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Manchester United to bounce back after derby destruction

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Now that we’ve had a few days to digest our implosion against Manchester City, the only thing to do now is move on. It’s confined to the history books, forget it. Nothing can be changed now. The only thing that can be done is correcting it in the future. Starting on Saturday when we kick-off at noon away to Everton.

Darren Fletcher has enjoyed scoring against Everton in the past

Although the hurt of the humiliating defeat will take an age to go away, the bright side ensures we’ve plenty of football to keep ourselves occupied in the immediate future. Despite us struggling at Goodison Park in recent seasons, particularly last season when we inexplicably gave up a two-goal lead in injury-time, some things are finally falling our way.

The comeback of Tom Cleverley against Aldershot in the Carling Cup is a massive boost to the entire squad but especially in midfield as we have lacked cohesion and confidence during his absence. Nemanja Vidic’s return from injury is also well-timed as the Serb hopes to help our recently leaky defence.

However, equally as important will be the shape which Everton are heading into Saturday’s encounter with. After their heart-breaking extra-time loss to Chelsea, David Moyes’ charges will be fatigued after their lengthy excursions. Also, having lost four of their last five matchss, they can hardly be highy confident facing the prospect of a wounded animal in the form of the champions of England looking to bounce back from the mother of all losses.

In recent season, we have seldom picked up three points from the Blue half of Merseyside. But that could and should be about to change on Saturday as the return of key players, coupled with our opponents dire recent form bodes well and a win is well within our reach is we approach the match professionally.

On their return from Goodison Park, United is going to host Otelul Galati for some Champions League action, watch Clarence Seedorf, Gianluigi Buffon, Ruud van Nistelrooy and Patrick Viera recreate some of the historic moments of the competition:

This message was brought to you by Heineken, sponsors of the UEFA Champions League, but it contains our writer’s opinion.



  1. Sparkz says:

    Ah I see, should’ve read it first! Point still stands though.

  2. Sandeep1878 says:

    Good evening Lovely Red Devils around the world.. (Cedars thank you for the mention buddy)

    Red Neck,

    good that you enjoyed it mate.


    thanks for Scholesy link,

    i want him to teach his trades to our young lads, they are so blessed to get coaching from one of the all time best Manchester United midfielder, hell they are lucky.


    yeah mate, we have that all important CL game and we need to finish on top of table..

    if all goes well, we host benfica, it could be that day we top the group..

  3. Red Neck says:

    It’s beyond belief that any true United fan could wish for SAF to be sacked on the back of one defeat. FFS the man has earned the right to stay as United manager until the day he dies. Fergie has been written of by scum media and ignorant fans many times before. Every time the chips are down because of a poor season by our standards or a string of bad results they appear stating Fergie has lost the plot and Fergie should go. If Fergie makes a mistake he admits it and rectifies it. If anyone thinks that United would be anywhere near where we are today without him then I really do dispair. When Fergie does eventually stand down it will be a sad day for United.

  4. Sandeep1878 says:

    this world is really cruel,

    how on earth the cunts can wish for Sir Alex’s sacking :(

    headless cunts

  5. mp says:

    viva berba :) rooney should learn lots of things from him…hahaha

  6. NotoriousRedDevil says:

    @ willierednut – Read that article mate, that last paragraph hit the nail on the head about armchair fans who seem to have outrageous and strongly opinionated theories on football. Plenty come on here match day, can’t tar all with the same brush, but thats exactly what happened to match going fans after the game on sunday. When quite a lot of people claiming the support was as shit as the team because Sky/Espn (enter International TV Company here) told them so.

  7. Zibbie says:

    Happy Diwali folks!

  8. Sandeep1878 says:

    Thanks Zibbie,

    how are you pal?

    thanks for the link on WayneBoy..

    Wazza – a complete missile

  9. NBI Red Onion says:

    Everton will be an interesting team to play against. I think 4-4-2 is not the best formation however given how Everton set up. They do everything, just not always very well.

    Saha will be a threat up front and given time and space as we know he can be very dangerous, however, I hope Vida and Rio start and CB, they are still the best we have and with Evra and Fabio/Smalling/Jones we should have enough – PROVIDED – the defence positions correctly and is ready to defencd.

    Carrick infront of the back 4 for the first 70 mins with Cleverly makes sense. Hopefully that will bring dymanism to our MF and give us the MF attacking outlet we have been missing. I would like to see Park/Cleverly or Park/Carrick for part of the game as well.

    Young has a toe injury so won’t be playing. This means if its 4-4-2 Nani and Valencia are likely to start. This would suit Rooney/Welbeck if the both get the crosses in and Cleverly provides an outlet through the middle.

    However, this game is built for Pea’s / Owen’s movement. I would put Pea ahead of Owen right now as he has that extra but of pace. Rooney/Welbeck & Pea my forwards.

    If its 4-4-3, then Pea, Rooney and Welbeck/Nani would be a great front line with Park/Nani, Cleverly and Valenicia behinf them.

    I think 4-4-3 would be a better formation for team like Everton, we became very predicatable with 4-4-2 without Cleverly as unless Park played we had zero penetration through the middle and zero ability to defend in 2/3 of the pitch.

    I think given what happened, SAF will start the game conservatively, and if we are ahead, he will bring on defenders so we finish conservatively.

    Evra gets way to much signled out criticism here to almost stupid degree, people don’t seem to remember that there are games this season where he was phenomenal, he has also been playing every match and he seems to get singles out when the whole team plays badlly like one guy at LB can stop all the attacks when the rest of the team is not tracking back and doing F-all. I am not saying he has not made mistakes, but for God’s sake get some perspective, people writing him off are clueless imo.

  10. robbo says:

    Just recovered enough to get back onto the net in the last couple of days. Not fully over the debacle but looking forward to the lads redeeming themselves.

    It is well overdue for Carrick and Berbatov to start.

    Carrick has been the glue that holds everything together. Shields the centre of defence, retains possesion and can play good thru balls to our strikers.

    Berbatov, what does this genius need to do to get into the team? Run around like a chicken without a head! The most talented (skill) player at the club. Can hold the ball, can play others in, can assist, can score. PLAY the fucking bloke already.

    We need to go 451 or 433 (both the same) against better teams that play similar.

    Start with – DeGea
    Smalling- Jones-Vidic-Evra
    Valencia- Carrick- Cleverly – Nani

    Sure Pea and Wellbeck will chase and harrass their defence more but we need to keep the ball. Pea is a better super sub at this moment than a starter.

    Dont even mention Owen in the same breath as Berbatov please.

    Wellbeck will get plenty of opportunites soon enough, get some class and experince in there to help the youngsters until they get more experinced themselves.

  11. NBI Red Onion says:

    To be played ahead of Pea and Rooney and now Welbeck Berbatov has to be more consistent, which he is not.

    His first 2 years at United were poor, most of his goals last seson came in a handful of games against lower opposition though he did have a couple of good games. Pea and Rooney have a bette spread of goals over games, as does Welbeck in his bried period here. Rooney and Welbeck can also provide assists.

    Looking over his 3 yrs, for 30mn he has underperformed and lacked consistency, while capable of occasional brilliance, his play generally does not fit with the style of the team, him and Rooney also like to occupy the same position – in the hole behind a lead striker – and Rooney is a better more consistent player who is more likely to be a match winner where unfortunately Berbatov flatters to deceive. That is why the manager knows what he is doing in playing Berbatov as 4/5 choice striker. However, I am enjoying watching him play in the Carling Cup where he has time and space against weaker opposition to show his skills. Obviously SAF does not rate him against good oppositon.

  12. NBI Red Onion says:

    Also Nani is our most skillful player, followed by Giggs and Rooney, not Berbatov, he can hold a ball up but struggles to beat a man like Nani can or pick a pass with th vision that Giggs and Roonei can and he lacks the movement of Pea in the box. He has sone lovely touches but saying Berbativ is the most skilful player is a joke. Inesta is a skilful player. Berbatov is a good player who is not world class like some of his team mates but who has some nice touches an against weaker opposition he does okay.

  13. United4ever says:

    Great team, we just need to put our best guys out there and get rid of players like Evans. 3 years of trial is more than enough.

    I thought SAF said that Pogba will be playing more games this year?


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