It was announced this week that Anthony Martial will no longer wear the number nine shirt, which he was given upon signing last summer, but the number 11 shirt.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who will likely only spend a season at United, was told he had the pick of any shirt number he wanted, and he went with nine.  Adnan Januzaj then had his shirt number, 11, taken off him and given number 15 instead.

Reports from France suggest that Martial, who incorporates the number nine in to all his social media handles, isn’t to impressed with the club’s decision to take the number off him. It has been claimed that Martial wasn’t asked about the change, rather told about it, and while the number isn’t anything too special to him, the principle of the situation is what has bothered him.

After the announcement was made, Martial’s official Facebook account changed the photos used as profile and background pictures. His profile picture changed to a picture of him, with ‘AM9’ on it, and his background picture was changed to him in a number nine shirt.

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Martial wears the number 11 for France and obviously isn’t asking to leave the club but United probably owe him a bit of consideration from this point on.