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Mata explains De Gea celebration

After putting United 1-0 up agains Newcastle yesterday, Juan Mata ran straight to the touchline to celebrate with David de Gea.

“I normally practice twice a week after training,” Mata explained. “I like to improve how good I can be from free-kicks and I try to score as much as I can in training. Today, I was lucky to score. David was pretty happy for me and he had told me that I was going to score before the game. That is why I went to him. They were very different goals, maybe the first one was more important because it made it 1-0 but the second one was very special as well.”

Mata took a similar free kick against De Gea when he was still at Chelsea, but our goalie somehow managed to get his hand on that one.

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  1. WeAreUnitedd says:


    AND Chicharito, those three amigos were brilliant for the 9th title

    BTW BRILLIANT Quote “Give Nani the same amount of game time that Young gets. If he does not perform better than Young then get back to me. ”

    ALSO, when the season started, if anyone recalls, Nani was ery good with Januzaj and Rooney, compared to others, then came the stoke game where everyone booed at him and after that he got injured.

    but he started very well compared to our other players and how bad we were playing.

  2. WeAreUnitedd says:

    19th************ title

  3. Tommy says:


    English is probably not youre first language but please try to understand sarcasim, I would not pay Giggs 300k a week like I wouldnt pay Rooney 300k a week, but youre justifying paying Rooney 300k a week just because hes been here close to 10 years lol

  4. Tommy says:


    Nani started the season well? Id like to know which games you were watching?


    Whilst we are on the agreeing with others subject, I agree with you, I might not rate nani as high as you and others do but hes clearly a better player than Young and it would actually be hard for him to be as bad

  5. WeAreUnitedd says:


    I got the sarcasm really, but it felt stupid and why I said if you want to make headlines try to make betetr comparison was because you had nothing, and that’s why you started using sarcasm,

    yo usee english is not your first language either.

    REAAD man, WHAT I SAID WAS, QUOTE “in comparison the 300k For Rooney for al lwhat he has done is more justifiable than Fellaini’s” “he 300k Rooney got well he deserves it more than Fellaini for 27mill”

    what this means is, IN COMPARISON, taken all in account, all the records goals assists titles that Rooney has won THE 300k IS MORE justifiable THAN the 27million for a SQUAD player

    READ it more carefuly.

  6. warrored says:

    Danny….lolol mate I’d give Nani the time too. THe only thing I have a problem with is the Young contract extension mumbo jumbo….. Who says he’s getting one? No fucker.

    It’s not just on here, it’s on other boards too lolol I think were all getting some kind of cabin fever due to Liverpool being top of the league.

    People need to peace out and chill and focus for Wednesday

  7. WeAreUnitedd says:


    Nani played approcimately 6 games in total before getting injured HERE is one of his game BECAUSE clearly you were not watching it

    then he came back against leverkusen where we won 5-0 him scoring one and us playing with him and Kagawa one of our best games. and then he got injured

    SO don’t try to be smarter, cause it ain’t working

    AND don’t come and say that’s one game because from those 6 games he played 5 good compared to others and one very bad game against stoke.

    ahh tommy tommy tommy.

  8. The_red_devils says:

    Valencia and carrick in defence? Cleverly in midfield?
    Fellaini in right wing??
    We will get raped by bayern.

  9. WeAreUnitedd says:


    haha, I agree though

    “t’s not just on here, it’s on other boards too lolol I think were all getting some kind of cabin fever due to Liverpool being top of the league.
    People need to peace out and chill and focus for Wednesday”

    but this does not give you the right to come here and call others cunts, nanyway you apologies for it so that’s past it!

    thank God were seeing soem good football and results and hopefully it continues in wednesday!

  10. Tommy says:


    I know what all this is about youve had some run ins with Wayne so youve decided to take it out on me, pretty childish behaviour really, bet anyway, the first 30 seconds of that Nani video (cant be bothered going through the rest at this hour) He give the ball away twice sums him up, He did score a great 5th goal at leverkuson (A game I was at btw) but that sums him up again, he did fuck all the first half but was great when the team went 3 or 4 up, Thats Nani all over wasteful at 0 0 but is the best player in the world when the team is a few goals up, To back up your claim of nani having a good start to the season you showed a video of a 2 1 defeat at home to West Brom, Oh dear

  11. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Fair enough so at least we all agree that Nani should at least be given the game time to get up to full match fitness before passing judgement? Then there’s really nothing else to argue really. I know he’s inconsistent but i’d still keep him.

  12. WeAreUnitedd says:


    you don’t get it. you just don’t get it

    you watch 30seconds and make judgement, go further and you’ll see what he was about, and this is in a shitty season so no he’s not the messiah, but just to show you.

    I showed the video also because I SAID, at the START of the season, that’s why I brought the game, he did not play after the start of the season, would you want last seasons videos? no, because we’re talking about this season.

    I decided to take it at you because of him, because you defend a hypocrite who onyl curses everyone else but then say to others they are hypocrites, anyway won’t go into it, because then the big bad wolf will comeand haunt me

    btw, for yo uI have no hard feelings, but your actions are getting everytime more bad, everytime you defend a man who only curses others. anyway I’m not a police here so do hat you want

    I still respect your views because you at leats try to mke some points and not curse at others

  13. WeAreUnitedd says:


    I’m out


  14. Tommy says:


    Fair enough, I do find it strange that you have chose to come after me tonight/this morning but thats up to you mate

  15. wayne barker says:

    seem to be dropping my name around a lot a spreading lies again mate,i don’t go after everyone or curse at everyone.You started all the shit on Saturday and the same today.I don’t care about you mate something wrong with you up top,just stop using my name

  16. ashtheking says:

    I can bet if Fellaini was bought by sir Alex , I can bet people would saying he is best midfielder we have and it’s that stupid moyes who doesn’t know how to use. Bloody hypocrites running here. I will say it , FELLAINI THIS SEASON HAS BEEN BETTER THAN CARRICK. And it’s a. Shame people rarely point finger at carrick. What has he done this season , tell me, yeah one goal. Look I am a huge carrick fan and has always defended when he was the scapegoat of the month like Fellaini is now, but the truth is I expected a lot from carrick this season, maybe age is on him.

    It’s also funny that people here defend zaha who has been awful but bash fellani. If Fellaini was that shit he wouldn’t have been anywhere near bbelgiums midfield. They have very good midfielders but Fellaini always starts for them and does well. Maybe it’s confidence thing. Fellaini needs a goal. He badly ends it. Look at mata, now he is clearly enjoying. Kagawa even without the goal isa. Monstrous player, him getting the goal would make him even more confident. Confidence is the key in any profession , especially sports. I still believe Fellaini has a lot to offer and he has done his part. But yes he is a red card waiting to happen but that’s ok, there are many top players in the world who are rash.

  17. wayne barker says:

    ash it often takes players a season or so to adapt to a new team especially one the size of Utd.He joined the team late then was battling injuries early on,had all that time off,it really has been a stop start season yet some just want to write him off.He most certainly deserves more time before judgment is passed,he also does a lot of work in the trenchs that doesn’t look much but is very effective.Also everyone keeps banging on about the 27mill,everything I read led me to believe Fellaini forfeited a 4mill loyalty bonus to sign for Utd which brings his fee down to 23mill

  18. ashtheking says:


    I feel people here are over exaggerating fellainis performance. Yes he has to improve but to call him shit or say he is not good enough is baffling. Like I said if he was not good enough he wouldn’t have been fucking starting for Belgium. Yes he is not at all worth 27 millions but that’s not his fault, it was panic buy but honestly he is not that bad. He does better interception of ball than carrick does . The are where I feel he needs to improve a lot is his composure on the ball. Maybe should do quick passes and you know I have seen him doing quick passes. Seriously the amount of bashing he gets in here is ungrateful.

  19. ashtheking says:


    Nice article you posted regarding kagawa and mata (Juanji , love this name). I feel there are many partnerships that are formed by accident and this one is another. But the last para was also where my worry lies. What will moyes do when rvp returns, now that’s the test of moyes. Selling kagawa would be the ultimate sin by moyes unless he buys a same mould of player. But no way kagawa should be sold. But is till believe moyes will play shinji a lot now. He also praised kagawa after Newcastle so can’t see him being sold.

  20. OpikBidin says:

    Problem is our midfield.

    Fellaini, fletcher, Carrick are slow, and there is Cleverley who many want out (Martinez wants him for 15 million, and I also think he has a future if we insist on the Jumanji wizard trio) and Jones who are more mobile.

    Moyes problem is pressure. There is a pressure to play the 3 main midfielders, Fellaini because of his price, Fletcher because he has shown what he is capable of, and Carrick because he is the main DM during SAF years. and not to play Cleverley because he is not good enough and Jones because he is a CB.

    and then there are some players that are versatile, mobile and can be played at CM: Kagawa, Valencia, Rafael, Januzaj, maybe others can too.

    If we are going to have a 3 man midfield, one slow MF should be flanked by 2 more mobile MFs, for a 4231 to be a success, it’s also better if the 2 holding players are mobile. Problem is that somehow we rarely start mobile players in the middle. it’s Fellaini, Fletcher, Carrick, and then Giggs. This is why our play is what we see. We drop so deep because the midfield have no pace to cover the area and chase the players.

    Plus mobile midfielders that can pass and move compliment the vision I want to see with the Jumanji wizard trio. With slow midfielders, we can never see the best of them as they also must cover for the slownes of the holding players, we can see in the newcastle match how the Fletcher-Fellaini duo went, still not good enough to compliment the jumanji ahead of them.

    I believe Carrick and Fletcher time in our midfield is drying up. At best, next season will be their last season. we only need one CM, a dynamic DM type, because I think Cleverley, Fellaini and Powell can make the step up, plus we have versatile players that can fill in at CM when needed. Hope the reserves also show good progress

    To account for our slow CM, I think we should modify our strategy. The fullbacks should come infield and play as CMs rather than overlapping and hug the touchline when we are in attack. and one CM joins the attack. like this :




  21. ashtheking says:


    The best way to go forward is to play a 4-2-3-1 line up. The jumanji trio (lovely name :D ) can be a
    Lethal combo but for that to be fully successful we need strong midfielders who can tackle and can pass to these three. Carrick is not strong and Fellaini cannot pass so there are times when mata or kagawa has to drop deep and defend, honestly that stops the flow. Imagine if we had a midfield of Yaya toure and Kroos then that would bring the best out of the jumanji trio.

    I also think rvp and Rooney can play together in 4-2-3-1 with either of rvp or Rooney leading the line and the other playing the #10 role. To say all four that is rvp-Rooney-kagawa-mata can’t work would be foolish. But for that we need to sacrifice wingers like Nani, young and Valencia. I feel in last few games moyes is adopting that formation. But the key will be when rvp returns what will moyes do. If he reverts back to 4-4-2 or drops kagawa then that would be back to square one for him and us. He has to drop wingers and play kagawa mata regularly.

  22. The_red_devils says:

    Ash the king
    i don’t remember anyone calling anderson our best midfielder, nor i remember anyone calling young as our best winger. So your point that people would say fellaini as our best midfielder if sir alex signed him doesn’t make sense. Has anyone said mata not good enough(who is also buyed by moyes)?? So who buys-whether sir alex or moyes-don’t matter.

    As for zaha, people are not defending him for being awful, they just wanted him given some play time. Young who is just as awful has 20+ apps.

    In my opinion, Fellaini will be a good squad player, he won’t be starter here( unless ofcourse moyes doesn’t buys anyone).

  23. OpikBidin says:

    Ash the king

    We have tried the fabulous 4: Janu, mata, RVP, Rooney, with Rooney as the no.10 and it didn’t work. Yes we had results against Crystal Palace and WBA, but the midfield was overrun, we can’t stretch the defence, no passing scheme, etc.

    RVP and Rooney should never been given the no.10 role as long as we have Mata, Kagawa, Januzaj who can play, and even Welbeck, Fellaini and Cleverley maybe are better in the no.10 role in Jumanji’s absence.

    When we play RVP, Rooney, Mata, januzaj together, Mata should be at the no.10 position and RVP-Rooney alternate between the main striker position and the wings. Problem is, there are better players than Rooney-RVP at the wings.

    I also say we have too much strikers and finance burden, and selling Rooney and RVP will cut our striker members, plus freeing wage bills and get some nice income that can be used in other areas. Then it’s time for Welbeck, Chicharito, Bebe, Angelo Henriquez, WIll Keane and James WIlson stepping up.

  24. OpikBidin says:

    I believe in this Jumanji trio, so I think we can afford to sell RVP to Arsenal, Rooney to Chelsea, Chicharito to Dortmund and recoup maybe 100 Million, that can be used to but an LB and CM (william Carvalho is my dream) plus a speedy left winger(Reus?) if used wisely.

  25. OpikBidin says:

    I also don’t believe we only have one formation to go. With the players at our disposal, I think we can play different formations and tactics. 4231, 433, 4141 are some in my mind, we can even play 343.

    This is what I think after seeing how Barca line up and play. Barca actually isn’t a 433, it’s a disguised diamond 442. The false 9 is actually the most advanced midfielder, which is tasked in playmaking and goalscoring. the 2 at the top are one striker with one winger. so one side cuts in while one side keeps width. This explains why they are so superior in midfield but they also have width, because it’s not only the fullbacks, but one of the “strikers” also keep the width. Better if the “strikers” can keep width but also cut inside

    Alves -Masch – Piqué – Alba
    Xavi Iniesta


    Alves -Masch – Piqué – Alba
    Xavi – Iniesta

    This is a clear diamond 442, with the false 9 as the most advanced midfielder and playing one winger instead of a striker, making it a loopsided one. That is why I think we can also copy and tweak it a little bit

    Iniesta = Clev
    Fabregas = Kag

    I think this lineup can have a similar style with Barca, but with our own power
    Carr – Clev


    Carr – Clev

  26. ashtheking says:


    Dude selling three of our strikers would be just foolish. We don’t want to have a bayern situation where they don’t have a recognized striker. Hernandez unfortunately would have to be sold, no point keeping him especially if we are just playing one striker at top.
    Rvp is a bit confusing issue, honestly he has still much to offer but not at the expense of kagawa or januzaj or mata. But I do t think he will be sold atleast not this summer. Maybe he may be playing top. The boy is a goal machine so can’t see hi. Being sold.
    Rooney is here to stay. I think people undermine rooney’s effort a lot . He can adjust with mata and kagawa and if you ask me his best position is up top. And his link up play will always be better than rvps.

    So no way we will sell rvp or Rooney , Hernandez unfortunately has to be the player sacrificed. Anyways too early to say on who will stay and who will leave.

  27. OpikBidin says:

    It isn’t foolish if you have 8 strikers, where 6 strikers have a high game time and enough experience. We sell RVP to Arsenal, Rooney to Chelsea and Chicharito to Dortmund, we still have Welbeck, Bebe, Angelo Henriquez, with Will Keane and James Wilson upping their experience and ability.

    Welbeck has proved that he has what it takes to be a striker, if he is played as a striker. look at his goals at Dec-Jan and how Rooney was forced to be displaced as the main striker in the Bayern game.

    Bebe scoring rockets if trusted as a striker, not winger

    Angelo Henriquez is also quite a talent, but maybe need more experience from loans or in the reserves.

    I don’t think we need too much strikers (8) in our team, 2 main strikers with 4 youth is enough. RVP’s link up play is actually quite good too. and is better than Rooney.

    Even in link up play, isn’t Welbeck better than Rooney? he will maybe miss 3-4 chances, but with JuMaNji, he;ll get load of chances

  28. The_red_devils says:

    Barca do play a 4-3-3 with 2 wide forwards and a false 9, since all act as midfielders it makes the formation more like 4-6-0. They play narrow and wide forwards aren’t asked to provide width.

    Any one thinking clevely can do a iniesta job should stop watching football. Nor welbeck can do false 9 role. Kagawa and januzaj are the closest ones we got who can do iniesta and false 9 role respectively.

    As for selling rvp, rooney and hernandez, that is as stupid thing as i have ever heard.

  29. ashtheking says:

    If you think James Wilson, henriquez and will Keane are ready to lead our line then mate you are wrong. Welbeck needs to improve his finishing, he has a tremendous talent and will be our starter but he needs to improve his finishing. I said it when season started and will say agains selling Rooney to Chelsea would be a dumb thing to do. Why would we want to sell our top players to our rivals. Rooney and rvp will stay, now the job is upto moyes to decide on whom to start.

  30. Jose says:

    Player assists mins games played
    januzaj 3 1422 24
    valencia 2 1730 25
    young 1 938 18
    nani 0 447 9
    The moment we started playing wingers for their work rate and tracking back qualities rather than their ability to create chances for their teammates thats when we started losing touch with started with fergie and moyes persisted with the trend until recently where he is fielding technically brilliant players in place of out and out wingers.
    The workrate excuse really gets on my nerves whensomeone tries to defend valencias or young’s lack of assists,goals or key passes.
    James milner has workrate.yet even he with a myriad of substitute appearances has four assists to his name this season.
    Pedro of barca has workrate,so does di maria ,ribery too.the difference between eg dimaria and say young/valencia is that he contributes at both areas of the field.runs tirelessly in defense and loads of assists and goals at the other end.
    Its a bit hypocritical that young gets stick for his wayward crosses but valencia gets a free pass for his never finding a teammte crosses since he apparently works a lil bit harder than young.bottomline is they contribute next to nothing on our attacks.if this is the level of performance we have come to accept from our wingers in attack then no wonder we are 7th in the league.
    Toan extent I dont agree when people say we must have grafters in the team to do the dirty work.Not if that grafterwill be occupying a very crucial position with responsiblities of carving out chances for our forwards.
    Imo the grafters should only be in central midfield.flamini,ramires,fernandinho,de jong,de rossi ,khedira,tiote come to mind.
    There is not a single top team all over europe with aspirations to conquer all that plays wide players whose likelihood to score or come up with an assist is close to nil more often than not.
    In the summer we need to off load young and valencia.i feel they cant adapt to a narrow system.promote lingard who i feel moyes has mismanaged this season bearing in mind how shit our wingers have been.we will be left with nani,lingard,kagawa,januzaj and welbeck with ability to occupy wide positions.
    In addition buy one hard tackling mid(carvalho hopefully).he will do the grafting for us.,one of kroos/gundogan/koke as the creative hub in midfield, an established CB to partner Evans preferrably and a left back.
    With this sort of team we should be comfortably challenging for the title.

  31. tallestreD says:

    Please why sell all our best strikers for unproven ones? Are you sure you have the good of this club at heart?

  32. Tommy says:

    Recent games Palace 2 0 win, West Ham 2 0 win, Villa 4 1 win, Munich 1 1 draw, Newcastle 4 0 win, all had Fellani playing, now for a defensive midfielder a clean sheet is like a goal and I dont see many goals being conceded in those game but lets kid ourselfs into thinking the defensive midfielder of the team had nothing to do with those clean sheets. Now If nani had scored 3 or 4 goals in these games this place would go into meltdown, so dont be hypicrites lads

  33. ashtheking says:

    For me the most disappointing player of this season has been carrick. He was our best midfielder and this was the season where the new manager needed a lot from him especially with such a. Weak midfield but carrick has been poor. Maybe the age is catching up on him, at the moment fletcher is our best midfielder available and I am happy the way moyes has used him. He can’t play each game like he used to but he has been gradually brought back to the scheme of things.

    And it’s baffling that we never addressed the midfield issue, for those giving moyes a slack for chasing fabregas should understand that atleast moyes thought of addressing this issue which sir Alex wasn’t. We need two quality midfielders and then we. Can expect to do really well.

  34. ashtheking says:


    Well pointed out. For me Fellaini is doing his role very well. My father has always been a big critique of Fellaini and even he admitted that his interception is really good. All he lacks his composure, maybe I feel he is trying too hard because he knows he is much better than that . For people calling him just a squad player , look at the way he played for Everton and also the way he plays for Belgium. Belgium team rates him highly and don’t forget they have quality midfielders and players to choose from, so no way Fellaini is shit.

  35. Tommy says:


    Exactly mate, plays every game in midfield for the 6th best team (In offical rankings) in the world Belgium, Problem is no one give him a chance so those same people look to scrutinise everything he does, I love kagawa for example but take his situation, hes hardly set the world alight in 2 years at United but those same people waxing lyrical about kags criticise a man whos had an injury ravaged first season, Funny thing is many people wanted SAF to sign Fellani but because it was Moyes signing him from Everton those same people are sticking the knife in rediculous really.

  36. ashtheking says:

    For those who are saying we wasted 27 millions on Fellaini. For them I will say I will prefer to see money being wasted on buying a player than see it going to glazers pocket. We payed 7 millions extra. For me fellainis as worth20 millions. Anyways what’s done is done. Let us support the player than bashing him. It was amazing people bashing him even after winning4-0 away to Newcastle .

  37. Tommy says:


    You wont find too many players in the world who are not overvalued, thats what genrally happens these days, clubs hold out for more money than their worth, so thats nothing new mate, just modern day football for you

  38. ashtheking says:


    Yes that’s true. And the major reason for that has got to be the emergence of Arabs. You know what’s amazing is we never over demand for our players. We sell them for cheap. But maybe now our club is also realising that no point in saying no value In market bs. I am glad we spent 37 millions on mata.

  39. tallestreD says:

    Pastore is a 37million pounds player and yet gets no game time. I don’t think Fellaini is the answer to our midfield woes but he can do a job. Hell we had worse players than him before so what’s new?

  40. Tommy says:

    27million for Shaw and 85kp/w is the fee and wages being thrown around this morning

  41. Gary Mitrovic says:

    I can’t believe anyone could suggest that selling Van Persie, Roomey and Hernandez is a good idea?! That would be complete suicide and is never going to happen. No point even discussing it.

  42. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Please enough with the “he starts for belgium”.. A largely unproven collection of players that have done NOTHING on the grand stage and it certainly is not the yard stick to judge quality, they mau well do in time. Axel witsel, dembele, defour all more proven central midfielders than fellaini and marc wilmots will realise this when he starts picking his team if he indeed is looking to succeed.

    Fellaini is not shit, no one has claimed he is but he is far from the calibre of player needed to push to the highest level.. He lacks the ATTRIBUTES. This is not about “picking on a poor player”.. This is about analysing his overall quality and i’m certain he will never be a regular at united. At best, a forced squad player, an occassionally useful one maybe but nothing more. What some to neglect is the fact time or patience cannot transform a player into sometjhing they will never be, fellaini is near 27, a vastly experienced footballer, he is at his peak, the fellaini you see now is the fellaini he’s always been, he will not suddenly transform into a brilliant footballer, he lacks the important attributes required by modern central-mids and continues to get exposed for it.

    Comparisons with carrick is futile. Carrick is beyond is peak and his best, he was always,going to drop down a level this season, manchester united has itself to blame for relying on one man carry the central mid but as dropped a level as carrick might have displayed, he hasn’t dropped to marouane fellaini’s level, the belgian who is at his peak and should be expected to be performing better than michael. Not one single performance by the belgian has been close to outstanding, NOTHING. He’s been decent against relegation candidates and exposed as bumbling lamp-post in the big games.. The evidence are there, i’m not here to deal with fairytale fantasy hypothetics.

    As for claims of “if fergie had bought him, people would be raving” yes, by people who lack the nous to challenge an ideology or think for themselves, please refer to this people..

    If some (especially moyes) accepted fellaini for what he is then we can all move on, all these desperate attempts to suggest he can do better than he currently is, all the apologetic grovelling over an experienced near 27 year old player is highlighting him further and making a mockery of him. All this claims of him starting as a defensive mid (against relegation threatened team) and the subsequent clean sheets kept should somehow be attributed to the belgian is laughable at best. Accept the player fellaini is, an over-priced good squad player, might sound harsh but i’m certain he won’t be starting often when united upgrade an area they should have a long long time ago.

  43. TopRed123 says:

    Fellaini was bought because he was “Premier League proven” and didn’t need a season to adapt to the league. At least that was used as an argument for wanting to sign him over some other players such as Herrera. Well, as it has turned out, Fellaini has been a massive let down (apart from those 5 minutes against Olympiacos) and now people go on about how he still needs time to adapt. Taking into consideration that this is a Moyes team playing Moyes football it really shouldn’t be that difficult for him adapting to the team. When you cost the best part of £30 million you should at least have the ability to control a football (no, not just with your chest but with your FEET as well) no matter if you have been injured or not. All our CMs have been abysmal this year (surprise, surprise) but at least we know that Carrick has the ability to perform in the center of a United team, something that Fellaini will never have the discipline or technique to do.

    On another note, £27 million for one season wonder Luke Shaw? What a piss take. Can we please stop wasting massive amounts of money on “promising” England players? Coentrao would be half that price and he has played for Benfica and Real, and has experience from Europe. For almost £30 million you should be able to buy the best full back in the world, not Luke Shaw.

  44. samuel - united WE stand says:

    What relevance does other players at other clubs have to do with united? But even if we were looking at things from that perspective.. Pastore is an attacking mid, one of the first batch of players move to PSG. The french side have gone and brought more class acts, they have abundance of options in that area, pastore is good but he was always going to struggle to get ahead.. This does not reflect on pastore’s ability but it highlights PSG’s strenghth in a certain area.. Added with the fact PSG can afford to squander 37mill,manchester united under the stifling ownership of the glazers cannot.

    Fellaini on the other hand has come into a depleted central mid lacking in significant quality but yet has struggled to be more than a squad player, even his manager admitted it.

    “hell we had worse players than him”.. This is not the excellent mentality expected of manchester united. United do not aspire to purchase near 30mill player in order to make up the numbers.

    What baffles is the denial and until people accept the belgian for the type of player he is and not blame “time”or “injuries” for his performances then we won’t move on..with more excuses, the more the spotlight falls on him. Fellaini probably knows he won’t be a starter once more quality comes in, a good squad player more-so.

  45. Tommy says:


    Like I have said only time (Your favourite word) will tell if he was worth the money, Hyperthetically if he scored the winner tomorrow, and United went on to win the champions league, that 1 goal will be worth the £27million alone, I mentioned last night, a mate of mine is a chelsea fan and he does not like Torress one bit but he mentioned with Barca pushing men forward desporately trying to get the goal that would have took them to CL final, Torress broke and scored which ended the contest, that 1 goal alone was worth the £50million, @Topred A lot of money for a left back, but if Shaw is Uniteds left back for 15 years and United win a ton of trophies in that time it will be money well spent, same happened with Rio and that was in an age were defenders did not go for stupid amounts, but Rio cost £30million and he has repaid that price with a decade of success

  46. TopRed123 says:

    Yes, true, but Rio wasn’t as much as a gamble as Luke Shaw, who let’s be honest, hasn’t done much to date and is really just very hyped up at the moment. Of course he would be a great buy if he were to play for us for the next 10 years, but that’s impossible to know and chances are that isn’t going to happen. I just think £27 million for an unproven left back is a bit mental. I’d actually rather go for someone like Seamus Coleman or Coentrao who wouldn’t cost nearly as much but both have proven to be good players. In my opinion most of the cash should be invested in CM and splashing £27 on a left back isn’t what we should do right now.

  47. Tommy says:


    It does seem a bit too much I agree but what I will say, the 2 performances he has given against United at OT in the last couple of years have been the best left back performances I have seen against united in that timeframe, It could just be him trying to impress United of course but i am lead to believe he really is the real deal but still £27million for any full back is too much, even Cafu and Roberto Carlos in their prime shouldnt be costing £27million because at the end of the day, their just full backs

  48. The_red_devils says:

    shaw= £27 m

    Coentrao- £15 m
    garay- £17 m
    (total= £32 m)

  49. kevk24 says:

    Nani didnt tout himself around. Galatasaray came in with a bid and the club were willing to listen so the final deal was between the player and the club on personal terms. If my understanding was right he gave a very high wage and Gala never came back. I believe he did that to discourage suitors as he had been saying he wants to stay.

    As for tomorrow, I have hope. We ay not be so good but if Bayern are so good how come they didnt do so well vs Arsenal? We have a chance, shut out Robben and Ribery and go at speed through their middle of defence. The worry is that there is a lot of individual performers in that team who can win games. GGMU


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