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Manchester United’s fixtures 2013/2014

17 – Swansea (A)
24 – Chelsea (H)
31 – Liverpool (A)

14 – Crystal Palace (H)
21 – Manchester City (A)
28 – West Brom (H)

5 – Sunderland (A)
19 – Southampton (H)
26 – Stoke City (H)

2 – Fulham (A)
9 – Arsenal (H)
23 – Cardiff (A)
30 – Tottenham (A)

3 – Everton (H)
7 – Newcastle (H)
14 – Aston Villa (A)
21 – West Ham (H)
26 – Hull City (A)
28 – Norwich City (A)

1 – Tottenham (H)
11 – Swansea (H)
18 – Chelsea (A)
28 – Cardiff (H)

1 – Stoke City (A)
8 – Fulham (H)
11 – Arsenal (A)
22 – Crystal Palace (A)

1 – Manchester City (H)
8 – West Brom (A)
15 – Liverpool (H)
22 – West Ham (A)
29 – Aston Villa (H)

5 – Newcastle (A)
12 – Hull City (H)
19 – Everton (A)
26 – Norwich City (H)

3 – Sunderland (H)
11 – Southampton (A)

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  1. WilliamAR says:

    at the end of the day everybody plays everybody so it makes no difference. Chelsea, city and liverpool all have to settle into the season just like us so i’m not overly worried by it. we’re a better team than everyone else anyway as proved by the fact that we easily cruised our way to winning the league. regardless of the fixture list we are still by far and away the most consistent team in the league and chelsea, city, liverpool and every other team will be just as concerned about playing united as united will be by playing them.

  2. karoedor says:

    It has always been a tough tie.let all d RED army get behind the team and moyes

  3. oscar velosity says:

    moyes needs strong no. 8 like fab in order 2 make

  4. eldridge says:

    We as loyal man united supporters should just stay focused nd stand by our team the more support the more positive results nd give moyes a chance (o prove himself like fergy stand by yur manager like u standed by me nd if we can do that we will be champions once again nd again nd again.glory glory man united


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