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Marriner To Ref The Derby – Should We Be Worried?

Andre Marriner is set to referee the derby after rumours that Howard Webb was going to get it. Marriner hasn’t caused us a great deal of problems over the years but any issue that has arisen with him is scouse-related.

1. Failed to send Jamie Carragher off for this challenge in the 87th minute at Anfield. He was the last man.

2. Failed to send Jamie Carragher off or award a penalty for this challenge at Anfield.

3. Handed out no punishment to Steven Gerrard who stuck two fingers up at him and told him to fuck off.

4. Made no attempt to deal with Luis Suarez after Patrice Evra told him he had repeatedly been called “negro”.

FA report: He recalled Evra telling him that he was being called black. He said that he told the players to get on with it, and calm down. That is why he took charge of the situation and really did not take on board what was being said to him.

Out of interest…
- He was the referee for our 2-1 victory over City at Old Trafford last season.
- He has given 5 red cards in 25 games this season.
- Earlier this season, he was dumped from Premier League duty as punishment for allowing Blackburn’s controversial goal at Wigan after the ‘corner that never was’. Marriner failed to see that Blackburn striker Yakubu had failed to touch the ball and so allowed Morten Gamst Pedersen to dribble it from the corner flag into the penalty box to set up David Hoilett to score.

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  1. Jeet says:

    Same one, Aalbert ross…:)

    Not too good with details – which tells you how good I am with my job as a researcher/analyst…:)

    As for imposters, here’s the seal of authenticity –
    “We’re looking for no trouble
    But if you trouble trouble
    We’ll give it to you double”

  2. Jeet says:

    Actually, the first one was from by blackberry – the default is in small letters there…

  3. bobkoh says:

    Calm down everyone, I’m the one who’s jittery. Come Monday (Tuesday morning in Singapore), I ‘ll be so nervous that the ref Marriner is going to do it against us. I cannot stand for a City win, they are just not title worthy. We have to be tight at the back while Roo, Welbeck, Nani, TonyV, Young, Chico do their magic. I want Rio to pop up with a smasher like he tried to do against Everton. This time it will go in. Scholes and Giggs will control it with Carrick with Park, Berba on the bench. Evans, Rafa, Tom & Phil are not forgotten. They will all get some minutes and we will win it 2-0. Come on United, its Squeaky bum time!

  4. CedarsDevil says:

    Morning ladies & gents

    Right, I have suspended my work for a week. Working from home gives me that luxury, I do stand to lose a bit of money but fuck it, I cannot focus or concentrate………I will use the next few days to work on my voice and physical status as I do plan to go absolutely mad come Monday night…. More than likely I might be arrested by local police for public disturbance!!

  5. Albert Ross says:

    jeet – that’s just capital! Let me tell you, it takes a joyful sound to make the world go ’round.
    It takes a joyful sound!

  6. Jeet says:

    On topic, and to release the tension:

    john terry is a CUNT

  7. dazbomber says:

    All the pressure is back on City, the last time this happened they bottled it. i have a feeling they we freeze on the night , fluff their lines , bottle it.

  8. MG says:


    Yep – but we have pressure too – however it all comes down to who is best now to handle it.

    Deal with it

    And answer accordingly to it

    In that sense I back United not to only beat city but to thrash them.


  9. bayoRed says:

    @Albert, Goodmorning to u too mate! How right you are, am from Bulawayo indeed, how could you have guessed?? However havent been there for a while! That profile sure fits a lot of people I know but no don’t remember any Bones!

  10. bayoRed says:

    I’ll look him up when next I go back, sounds like a fun guy!

  11. MG says:

    Yep it’s smartalex


  12. Albert Ross says:


    Bones claimed that songs about the Bayou (usually New Orleans, with their wonderful music) were actually about Bulawayo – or B’ayo.

    I even think he may have been right, because Bones is a musical soul.

  13. Albert Ross says:


    You won’t struggle to find him. Open the window and listen for music. That’s what he does!

    Not as suave as the Wedding Crashers, but just as welcomed by strangers. A beaming smile with at least 2 teeth missing (probably 3 or 4 by now!) If there is music playing, he’s moving to it, even if it’s just a snazzy car horn. He’s 6’3″ or more, but really skinny, as if only skin and bones. The ladies love his boisterous charm and that often leads to to more teeth being lost!

  14. bayoRed says:

    New thread!

  15. King Eric says:

    Devil310 – Hello mate. Good to see you on Sunday. Are you back in LA yet? Eh you run Mike close in the looks department!!

  16. BOOCH says:

    Hello Everyone on this site!!!!!!!!!! Glad everyone are happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Glad that this ref is going to be the ref in this match on monday night I think United I know that United are going to win this match against city and United will be champions 2011-2012

    I would love to see Rooney score the first goal on monday night and Cleverlery hopefully start the match
    Anyone agree or disagree with me King Eric Hello to ya

  17. denton davey says:

    JC @ 05:59: “I understand why some want a 4-3-3 or 4-5-1 but it would be an absolute shame to leave Danny out after his beautific display Sunday.”

    I agree but it’s a team game and it’s the manager’s job to pick horses-for-courses. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t go for some version of the 4-3-3 with SirRyanGiggs just ahead of TheGingerNinja and Michael Carrick with TheWayneBoy alone up-front – at least, that’s what I figure he’ll do to start the match. Of course, it’s impossible to second-guess the WilyOldFootieKnight who might just come out all-guns-blazing. Ya Never Know With SAF.

  18. denton davey says:

    I’m just grateful it’s not Martin Atkinson !


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