Following a streak of eight games without a win, Juan Mata was relieved to be able to write about a victory in his weekly blog. Following Manchester United’s 2-1 win over Swansea, our Spaniard reflected on the change in the players’ approach to the game.

I have been posting week after week (with the exception of the summer holidays) for four years and I keep seeing this as a good habit, although there were weeks when I didn’t feel like writing, and I know that the wound of a bad result can’t be healed just with words.

At last I can write a post feeling that we’ve done our duty during the weekend. I was looking forward to it. Luckily, I feel that we have started 2016 with energy and that our negative streak (much longer than it should be) has been left behind.

Many of you have asked about how we felt as the games went by and the team didn’t win. I have to say that our only thought was to work well day after day, stay focused and try to revert this situation. In our last game of 2015, against Chelsea, I think everybody saw what I’m talking about. There was dynamism, courage and energy although we couldn’t win.

Finally, we did it on Saturday against Swansea. You could see how tough it was, but I think we deserved the three points. I hope this is going to be the start of a good run of results. It depends on us. They were a difficult opponent with good players who have made things tough for us in the last few seasons, but this time we were able to win so we start 2016 in the best possible way.

The Christmas period is gone now after three games in seven days and we have a full week ahead to prepare for the FA Cup game against Sheffield United. It’s a good time to take a break and remain calm after such a busy calendar.