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Betting Tip: Manchester United to beat Wolves but unlikely to keep a clean sheet

Betfair, Manchester United’s official betting partner, has offered ROM readers a free £25 bet when you register with Betfair through us and place a bet on a United game or any other game. Bet with Betfair and claim your free £25 bet.

Saturday’s defeat wasn’t in the script for United backers but if we don’t lose to Villa for another 26 years we can probably afford to let them have that one – especially after Chelsea dropped points again.

At short odds of 1.19 (2/11) the Reds should be back in business when Wolves come to Old Trafford on Tuesday night. The visitors are a massive 24.0 (23/1) to win but some lucky punters backed them at 15.0 (14/1) to beat Tottenham on Saturday, so should we back Mick McCarthy’s men?

No chance. United aren’t going to lose consecutive league matches at OT and Wolves aren’t going to win two in a row on the road. The Reds will be hungry for success on Tuesday night and we expect them to win both halves. Back Man United/Man United at 1.63 (5/8) in the Half-time/Full-time market.

United have scored two goals more on the road this season than at home. However, we believe that Wolves could be on the receiving end of a backlash on Tuesday; they’ve shipped 16 away from home and we recommend backing Over 2.5 goals at 1.67 (4/6) as well as a small wager on Over 3.5 goals at 2.62 (13/8).

Due to the skinny match odds on a home win we’re going to back United -2 at odds of 2.02 (evens) in the Asian Handicap market. This means giving Wolves a two goal head start but Wayne Rooney, Dimitar Berbatov and Michael Owen are all likely to feature and all have a point to prove.

As a little experiment, back against a Manchester United clean sheet. It should only be a small bet but, with key men still out, odds of 2.46 (6/4) on a cheeky away goal are attractive. Wolves have scored more away than they have at Molineux so back No in the Man United clean sheet market.

Ji-Sung Park was typically industrious on the wing against Villa and it was good to see him back. If he starts, put a small bet on the South Korean to be the first goalscorer. In the correct score market, we like the look of 3-0 at 7.6 (13/2).

For some extra mid-week value, try small, maverick bets on some of the Premier League’s least predictable sides.

Wigan have beaten Chelsea this season but conceded nine against Spurs. They’re full of surprises and look over-priced at 13.0 (12/1) to beat Liverpool on Wednesday. Tottenham v Manchester City has goals written all over it so grab odds of 11.8 (11/1) on there being six goals or more.

Bet with Betfair and claim your free £25 bet.



  1. rooney the new king says:

    Costas people can go on about berbatov and his first touch and teqnique the sad fact is he is just way to slow and he has not got enough veriaty in his game. and like it or not performence wise and goals is not good enough.

    fans complained about another strikers goals for record look at berbatovs, strikers are judged on goals and performences. united fans have given berbatov at times way to much credit, I want goals and performences from berbatov for me I am not getting either.

  2. Costas says:

    @rooney the new king : That’s why i said that he has to play mostly inside the box. Because that’s where he can be more effective. There are times when he becomes a midfielder and one of our two CMs actually moves inside the box. That other striker is of course Tevez and i admit that Berbatov’s goalscoring record at United isn’t any better at the moment.

    That being said, i don’t think any of our attacking players were good today. Rooney, Berbatov and Valencia were misplacing approximately 2 out of 3 passes and only Obertan was a bit more lively.

  3. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    Portsmouth my Christmas smile could be in your hands
    valencias goal = berbatov is magic
    obertan did fantastic today he’s not Ronaldo but he could well be some day. Defender midfielder and striker scoring
    wonderpets 2009- what’s gonna work ? Team work
    hargreaves is 100% fit he just needs to get his mind into his game I’d say that first tackle could scare the shit out of a guy like Owen.

  4. Berbatovs' love life says:

    anyone who comes on here and slaggs off Berbatov and complains that he doesnt score enough should be kicked off this site for blatant stupidity…no other forward in the world makes that goal for Valencia!

    Rant over…

  5. rooney the new king says:

    Costas he is not a no 9, and rooney berbatov just do the same thing drop deep. we hear him say heis feeling the pressure of the 30 million price tag, look at ronaldo he cost 80 million and what does he say I feel I cost more, that puts things int perspective on how far berbatov is at the moment to being one of the best. thats the difference some of the greatest players today are full of themselves and arrogant.

    if players have not got the strong mentality of carrying a big price tag how will they ever make it at united. some of uniteds great players never cared about the price tag berbatov thinks like that to much thats why he may not be here much longer

  6. Costas says:

    Bad news. Wes will miss the Fulham game. Nemanja also suffered a recurrence of his calf strain problem and he is doubtful. I don’t know what to think about this situation anymore. Apart from Evra, the rest of our defenders appear to be crocked up.

  7. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    Costa it’s never been sown to goal difference

  8. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    Costa with the problems apart from Hargreaves all coming from one spot it’s going to go on for a long time because like with Wes last week and vidic today once there’s a sign they could be fit they are rushed back because they are needed so baddly. We could see a first team debut on Saturday

  9. Costas says:

    @rooney the new king:

    It’s a soft subject in my opinion. You can be a strong character to play for United, but still get intimidated by ridiculous price tags. In 2002, if we had asked Rio if he was worth 30 million, he would have answered no. Same goes for Veron. And correct me if i am wrong(i haven’t read his book in 5 years) but i think even Keano felt the pressure of the money United payed for him in those years. Granted, Keane and Rio signed for UNited at 24, not at 27 like Berbatov. I think in a interview he did with Berbatov, Shearer admitted that he felt a bit of pressure with the 15 million Newcastle payed for him. Ronaldo of course wouldn’t be intimidated. The lad is the most overconfident footballer i have ever seen. Besides, i don’t think 30 million was the the right price tag for Berba. Daniel Levy took advantage of our desperation and in the last day of that transfer window ballooned the fee up at least by 5 million

  10. Tony Starks says:

    no offense people but give the guy Berbatov a break – he’s been out injured and just come back – he will always produce moments of magic like the third goal. But I feel he’s better in a free flowing, less rigid formation, like happened after Welbeck came on..

    It’d not an issue at all that Rooney and Berba are similar – people said that about Tevez and Rooney but that was our Treble winning combination!

  11. Costas says:

    @GHTT: Yep, very good analogy. As soon as 3-4 defenders went down, we played with the same lads until they reached their breaking point. Now we are rushing them back. Well, at least Fabio and Rafael should be ready for Fulham. And Fergie has praised De Laet as a central defender, so if Nemanja doesn’t make it, don’t be surprised to see Carrick and De Laet in the center. It’s a tough place to go to, but i hope the lads remember what happened there last March.

  12. Zain says:

    Just got back from the game. I ve seen better matches where we’ve lost! Atrocious peformance by United and Wolves were literally one million times worse. I swear wolves wouldve been better off picking 11 randomers from the crowd they were so bad and United walked to a win. Awful awful game! Had we played anything like HALF our potential we could easily have got 6 or 7!

  13. Park's Dog's Dinner says:

    @ rooney the new king,
    The problem is in your name… Rooney. In all of England there is not 1! striker that can ‘regularly’ partner him up front. Forge a partnership, because Rooney is a free spirit. I echo what Trevor Fze123 & Costas have said on the matter. Those 2 NEED instructions & shud stick to them. saying that our mid is makeshift so they prob have instructions to help out. That may be Fergie tactics to shore up the recovering team?

    BUT mate, to say Berba lacks variety is laughable at best!
    He’s made & score all kinds of goals in his 11 months at this club!
    IMO Berba likes having runners around him & in front of him. options to buy him space & create space for others. threading thru balls for the spuds was a regular occurance for him. I’ve said it before that play needs to revolve around him to get the best out of him. You can tell he loves flowing football, never hogs the ball (unless he has to) & feels let down when other players hog, don’t make runs or make mistakes.(Wellbeck deservedly got an earfull tonight & that will improve him, but I too think he should be a bit more patient)

    I think our beloved team is still holding back. Wholesale line-up changes… Wingers being cautious…

  14. Park's Dog's Dinner says:

    ps. I love Rooney, just saying he must be the hardest striker to partner as he rarely plays like one and loves carrying the ball He always comes short or OTT on the left, never runs across or play 1-2 touches.. last ROoney 1-2 being that golden move w Tevez vs Boro, 2 years ago!! how do you partner that manimal? I say play 3 up front! … but I ain’t no SAF!lol

  15. rooney the new king says:

    Park’s Dog’s Dinner rooney has never been patnered with a proper striker who will lead the line, in the form of a torres villa etoo, that is the stype of striker that rooney needs to be patnered with.

    I ment berbatov lacks veriaty for a striker he does, like score outside the box, head the ball run at the ball with pace, get in behind defences score the bread and butter goals he has non of these weapons.

    berbatov would be great has a CM if that was his position but it is not, he is a striker and his job is to put the ball in the net and take the load of rooneys shoulders which he is not. united need another striker big time

  16. hustler says:

    The problem is not Berbatov in terms of our attacking play; the problem, if there even is any, is our midfield. Granted, the midfield does many things well, but attacking is not certainly one of them.

    None of our midfielders make jinking runs to open up space for Berbatov or the other forwards. We do have the competent passers but, barring scholes, very few of our midfielders are particularly adept at unlocking defences with a single pass. Because of that, we have to rely on Berbatov to be the driving creative influence on our team. However, given that none of our midfielders offer a significant goal threat or really make runs into space (again, barring vintage Scholes), our play stops or stagnates whenever Berbatov receives the ball. Nobody around him really helps out except, occasionally, the wingers. Hence, it’s easy to perceive him as being lazy. I used to think the same but as I watch him play in more games, it’s apparent that that’s not the case.

    He can’t produce magic all the time, people. Those around him have to contribute and confuse defenders by making off-the-ball runs. Only Evra in the past few games is constantly moving around looking for space. And he’s a defender, for Christ’s sake! As a partner, Rooney is not particularly the best for Berbatov and vice versa. With someone like Berbatov, I feel we need a forward who will attack defenders head-on (a la Ronaldo) and who can play quick one-twos with the slow but unpredictable (and thus unplayable) Berbatov.

    Just what I think

  17. Costas says:

    I will just add my 2 cents about something. Rooney has been partnered with a striker suited to him and that was Ruud Van Nistelrooy. They might have been partners during our dark period, but i thought they linked up quite well. Another player who had an understanding with Wayne was Saha. At the same time, i think Berbatov clicked better with Tevez than Rooney last season. I don’t know what to say. Maybe it takes time.

    I agree with Park’s dog dinner that the team still has issues all over the pitch. Once those are out of the way, we will be able to focus on the Berbatov factor and where it might begoing wrong.

  18. rooney the new king says:

    @ (Park’s Dog’s Dinner) thats what the best players do, messi ronaldo torres go to the left to the right they dont stay in one position thats what has made united succesful, (players playing in different positions). I love seeing forwards move all over the place it keeps the defendes confused.

    @ hustler we have played some great football without a great midfield (look at 05/06 season especially in the second half of that season). berbatov is quiet a pridictable striker, (he is not direct yes he set up a goal but it was wolves reserves). even when he is fully fit it is still the same question.

  19. Fred says:

    Berbatovs’ love life Said,
    December 16th, 2009 @0:04

    anyone who comes on here and slaggs off Berbatov and complains that he doesnt score enough should be kicked off this site for blatant stupidity…no other forward in the world makes that goal for Valencia!

    Rant over…


    I agree. Even though, against an under-strength Wolves side, our £30million star striker could not add to the paltry 4 goals he has contributed this season, he had that one nice pass that set up a goal for someone else. All is rosy again in Berbaworld. That one flick was worth the entrance fee alone. A glorious moment and a memory we will cherish for eternity.

    You can keep your Torres, Villa, Eto’o, Benzema, etc. I wouldn’t trade Berba-God for any of them. If Berba keeps this exquisite form up, he’s a certainty for next year’s Ballon d’Or.

  20. denton davey says:

    Costas @ 23:19: “Today’s game summed up Berbatov pretty well. He lacks consistency. It’s no secret that he lacks pace, so i wonder why he is allowed to keep tracking back. I think we should leave that job to Wayne and have Berbatov playing around the penalty box. That’s where his magic touch is the most useful. That’s where i like to see him.”

    Spot on – if he wears #9, he should play centrally AND forward; but he doesn’t. The pass to Valencia was sublime BUT – what else ? I watched him closely = not much else caught the eye although he did fiddle-faddle about a lot and generally slowed down play, doing his prima donna act.

    Like I wrote earlier today, TICK TOCK. The clock is running out on the Berbatov/Rooney partnership.

  21. denton davey says:

    Costas @ 23:51: “i don’t think any of our attacking players were good today. Rooney, Berbatov and Valencia were misplacing approximately 2 out of 3 passes and only Obertan was a bit more lively.”

    Let’s be honest about this – IF Nani had misplayed so many balls, made so many useless passes, run into so many blind alleys, and so on there would be a lynching party being assembled to hang him by his balls, from a lantern on Deansgate. Rooney could have had three goals in the first twenty-five minutes; Berbatov had one sublime moment; ditto for Valencia; and while Obertan was “more lively”, his end-product was nothing special.

    Wolves were the worst team I’ve seen this year. They were pathetic, and for all McCarthy’s bragging and brave words, they came to OldTrafford a beaten team; the only issue in doubt was the scoreline. With that amount of possession and territorial advantage, there should have been six or seven goals scored by TheLads. 3-nil actually complimented Wolverhampton.

  22. Park's Dog's Dinner says:

    @ Rooney the new king,
    I see you have a gripe about Berba’s style, but the WHOLE TEAM (except a few) didn’t have a great performance against a poor Wolves side today. I feel you are being opportunistic to point out Berba, after yet another top class assist. he MADE a goal. to people who appreciate that ‘skill’ its as good as a goal, maybe even better

    Assists are the second most important attributes of the striker, and he tops them all by a country mile. Without the assist like today, like the one he turned Dunne on the by-line for Ronaldo last year (fucking lets see Torres, Eto-o et al TRY pull that off let alone do it), like the 1-2 flick for Owen”s 1st goal, like many others.

    People can try and compare Torres, Messi etc.. to Berba or Rooney,but fact is, they have their own roles to play, each with completely different roles for their team. Torres is a a target man, Messi is a winger, Berba is just magic.

    @ Fred, spoken like a man who appreciates beautiful football

    Scott, I think your famous Berba-line has to make a re-appearance!

  23. King Eric says:

    Just got in. An awful game but the 3 points is all that matters. I have defended Berba from day one but even I am starting to get frustrated. A couple of flicks and tricks here and there isn’t enough, no way near. I keep waiting every game thinking “right this is where he will make his mark”. I am still waiting. Wasn’t too keen on his attitude tonight either. Constantly berating other players. Have to agree with Denton, UNLESS he steps up for the remainder of the season I think he may well be moved on next summer. A shame actually as I was over the moon United signed him.

    The defensive situation is a fucking joke. Please come back Edwin, Rio, Jonny, JOS. Once we get a settled back line we should look alot more solid like last season. I have never known anything so ridiculous. It ain’t just the back four it is the fact we have also lost Fletch and Carrick from the midfield.

    Anyway level with the rentboys. Play up Pompey!

  24. King Eric says:

    Tony Starks – Macheda’s got a hamstring problem.

    As for playing swashbuckling football we haven’t for a while as Fergie adopted different tactics for Europe and that seems to be the norm now.

  25. neli g says:

    was sat in the south stand, and wasnt impressed with the atmosphere at all… great game though, solid showing from the team, berb, de laet and welbeck impressed me alot.

  26. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    If you don’t understand berbatov you don’t understand football

  27. King Eric says:

    United didn’t break sweat tonight. Three points is all that matters. As Fergie keeps saying “get to New Years day and be in touching distance of the top we have a great chance”.

    Carrick has been a revelation at Centre back. His reading of the game, breaking up of attacks and distribution are excellent.

  28. theboogeyman says:

    What the hell are you guys doing up at 3:53 and 4:05?

    Berba is a quality player, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
    Only he can pull off those little flicks and tricks which contribute a LOT to our attacking play. He opens up space for people but the thing is, no one in our team utilises that space bar Owen.

    Wazza is a free spirit, like many others have said, who likes to run around, get the ball, and do the great things he does with it.

    I am confident that he and Berbatov will finally click one day, and when they do, I feel sorry for every defender that has to play them.

  29. aig alex is god says:

    morning everyone.

    3 points is of course most important.the performance was as it has been for most of the season, average but we just have to keep winning. wolves clearly have other priorities so its understandable mick mccarthy fielding that sort of a side.our build up play was slow yesterday.Berbatov once again dropped too deep.rooney missed a hatful of chanes again. we have to be ruthless in front of goal.hoe that the lads were saving the goals for saturday.

    i hear brown is out for fulham and vidic doubtful. :-( .thats very bad news.even with vida i couldnt see us keeping a clean that job becomes even more difficult and fletch will have to play at RB again.i wanted him in midfield for the fulham game.zamora is in good form.he will prove handful.
    However i am positive that we will get the result .it is typical of United to give a performance when our backs are against the wall. :-)

  30. cantona7 says:

    who pressed the ctrl+alt+delete on Wolves?

  31. Jayunited4eva says:

    My love for Valencia’s reaching no limits.Love the guy and he’s already scored nearly as many as he’d scored all his time at Wigan.Berba’s top class magic.

    I really wanna see Fletch back in midfield but for all our defensive problems,guess he’s gonna be at RB for now.:/

  32. eleventh heaven says:

    denton davey @ 1:28
    Costas @ 23:19

    Totally agree with the both of you. Other than that sublime pass to Valencia, what else did he do ? Arguing with other players ? He slowed down our attacking moves. Not a big fan of him everytime he does that. A negative entertainment of football. He should know that the time is ticking for him. We bought him at such an expensive price. And never really live up to the price tag. He got class touches, but that’s not enough. Not enough for this big club. Time is running out for you Berba. You’re not getting any younger.

  33. cantona7 says:

    :) i commented in on Berbatov running out of time..

    My feeling tells me he is very good, but my thought tells me otherwise so far. At least, for us..

  34. rooney the new king says:

    @ King Eric I hate being negative towards any player but I have been frustrated with the guy from day one. has a united fan I expect more from berbatov is that to much to ask as a united fan, my worry is despite valencia is a very good player he has more goals than berbatov for me berbatov should have the same amount as rooney.

    - can someone explain this to me, how can berbatov look so great for bulgaria an average side but look so overwhelmed by playing for united, I would not sell the guy I would use him like we used sheringham in 1999 be the back up striker to rooney and another striker that is signed this summer or even january 2010, but berbatov his performences are almost like veron flashes of genius but not enough.


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