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Manchester United to put Milan ghosts to rest

Never mind David Beckham – Manchester United have a score to settle with AC Milan. The Reds have played the Rossoneri four times in Europe’s premier competition and the Italians have prevailed on each occasion. So will it be fifth time lucky for the Reds? And should you back them to qualify at odds of 1.56 (4/7)?

Yes and yes. But steady on, first legs first; the price on a Reds win in the San Siro on Tuesday night is a very appealing 2.82 (9/5). It’s actually a little surprising to see United as favourites to win the match as they’re poor record against Milan is largely down to the way that they’ve come unstuck at the San Siro.

Even in last year’s Champions League tie with Inter, the Reds failed to score and only came away with a 0-0 draw. On the two recent occasions that Milan have dumped United out of Europe – in 2005 and 2007 – the first leg was played at Old Trafford. Playing the second leg at home is a big reason for you to back United to win the tie over all.

Milan are a bogey team for the Reds but that’s been overshadowed in the build up to this match by the hype about Beckham. This could work in United’s favour and allow Sir Alex and his men to get on with the job of plotting the Italian side’s downfall.
Only the most foolish fan/punter would doubt Becks’ professionalism but one comment, made in an interview with a Sunday newspaper, could be telling. The former United number seven said: “It’s a big shame Giggsy’s out… Hopefully he’ll be fixed up soon and maybe he’ll make the second leg?

Eh? Did we read that correctly? Becks’ thinks it’s a ‘big shame’ that United will be without their captain, most experienced player, two times Champions League winner and PFA Player of the Year? Somehow, I doubt his Milan team-mates would concur.

Milan’s main source of inspiration will be Ronaldinho. The Brazilian has been devastating in recent weeks, destroying Juventus, scoring his first Serie A hat-trick and hitting a wonder goal from 30 yards. United’s defenders will have to be at their most alert to nullify his threat. Back Yes for a United clean sheet at 3.0 (2/1).

Milan lack a player who can tear United apart as Kaka did three years ago. They’ve been in good scoring form since Christmas but so have United and the Reds have the more penetrating attack. Wayne Rooney is the in-form player in Europe while Milan’s Alessandro Nesta is not the defensive rock he was – as evidenced by the two goals Udinese managed to score at the San Siro last Friday. If United’s attacking movement is as slick as it was against Arsenal a fortnight ago, Milan won’t know what’s hit them.

Back Rooney to score and United to win 0-2 at 15.5 (14/1) but if you fancy placing a saver bet, odds of 2.5 (6/4) on Over 2.5 goals are appealing.

You can also follow Milan v United live online here.



  1. rooney the new king says:

    King Eric aig alex is god – I will keep posting these type of articles if I see one article even try and hype chelsea and say they are so powerful and they are the best going when that was years ago so I will keep ROM posted. For me the media are like ronaldo last season they have made up their mind. And despite how badly chelsea are playing they are hyping them up to death even more, why I have no clue propably scared the prem is being won by one team they are desperated for the days of 2006.

    I tell you what people, I have watched football for 15 years. I have seen many great sides like milan barca and united of the 90s, the great madrid sides of the early millenium, the great barca side between 2004 06, the great united sides between 2006 2009 and that wonderful barca side of 2009 and this chelsea side is by far the worse side to ever be dubbed fav and great. They have no pace skill the ability to mix it up, there is no great player like a messi rooney ronaldo ronaldinho that maverick player. They are there for the taken and in my eyes the worse side to be top since liverpool and arsenal.

    People also forget barca are weaker without eto’o and messi, who messi is relied upon to score the goals like united. look at their big players.
    iniesta 0 goals
    xavi 6 goals
    messi 23 goals
    henry 2 goals
    ibrahimovic 14

    so their goals are mostly coming from messi they are no different to united is double standards me thinks.

    chelsea there is so many problems with them I could not name them all my post wpuld be even longer. But age is a big factor and for me the legs in the chelsea team are on a big decline add the fact essien is injured a lot.

  2. rooney the new king says:

    King Eric – without essien the likes of mikel lampard ballack deco get heavly exposed. Like I say chelsea have names who are anchent and living off their hey day now half of them are past it. inter are a step above and mourninho will expose chelseas heavily flwed ageing unbalanced side.

  3. aig alex is god says:

    @rtnk and king eric

    i enjoy these articles now a days than getting wound up. Just keep them in my mind and come may i again look at what the same tabloids say.There is always that anti United element in most of the newspapers these days.At the end of the season the same tabloids are in full praise of United.For the last 3 years Chelsea have been favourites every time for the league. Every time they have been beaten to it.Had it been Chelsea playing the way we did yesterday against Milan the media would have praised them no end for being ‘resilient’. When United play the way we did yesterday and win it is termed as ‘lucky’.

    Now that Rooney is the main man for England you will see very little credit being given to the whole team for our wins and all the Headlines being about ‘how United are a one man team’ and how without Rooney we would have struggled.

    Look at these stories from a different point of view and you will enjoy reading what the same newspapers or sites say at the end of the season when we end up winning again and how they make a fool of themselves time and again.

  4. rooney the new king says:

    aig alex is god – if you are gonna look back at this page the biggest ironic thing of it all the last person who has given united credit out of them all is stan collymore who would have thought it. I stayed away from the posts on here last night because too many ppl complained for beating milan but struggled doesnt it sound dumb.

    oliver kay of the times the guy who thinks chelsea look more like champions said milan outclassed united, like hell they did the big problem was last night was united just gave milan the ball more than milan looked good we maid them loom good, like I said before united cannot perform that badly in some periods of the game, it was just almost all the players were underperforming before the goal and some periods after it. like I say when pato ronaldinho pirlo have really good games and beckham had a good game is well off course any team will be on the back foot, its like physics it is going to happen.

  5. aig alex is god says:


    Milan were better for most of the game but i wont say they outclassed United.If thats the case Chelsea are outclassed nearly every time because they are boring in every game. Milan may not be the same force but offensively they have Pato, Ronaldinho,Pirlo who are still good players, certainly good enough to lead them to a victory over us.Its not about having world class players. every team should contain some world class players and some players who give everything and are efficient in what they do. Take the example of Fletcher. May not be the best in the world(i think he is the best box to box midfielder in the world at the moment) but what he has to do he does very well.Chelsea are overloaded with these so called ‘world class players’ but still cant win the league

  6. rooney the new king says:

    aig alex is god – I was not wound up with the articles by the media that’s not the point. But what annoys me is the lack of the overall picture and the basic commen sence from alot of annoying people who are are either scared to death of united winning 4 in row especially after their summer bashing of united, or their knoledge of the game is so retarded that people who are on WUM mission which I thought was left to the retards on BBC/606, it is evidence they have given BBC/606 members jobs in the media esp chelsea liverpool and arsenal fans we never hear united people in the media do we.

    I agree Milan were better on large periods I was fumming with uniteds give away of the ball, they were like england in discuise and it did not help when they were wearing the england colors. Fletcher is the underated version of micheal essien, who essien only gets credit because he cost 24 million. Fletcher is well ahead of essien has the best box to box midfielder, his assist to rooney was the identical goal to the one ronaldo scored against inter last year when rooney crossed to ronaldo’s head.

    lets look at chelsea, their midfield is so overated ballack mikel deco lampard essien. very led booted side, they look very slow and where is the balance when if balack lampard mikel and deco when they play together look slow.

  7. aig alex is god says:


    they cant give United credit so they will try their best o avoid doing it and find reasons. They will even go as far as praising other teams however shit they may actually be.

    Apart from Lampard and essien i agree the rest of Chelsea midfield isnt very good.

  8. King Eric says:

    rtnk and aig – Yeah I get wound up BUT at the same time I find it highly amusing. Just wrote a huge piece on the telegraph arguing with someone called Ross who reckons we have an ageing midfield, were lucky last night and are a one man team. My response was like War and Peace. Its in the telegraph under “can United win the CL”? if you fancy a look. I also heard Stan Collymore last night and for the first time was actually praising us. I remember that United fan who works for the times or mail who came on here a couple of months back. He was asked if there are instances of abuism in the media and he said the biggest case is when the press hype Wenger and Arsenal beyond belief and that is a backhanded way of digging at United without being TOO obvious supposedly. I think this is what is happening this season with the Chav’s as I CANNOT for the life of me work out why they are getting all the praise. Much like Citeh really. As I said earlier they will get turned over by Inter next week.

  9. King Eric says:

    aig – Bloody hell mate. Just read your last post and you pretty much have said the same as me about hyping other teams!

  10. rooney the new king says:

    King Eric – I just checked it out this guy is a joke. lets pick apart not only his comments but chelsea’s squad in general. fletcher 26 carrick 28 scholes 34 anderson 21 if he can get back in the groove vs lampard 32 ballack 33 deco 32 mikel 23 essien 26, now how in the fuck is united’s midfield old has he seen the age of his chelsea CM midfield except for essien and an average mikel who is on worser form than anderson. United still have the best balanced CM midfield in the prem.

    lampard age 31 – still a top class goal scoring midfielder but there is not many goal scoring years left in lampard, once his goals start drying up like scholes was you take away 60% of lampards game.

    ballack age 33 – what does this guy do, all he does his try and bully other players, he already looks past his prime and not much left in him.

    essien age 26 – not the same player since his long term injury and now he picks up injurys alot

    deco age 32 – way past his prime, his slow static style and add the fact he needs bodys to carry him makes him just a player picking up his wages.

    People forget this is the same milan that went to madrid this season and beat madrid fielding alonzo ronaldo kaka benzama gonzalas.
    he also forgets chelsea are just about top by a pt when united have lost ronaldo tevez, VDS ferdinand vidic brown evans rafeal fabio nani hargreaves giggs have all had long spells on the side lines. ferdinand and vidic have spent more time on the injury table than terry and carvalhio did in the 06/07 season and all we heard was wining from chelsea we dont have cech terry and carvalho.

    the past phew seasons have prooved you dont need names in your CM to win titles united proved that, build your top class talent from the attacking positions like we had with ronaldo rooney tevez saha solkjaer and goals will flow.

    Oh yes he said milan forget to have their shooting boots on. What about the chelsea united game this season, it took the linesman to miss a penalty decision go united’s way where rooney skinned terry. The free kick goal chelsea scored was never a free kick and if united had more composer in front of goal united would have won that game 2 or 3 0.

  11. rooney the new king says:

    add the fact so many decisons have gone against united chelsea are lucky has hell to even be in the title race, the only reason theer is even a title race is because of uniteds problems.

  12. Red Devil says:

    trevor Said,February 16th, 2010 @23:28

    Fantastic post @23:28 mate
    A very good grasp of the tactics mate….

    About Rafael trying to play football in the 86th minute….spot on….he’ll defeintely clear the ball away at 86th minute next time!

    I think you missed one thing though…. In the second half, Rooney was coming a bit deeper into the midfield and on many ocassions Park was the furthest player upfield….I think Sir Alex deliberately told Rooney to come back and exchange roles with Park from time to time so he could turn and run at the Milan defence….Park has this amazing ability to make runs and create space for other forwards by taking defenders away and on a few ocassions yesterday it worked like a charm, especially when Nesta was drawn towards Park for Rooneys first goal and Rooney got the jump on Bonera to head it in…

    Not only it calmed Rooney down by involving him more in the game, but at the same time it gave our best atackig weapon a chance to influence the proceedings in spectacular style!

    Also, with the Valencia – Nani swap…..As soon as Favalli came on, Sir Alex sent on Valencia and within 20 secs he had created the goal for Rooney. I had said it on the eve of the match that if Favalli plays, Valencia would play and it was great to see him skin the life out of Favalli time and again.

    Great win, but still some work to do yet after conceding at the death…Cheers!


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