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Manchester United Top 25 Scorers

Sir Bobby Charlton – 249
Denis Law – 237
Jack Rowley – 211
George Best – 179
Dennis Viollet – 179
Joe Spence – 168
Mark Hughes – 163
Ryan Giggs – 156
Paul Scholes – 150
Ruud van Nistelrooy – 150
Stan Pearson – 148
David Herd – 145
Wayne Rooney – 133
Tommy Taylor – 131
Brian McClair – 127
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer – 126
Andrew Cole – 121
Cristiano Ronaldo – 118
Sandy Turnbull – 101
Joe Cassidy – 100
George Wall – 100
Bryan Robson – 99
Lou Macari – 97
David Beckham – 85
Eric Cantona – 82

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Jemmie says:

    Wow… Sir Bobby Charlton is the biggest in the cloud above. Berba didn’t even make the list, provided that he was here for almost 3 seasons, including this season? :(

    Off topic: An Arsenal young goalie is happy, because West Ham beat us in the CC. Lol

  2. spacemanspiff says:

    Bryan Robson should have stayed the extra season and scored his 100th goal. With a certain Scouse striker acting cranky, I am sure Sir Bobby’s record will stay for a long time.

  3. United says:

    If Ruud came to United the season or so earlier (imagining he didnt get that knee injury) and stayed a season longer he would have had a real chance at being in the top 3

  4. Raizzen says:

    At first glance I thought I wouldn’t find Cantona in the list, I though it weird. But then there he is!

    The catalyst of United’s rise in the 90′s.

    My hero.


  5. vika09 says:

    Probably the only time Cantona’s name will be so small.

  6. Raizzen says:

    At first glance I thought I wouldn’t see Cantona in the list and I thought it weird. But there he is!

    The catalyst of United’s rise in the 90′s. My hero.


  7. bchilds says:

    There’s one name that stands out on that design for all the wrong reasons.

  8. alatise akeem says:

    i think rooney can beat sir charton record if he can stay long at manu

  9. Gorse Hill Red says:

    Ronaldo would be the only current player that could have eclipsed Sir Bobby but the idiot has decided to win nout with The Facists.

  10. aig alex is god says:

    Just saw the England presentation. Becks did an amazing job. Stevie me said ‘United’ to the camera. Oh Dear. Must have taken some time to convince him to do that. Good to see Becks talk about the influence of Sir Bobby in his career

  11. Red Coppel says:

    Bryan Robson…a goalscoring CM. Need another one a.s.a.p dont we?

  12. MyCowIsTheBest says:

    rooney can beat sir bobby’s record.

  13. Arni says:

    get. over. it.

  14. Red Simmo says:

    How the hell did Brian McClair score 127??? They guy couldnt shoot from outside the 6 yard box!

    Surely these stats include friendlies, warm ups, 5 a-side, subbuteo and Atari?

  15. bchilds says:


    No I won’t get over it, you look at the legends on that design and one name leaps out. He’s tainted his legacy.

  16. Costas says:

    Cool list. Giggsy is the highest scorer in the Ferguson era.

    @Red Simmo

    For a while I thought the same, lol. But I bought a DVD with the 2000 goals of the Fergie era(we hit the landmark in December 06) and McClair was a big source of goals for us in the late 80s and early 90s… Without trying to insult anyone, he was the first coming of Paul Scholes.

  17. Red Simmo says:

    @ Costas

    I fondly remember Choccy for his infamous bust ups with Nigel Winterburn which I think all started when Winterburn laughed in his face after he missed a vital last minute penalty in an FA cup match at Highbury (must be an arsenal trait) but above all Choccy will always be remembered for the sublime one-two he played with King Eric to enable that delighful chip against Sunderland – and cue the best goal celebration ever!

    But you are right – he did ply his trade in midfield as his love of pies started to takes its toll and his electric pace gradually reduced to a brisk walk.

  18. Costas says:

    @Red Simmo

    Didn’t know the Nigel Winterburn stuff. Not that I can blame McClair. Winterburn isn’t exactly a sweetheart, lol. Personally, I started following United in 94. I didn’t get to see Choccy at his best. So I’ll have to agree that my favourite moment including him has to be the Cantona goal against Sunderland.

  19. Red Simmo says:

    @ Costas

    This was almost the pre cursor to the great United/Aresnal rivalry through the Keane/Vieira era to today.
    After the Winterburn incident at Arsenal – the next season at Old Trafford, McClair brought Winterburn down and then stood over him, grabbed his shirt, lifted his head off the turf and clenched his other fist as though to hit him – other players intervened and choccy just got booked.
    The following season saw another incident involving the two of them coming together and this then triggered off a 22 man brawl which saw Arsenal docked 2 points and United 1.

    and the rest as they say, is history!

  20. wayne says:

    just think the amount of goals bestie would have got without all his problems without exaggerating double easy he’d be leading the list by a mile

  21. willierednut says:

    Where’s Forlan?

  22. zigoo says:

    i have no doubt in my mind that if ronaldo staed for another 6 yrs he would break sir bobbys record …
    he easily gets 30 goals a season,times them by six he would have 180 add to the 118 that he has which wd bring him to nearby 300….and thats 40 or so more than sir bobby!

    ahhhh,oh well…rooney has an outside chance,but i wdnt put money on it…

  23. red_october says:

    Berbatov is in 60th with 38 goals, Nani is in 100th with 23 goals and Javier Hernandez is in 218th with 7 goals.

    Hopefully they can all score another 15-20 this season and one day be in our 100 club.

    Forever Untied!

  24. Giles Oakley says:

    Don’t knock Choccy, the first player to score 20 in a season since George Best, achieved when United were not that good. His partnership with Hughes never quite clicked, but he was a good goalscorer in his own right. He got a real cracker against the dippers in ’89, like being hit by a sawn-off shotgun at close range, bang!

    Looking at this list I’m pretty chuffed, I saw 18 out of the 25 live. Wish I’d seen ‘Give it to Joe’ Spence.

  25. Toby says:

    I think if CR7 stayed with United for another 6-7 years he would be United’s no.1 scorer of all time

  26. United1990 says:

    King Eric is at the end of the 25 list, yet he remains the king

  27. Always Be Closing says:

    Does Sparky not count now?

  28. Always Be Closing says:


  29. kk says:


  30. bigred says:

    Charlton scored 249 goals, but played 606 games!! Viollet 179 in 293!
    would love to have seen LAw, Viollet, and Best play together….

  31. bigred says:

    Cantona OVER RATED!!

  32. bigfudge says:

    Rooney is just like 80 goals away from Sir Bobby Charlton, go Wazzaaa

  33. Chinedu asiegbu says:

    United all the way if rooney continue scoring at least 20 goalz per season for the next 5 yearz he will be united number 1. Go rooney united wonderboy dat what u r

  34. Drake says:

    Wayne rooney will break dat record…,he is the surest of all


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