – £40k (£70k)

Gary Walsh – £250k (£420k)

Ben Thornley – £175k (£280k)
Grant Brebner – £300k (£475k)
John O’Kane – £400k (£635k)
Michael Appleton – £500k (£795k)
Jon Macken – £1.1m (£1.7m)
Colin Murdock – £100k (£160k)
Simon Davies – £150k (£240k)
Chris Casper – £300k (£475k)

Terry Cooke – £1m (£1.5m)
Phil Mulryne – £500k (£770k)

John Curtis – £1.5m (£2.3m)
Danny Higginbotham – £2m (£3m)

David Healey – £1.8m (£2.6m)
Mark Wilson – £1.5m (£2.2m)

Paul Rachubka – £200k (£290k)

David Beckham – £24.5m (£35m)

Nicky Butt – £2.5m (£3.5m)

Jonathan Spector – £500k (£670k)
Phil Neville – £3.5m (£4.7m)

Sylvain Ebanks-Blake – £200k (£260k)

David Jones – £1m (£1.3m)
Kieran Richardson – £5.5m (£7m)
Giuseppe Rossi – £6.7m (£8.5m)

Ryan Shawcross – £1m (£1.2m)
Phil Bardsley – £2m (£2.4m)
Gerard Pique – £6m (£7.2m)

Chris Eagles to Burnley – £1.25m (1.5m)
Lee Martin – £1.5m (£1.7m)
Frazier Campbell to Sunderland – £6m (£7m)
Richard Eckersley to Burnley – £500k (£580k)

Danny Simpson – £750k (£880k)

James Chester – £300k (£335k)
Craig Cathcart – £250k (£280k)
Wes Brown – £1.2m (£1.3m)
John O’Shea – £4.5m (£5m)
Joe Dudgeon – £300k (£335k)
Corry Evans – £500k (£560k)

Ravel Morrison – £1m
Danny Drinkwater – £750k
Darron Gibson – £2m
Matty James – £1m
Oliver Norwood – £400k

Robbie Brady – £2m
Joshua King – £1m
Oliver Norwood – £400k
Matty James – £1m

Scott Wootton – £1m

Danny Welbeck – £16m
Tom Lawrence – £1m

United have made around £140m from academy sales, which works out at around £6m a season for the past 24 years. In brackets are numbers using a historic inflation calculator. Of course, the inflation rate of football transfers is much larger than inflation in general, so the real figure would actually be much more.

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  1. WilliamAR says:

    This only serves to illustrate the point I made the other day about football at academy level being much lower in standard to that of our first team. It’s all very well people praising other academies that give their youth a chance, teams like aston villa and southampton, but thats not the same as a team looking to either win the league or achieve champions league football. For players to make it at elite level they really have to stick out like a sore thumb above the rest at the academy’s level.

  2. midfield-man says:

    “I am impressed that people have the imagination to invent something like that,” Van Persie told “I don’t know where it comes from and I can promise that I’m not going to hospital to have an operation.”

  3. Gav Brooker says:

    Not sure if it really matters, but Matty James is on there twice?

  4. Tommy says:

    I bet theirs not another club with he same number of academy graduates that have went on to have decent football careers at whatever leval they made it to, Some good players on that list and some we practically give away.

  5. Tommy says:

    RVP has denied he needs an operation, hopefully its the fat scouce bastard who misses out and we play RVP + Falcao combo as our main strike force. – Dont talk shite Danny, ““It’s exciting times for me,” he told the club’s official website. “It’s great to be a part of this club and it’s a team that I’ve always watched in the Premier League. I’ve envisaged myself playing in this team before. For it to finally happen is very exciting.” A United fan dreaming of playing for Arsenal haha ok then.

  6. WilliamAR says:

    I see PSG are making up shit excuses for not being good enough to land Di Maria. Butt hurt ass holes!

  7. midfield-man says:

    Rooney will play… just not as a striker anymore

  8. Tommy says:

    Tony Gale, speaking on sky sports said that he believes their were better centre halfs at the Sunderland v QPR match with John O shea and Wes Brown than the ones we currently have and he also thinks we will stick with 3 at the back, I have to agree with Gale.

    .@Persie_Official welcomes Radamel @Falcao arrival: “At a top club you should always go for the best, which also fits my philosophy.” #mufc – RVP welcoming Falcao on twitter, hes up for the challenge, lets hope its FSB that misses out. – PSG owner reckons Di Maria wanted to sign for them lol, nobody would play in France but for the ££££s, its an awful league, simple as that, he also says he wants FFP scrapped, fucking joke PSG

  9. Tommy says:

    Real Madrid have reached an agreement with Borussia Dortmund to have first option on signing Marco Reus next summer, according to El Confidencial. – Wouldnt surprise me

  10. gra mar says:

    Phil Jones has done well at CB and he’ll get better. Evans and Smalling look like they can’t cope with the 5-3-1 it but what we need are a couple of decent CM in front of the defence. Once Blind and Ander beging to combine we’ll look a lot better at the back.

  11. trevor knightsmith says:


    was speaking to my Arsenal supporting mate who is not overjoyed about Danny joining.

    I said to him, he will be a wonderful ambassador for the club, and although I don’t rate him as a striker, he has other attributes which you and your fellow supporters will get to like, and this time next year I think he will be a firm favourite there .

    I also said, ” I know who I would rather represent the club out of Danny and Tommy’s mate FSB “

  12. The_red_devils says:

    yeah, they will probably buy Reus and sell bale, lol.
    And if januzaj shines at euro 16, expect them to come with a big bid for our #11.

    With kagawa’s low fee, lets hope we also have a first buy option for hummels, even subotic would be a big upgrade or bender.

  13. trevor knightsmith says:

    Arsenal didn’t train today.

    Danny Welbeck brought a league winners medal with him and the squad took turns holding it.

  14. OpikBidin says:

    Hope Falcao doesn’t become the new Garry Birtles and Welbecome the new Andy Ritchie

  15. The_red_devils says:

    yeah, same thing happened at liverpool too when super mario was signed.

    Welbeck alone has more pl medal than entire squad of arsenal, lol..

  16. trevor knightsmith says:


    No one could be as bad as Gary Birtles.

    Even Cloughie said ” What do you want him for, he can’t even trap a bag of cement”

  17. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    This morning, I’ve seen a lot of people getting worked up over whether a players wanted to play for us or for another club. At the end of the day all I can say is WHO CARES? Yeah it would be nice to have players who geniunely want to be here but who gives a shit? Di Maria wanted to join PSG but he’s not there right now is he? He’s with us. That’s all that matters. He’ll be lining up for us next week.

    Yeah Welbeck envisaged himself in an Arsenal shirt and di not thank the club for raising him and developing him from his childhood day. Again, WHO CARES? If that is what he wants to do then it is his choice. I mean I’ll miss him but I like our striking options too. Wish Welbeck all the best at Arsenal whether he still likes us or not. People just need to calm down. There’s much more important stuff to worry about than these trivial things.

  18. OpikBidin says:

    yeah, the same clough that bought him from a non-league side, had him as the main man to fire Forest into two european cups and then had a fallout with him.

  19. OpikBidin says:


    I think the situation is perfect for Cleverley and Welbeck to prove themselves. I looked into their forums. Villa needs a CAM, and I think Cleverley can at last play his proper position again after being shunted as a holding player here. It is up to him for the triangle of Delph-Sanchez-Cleverley to work.

    For Welbeck, it’s the perfect opportunity to be played as a CF. Arsenal only got Giroud, Sanogo and Campbell in the competition (looks like Wenger doesn’t rate Campbell). he also has PACE that Giroud lacks. Now Arsenal have a fierce forward line that can counter attack. Welbeck also has power to hold his own and technique. his Linkup play and bringing others to the game is impressive.

    So its up to those 2 to prove themselves in their best position, the carpet has been laid.

  20. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:


    I agree with you. It was the best move for their careers and it should technically see them flourish as they now get to show what they can do if they play in their preferred positions. I can’t complain about that. LVG gave them the chance to move and they moved. simple.

  21. OpikBidin says:

    Apparently Arsenal needs a DM too. Can they be allured to buy Fellaini (maybe just 6 million, but they pay him huge wages) as their DM…

  22. Marco Soares says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Fellaini get a run of games playing in front of the 3 at the back, I’m not his biggest fan but maybe in this new system he can do a decent job, when is he back from injury anyways? why do our player always get fucking injured dammit!

  23. trevor knightsmith says:


    Only Moyes would be mug enough to actually buy Fellaini .

    But saying that, he should be given a chance, he could end up being quite versatile

  24. Marco Soares says:

    @ trevor

    It was indeed a poor signing from Moyes but while he is part of the squad we might as well use him, could have used him in the last 2 league games with Sunderland and Burnley defending deep and us hitting crosses in, he is probably our best player at winning aerial balls

  25. UtdSenna says:


    He won’t get dropped, he is the captain. Gonna enjoy watching his terrible first touch, slow down the play then whip it out to Valencia.

  26. trevor knightsmith says:


    (These adverts are f*****g irritating!)

    Can’t believe he’s been at the club a year , But he hasn’t had a decent run in the team.

    I agree we could have used him this season if he wasn’t injured, hr couldn’t have done worse than Fletcher, Anderson , and Cleverley, and at least he has a bit of steel about him .

    Don’t know when he’s back from injury though, or what LVG thinks about him

  27. RedRickie says:

    Hey people what would you expect Welbeck to tell the press, that his heart is still at United?

    Arsenal fans are known to booing their manager so what would happen to him on his debut at Le Arse stadium after singing “Praise Great Manchester” even before introduction to his new team mates.

    The lad is {as I guess} playing safe to earn accommodation in those Loanees bunch of supporters

  28. trevor knightsmith says:

    Utd Senna,

    Don’t go upsetting young Tommy about his favourite player .

    FSB isn’t quite as popular as he thinks he is

  29. ibrahim mohammed says:

    whats the meaning of FSB. being seeing it to refer to wayne rooney.

  30. demoniclsayer says:

    I don’t think Fellaini was that bad. The problem in United is players are often than not played in positions that wasn’t meant for them. While some might still flourished, but there are many who become Jack of All Trade…. or worst drop out of the team when judge by performance. What we really need is players which could played well in their best position without too much changing their position and style. and a set of players who are team players but still able to do well or consistently.

  31. EC7 says:

    Di Maria absolutely ran the show tonight! Please take that form into club level!

  32. EC7 says:

    FSB = Fat Scouse Bastard? As a guess.

  33. Tommy says:


    Id muich rather Arsenal had got Rooney, let it sink in a minute a Manchester United fan through and through has been allowed to leave, yet a scouse mercenary who only cares about the size of his wallet and held the club to ransem twice has been made captain, I feel sick. On Birtles, come off it, he bagged loads in for Forest, just couldnt handle the pressure, Cloughiue was probably trying to discourage a bid but all the players at United say he was lethal in training but just the matches he froze, by all accounts he was very much a Nottingham lad who never took to manchester which wouldnt have helped his cause.


    I said that mate, Bale will bbe next to leave once thney sign their next so called superstar.


    Being captain will mean fuck all to LVG if he feels hes not worthy of a starting spot, maybe he will now realise what the rest of us no and FSB has an awful first touch, and is genrally just annoys the fuck ou of me lol

    @ibrahim mohammed

    Fat scouse bastard!

  34. trevor knightsmith says:


    I agree, I much rather have got shot of Rooney and kept Welbeck, although not as a striker .

    Birtles was truly dire at united for whatever reason, you can’t win them all, look at Schevchenko to the chavs, Europe’s top striker at the time .

    Couldn’t watch the germany v argie match as we can’t get sky or anything posh like that in Devon, we’ve only just got colour !.

    I really don’t know what’s up with Rooney this last 18 months, personally I think he is all burnt out, he has had years of top flight football, was a man in football terms when he was 16. He plays like someone at the end of their career at about 35.

    He has had a good scoring record over the years for United and England, but seems well past his sell by date .

    He is a mercenary, and there must have been a reason Sir Alex wanted him gone.

    Anybody who cannot see how insulting having a scouser as a captain is really should have a good think, it is the same reason why the two clubs have not done any business since 1962 .

    These days he struggles with his fitness, makes little attempt to get fit, his first touch is now abysmal, and he is rapidly becoming a passenger, and a very expensive one at that.

    He is overweight, unfit, and Liverpudlian. Says it all in a polite way really . Perhaps we can swap him for Ronnie in January

  35. The One says:

    Big mistake selling Welbz. I think it would hav men way better selling that mercenary, rooney who hasn’t done much anyway and whose passion for the club is highly questionable.

  36. The One says:

    …it would have been way better….

  37. The One says:

    Beckham definitely hypocritical, saying he feels sad we sold Welbz. Didn’t he himself leave us for the virus?

  38. denislawking says:

    I played with gary Birtles in youth teams and South Notts. Clifton All Whites went on to become Long Eaton United reserves. I didn’t go, and went off to college. It wasn’t long before gary was firing in the first team. Couldn’t stop scoring, that’s why Cloughie picked him up. He was in Forest’s first team not long after then went onto winning the European Cup. Yeah it was sad he didn’t do well for us, but since Fergie quit, which player has? Cloughie and Fergie shared the same gene – how to make champions out of players others couldn’t.

  39. trevor knightsmith says:


    It’s true what you say, in my comment earlier I wasn’t implying that Gary B was a bad player, just that he didn’t do well for us.

    A striker’s role is probably the hardest to fulfill .

    The two best strikers I have ever seen are your name sake Denis Law ( how could he climb so high?), and Jimmy Greaves.

    Both brilliance of the very highest order, and I shudder to think what they would cost today .

    But THE Best player i’ve ever seen in my life was George Best, it might be bias, but I really believe he was form another planet , he was so brilliant, and also a nice chap, the few times I met him .

    Nostalgia is a wonderful thing ( especially at my age) !

  40. denislawking says:

    Hi Trevor,
    Oh I know, gary is the first to admit that.
    Law and Greaves, both brilliant. Grevesy was a true poacher. Would do absolutely nothing for 80 minutes. One chance, goal. Or take on a defence and ..goal
    Besty, amazing.
    Bobby was sublime too.
    Talking of nostalgia, isn’t it amazing how many great English players there were that never got the recognition they deserved in England. Tony Currie, Alan Hudson, Paul Scholes, Glen Hoddle, to name a few. Its the English DNA ‘get stuck in lad” if Pirlo had been English he would never have got a look in.

  41. trevor knightsmith says:


    Also George Armstrong of Arsenal .

    And one of the best underrated performances by by John Aston on that famous, never to be forgotten night at wembley in 1968 !

  42. denislawking says:


    Venables was all class too – and where did the brilliant scots go? Johnstone, White, Baxter, Law, Daglish, Souness, etc etc. It seems the island of Great Britain, except for the occasional exception, can’t produce world class anymore. Just read an article on Scotlands win in Germany in 1957 by Tommy Doc. In it he said ‘the football I knew is dead’ how true.


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