Juan Mata has really embraced live in English since moving from Spain, and he has spoken to the club’s official site about his experiences of the country so far.

I am very happy to live here. I have been very happy to adapt myself to the English culture and I think it’s very important if you want to be happy in any country in the world. I have enjoyed living in England, both in London and in Manchester, and I enjoy the English culture.

When I was living in London, I used to go everywhere in the city but outside the city as well. Since I came to Manchester, I have been to Hale and Bowdon, obviously, but I have also been to Chester. A few weeks ago I was down in Oxfordshire, close to Oxford. I went to the Lake District, I went to the beach as well in Wales. So I try to discover new places around Britain and I think it’s a country that gives you a lot of places to go.

When talking about the food, Mata has revealed he enjoys pie, particularly on the more miserable days weather-wise.

Well, on a day like this one, which is grey, rainy and cold, it’s nice to have a pie like a meat pie or beef pie, whatever you call it. If you go to an English restaurant in somewhere like Wilmslow or Knutsford, there are some nice places there and you can have a nice beef pie. I like them.