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Mata: Life in Manchester is good

Juan Mata was voted by the fans as our player of the month for February and was delighted to win the prize.

“It’s amazing for me to be awarded with this prize after my first month,” he said. “I have played just a few games, five games I think, and I am really grateful the fans have voted for me. I feel really happy. Life in Manchester is good, I have already found a house, I have a new home and I am trying to know different places around the city. It is a really nice city to live in. It is quiet, relaxing and you can be focused on what is important – playing football.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Tommy says:


    Thats all I think a captain is now, a player to represent the club on behalf of the players, A player wont play better for being the captain, Gone of the days of a Roy Keane style captain their long gone. The best example of this is at west ham earlier in season, Kevin Nolan got sent off a few times and big sam thretened to take armband off him because the red cards were giving a bad impression on West Ham. Like I say you need 11 captains on the pitch to be successful, the man with the armband is in status alone

  2. Martin Thomas says:

    Agree about the age thing, Tommy: Denis Law was given the United captaincy when he was 24. Sir Matt didn’t consider his age. He just knew what he had in Law. Also, had he lived, Duncan Edwards would probably have been the next captain after Roger Byrne. In 1960/61 Duncan would have been 23. It wouldn’t have stopped Busby though. That said: both were exceptional players…

    The point about modern captains is a good one. I think Kompany is a good captain at City. I also think Nolan is a good one at West Ham (Allardyce is a twat!). But some of them (especially that prick, John Terry) play for themselves and their own glory. Can you imagine Keano putting on his kit and lapping up the celebrations of a final he didn’t play in? No, me neither. Apart from him being racist, that incident was John Terry personified.

    I remember when teams had proper skippers: Robson, Souness, Steve Perryman, Colin Pates (who was a real Chelsea captain!), Kevin Ratcliffe. Paul Power at Maine Road, and others….

  3. wayne barker says:

    With Rio and Vidic moving on and the anticipation of Utd signing a couple of midfielders Jones should start getting regular starts in the same position.Id have no issues with him becoming captain.Only thing I can see a problem with is his injuries hopefully they become a thing of the past

  4. Fletch™ says:

    Last thoughts on captains:

    Would welcome anyone EXCEPT Prince Rooney, if Rooney I think I will just assume a fetal position for the next couple years.
    Guarantee you it won’t be Jones (too young, chronically injured, no true position) or De Gea (to young).

    What a difference a win v Olympiacos would have been. Ah well.
    Bring on the Baggies! I need some football! :twisted:

    Nighters all, Red Dreams!

  5. Matthew Fairclough says:

    Love United but hate Moyes.? If you feel that he hasn’t lived up to expectation and you want to see a new manger at the club please SIGN and SHARE this petition now!

  6. Redfrog says:

    Everyone have seen United (2011) movie? About Busby’s babes. I’m watching it. Before Charlton’s first match SRB giving tactics and advices. The last one for Charlton from Sir Matt Busby : “and you, don’t play their game, play yours” ! Love it !

  7. Sam says:

    Any news on Nani’s injury??? I’m curious to see how he will respond once back on the pitch.

  8. The_red_devils says:

    according to some reports, nani is back in training and has a chance to be in the squad for the visit of west brom.

  9. Fletch™ says:

    RIP Teresa McDonald. Passed away yesterday. Red News founder and United supporter extraordinaire!

  10. kevk24 says:

    Nice words from Mata, easy and settled life.

    On the captaincy, no Rooney. I want someone who is impeccable both in character on and off the pitch. Someone consistent in their performance and for me someone who is outgoing, not loud, out going who can talk to his team mates in correcting them or guiding them and will the team forward.

  11. Blacksocks says:

    My thoughts on the captaincy

    Jones would be 1st choice for me but injuries and yet to define a true role (should be CB) are a concern.

    Evans would also make a fine choice but again injuries are a concern. He would be my first choice at CB next season along with a new player (el Garay? etc) which would preclude Jones getting the nod.

    If Evra stays I would keep him as vice captain, I don’t think he will play enough next season (to be Captain) if we sign a new LB in the summer.

    The same applies to Fletcher and Carrick. As for Rooney, we should have sold him last summer IMHO and he should never be captain. His performance for England was woeful last night, Danny looked far more threat when he came on 2nd half and really should have scored.

  12. MarcoDudeson says:

    I’m sure several people will disagree but I really think Van Persie could be a candidate for captaincy, he is an inspirational player (except in Greece) and he could be a catalyst in bringing through some of the young lads, of course i doubt Mr 300K a week would be too pleased about that but hey the team must come first, Van Persie or Carrick should be the main contenders for the captaincy if the latter is featured regulary next season

  13. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Has anyone read Moyes open letter to United fans this morning?

  14. tallestreD says:

    Yeah I have read it too. It was an apologetic letter. I really don’t care about that as I want it shown on the pitch.

  15. RedOne says:


    “Love Mata I hope he will be Giggs sort of style player.

    He is polite, quiet person, enjoys playing football, it seems money are not his main goal.”

    Hope he doesn`t screw his brother`s wife if he has one:p


    Can`t wait for tomorrow`s match, its been a long couple of weeks without a dose=) So bring it on…it`s time for a win!!! =)

    As for the Fletch`s captain list:

    Rooney – hell no, he craps the sheeet out of ref everytime someone takes the ball from him + doesn`t deserve the armband with his behaviour towards club.

    RVP – no way, could become the same mug as Rooney.

    Carrick – well, too quiet of a person, not a real leader + he doesn`t want it in the first place. Don`t get me wrong, he is appreciated a lot, but just not the right character for a captain.

    Fletcher – would like so much for him to be a captain, but just don`t see him play regulary due to his health issue. But definitely for VC. Think he deserves it the most.

    Evans – don`t think so, just can`t see him on the same scale as Vida or Rio as far as the leadership goes. Seems not having the same authority on the players as them.

    So what then? Evra could be, but its just without effect when he is wearing the armband + think he ll go to Monaco in the summer. So no one of the senior left….So if the plan is to rebuild the squad anyway, why not give the armband to someone young who will be able to wear it in the long run.

    Like said in the past, I think it should be given to Jones. His presence in the squad, when fit, influences the game anyway., so with couple of raised words, he and the team should be fine. He just need to overcome this series of injuries….

    So Jones for C, Fletcher for VC and Evans when the other 2 are missing.

  16. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Tallestred, yea of course we want to see results on the pitch above all else. It’s still a nice gesture from Moyes, slthough of course he doesn’t shed too much light on the situation. David Moyes almost seems like too nice a guy for this end of football, maybe that’s just me thinking that though. I wish I had more faith in the direction we’re heading under him honestly. Let’s hope we get a positive result tomorrow and performance. West Brom won’t be easy though considering they’re fighting for their lives.

  17. RedHanams says:

    He’s been one of the very few silver linings in this downer of a season.
    For the record, I see a few on here are bent on chasing the few good posters on here off the blog. If there are any cancer on this blog that need to be rid of ASAP, NBI and his lap dogs are as disease to this blog. Peace!

  18. tallestreD says:

    Gary I think he should just resign and save face. Its usually the best in these cases because I for one don’t see how things are gonna change.

  19. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Tallestred, you’ve changed your tune haven’t you? I thought you was all for giving him more time? Well there is no way Moyes is going to walk away from the biggest job, and biggest contract in his life.

  20. tallestreD says:

    I’m still all for giving time if he starts to improve the team but it hasn’t shown at all.

  21. Greeny1982 says:

    Like others id really prefer Rooney to be skipper after the contract bullshit twice but id be suprised if he didnt get it as theres been so many reports of the captains armband being part of his new deal that they cant all be bullshit. Fletch would be my choice in terms of character but as somebody says hes not gonna get the gametime to justify it

  22. Greeny1982 says:

    * really NOT prefer him to be captain ha

  23. Tommy says:


    Whilst I have been defending Moyes, I must say this open letter was not done out of the goodness of Moyes heart, Its a booklet that ST holders get sent out called the 12th man,we get them 3 or 4 times a season and it started last season, and in it theirs a section, a word from the boss, Still waiting for my copy this time tho

  24. Ed-the red says:

    Gary, I think there is fear within OT that match going fans may soon start rebelling necessitating such a letter. It will be so damning an indictment on the club or Moyes or both if match-going fans rebelled.
    Further from that, I would like to hear Moyes, in today’s press conference, talk about the wayforward. I also want him to wade into the captain debate coz it would be sad if he just came from nowhere and chose Prince Rooney. My preference for captaincy is J. Evans.


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