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Mata: Manchester is beautiful

In an interview with French TV channel, Canal+, Juan Mata has spoken about settling in to life at Manchester United.

“I’ve already had a tour around the city,” he said. “The other day I was having dinner with David Silva and he recommended a couple of places to me. I think there are several beautiful places in this city and now I get to discover another city in England.”

It is David de Gea who reassured Mata about the move to Manchester, so he was invited to speak in the interview.

“Now I’d like to present you to my friend, the one that has welcomed me here,” Mata said. “He does everything with me, he’s part of my security team, he takes me to get to know the training ground, he shows me the city, I present to you; David de Gea.”

Mata: Tell them about all the messages you have been sending me!

(both laugh)

De Gea: Yeah, I’m sure you had to get a phone and everything was a bit crazy. But it’s good that you are here and we have gotten you here. He’s a great player that will help the team a lot and knowing him as a person, he will also help in the dressing room and help the whole team grow.

Mata: We are going to be neighbours too, so that’s good!

De Gea: Yeah, I brought him to the nice part of the city

(both laugh)

Mata: He’s a realtor too!

Can They Score translated the interview:

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  1. m09538061 says:

    Oh, Manchester is wonderful … Its full of tits, fanny and United !
    Oh, Manchester is wonderful.

  2. Tommy says:

    Best city in the world!!!!!!

  3. Tommy says:

    Best city in the world!!!!!!

    On another note, just read a piece from Ian Halloway and in it he says!

    “Manchester Utd fans have been spoilt by success for so long that a spell in the real world will do them absolutely no harm whatsoever. The majority of supporters who pay their money at the Old Trafford ticket office have given David Moyes their full backing in the difficult days since succeeding Sir Alex Ferguson but I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve turned on the television or radio to hear Mr Angry Red from the well known Manchester suburb of London having a go at the bloke who’s taken on the task of replacing the irreplaceable. Those people need bringing back down to planet Earth.
    The success that Fergie delivered over the course of a quarter of a century could not continue indefinitely. Replacing Paul Scholes was a big ask. Ryan Giggs, Rio Ferdinand, Patrice Evra and Nemanja Vidic have all got a year older. This was always going to be a season of transition but that change has been impossible to manage because of injuries to both Rooney and RVP who carried Utd to the title last season. Moysie has moved to address that by signing Juan Mata.
    Utd will be back and David Moyes is the man to restore their glory. In the meantime a few people might learn what supporting a football club is all about.”

  4. Jorge Curioso II says:

    Mata: “Manchester is so green, with pretty white lines. In London everything was blue seats with mean men all around. Very crowded and blue. Here in Manchester, so much green and open space.”

  5. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Is it the same ian holloway that bottled the crystal palace job because the “pressure” got to him.. Couldn’t handle the demands needed for this level.. He would know a lot about taking a club backwards, wouldn’t he?

  6. Tommy says:


    The same Ian Hallaway thats managed in the premier league, remind me about your football CV? Like him or not hes spot on, Never known a club with so many spoilt fans, its embarressing really!

  7. wayne barker says:

    Tommy Holloway is spot on problem is a lot on here fall into the 2nd category and have no idea what supporting a team is all about.Compare 1/2 a season and being in 7th to years without winning anything couldn’t make it up how spoiled and shallow some fans are.

  8. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Tommy – never read a load of predictable stuff… People shouldn’t form their own view or express them. They should sit by and clap hands like seals on ecstasy. I’m sure many that have portrayed their views couldn’t care less about ian holloway and they shouldn’t… It doesn’t make people less of a supporter but then again, I personally don’t care what people think or you will be living in a restrictive cacoon mentally, unable to speak up. What ian holloway is doing is make excuses for mediocrity. Transition? Yes that was expected but where’s the transition? Where’s the progress?.. More excuses that (come next season and after the glazers have forced themselves to buy and united are still languishing will not cut it). I have no issues with him but he is spot on in your own view, others have their own view and they may well disagree.

  9. sir liam matt says:

    No diffrence between Holloway and Moyes.. both are clueless.

  10. chuffer says:

    Always thought Holloway was good value but a bit of a joker and never took him seriously……..but hold on – he’s totally on the money.
    Not having a dig at any United supporter on here but I think he’s talking about a few of you!

    I’m old and watched United through the 70′s and 80′s and so have experience of us not always being great. I loved Fergie but knew it would come to an end – but keep the faith, we will be the top team in the country again………….just might take a year or two.

    And please – United will always be bigger than City – thats a given!!

  11. wayne barker says:

    only one’s who will disagree are the one’s his comment was aimed at,just the truth Utd fans have been spoiled with unprecedented success and despite Sir Alex asking(who knows a fuck more about Moyes ability than anyone who comments on here) to give Moyes time because things haven’t gone smoothly and Utd aren’t challenging for anything it’s just a constant barrage of shit and abuse

  12. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Ian holloway can have his view and he’ll have those flinging out their bras in agreement but a lot of people will disagree. Self annointed special and exclusive “number one fans”. Living in a delusional bubble. I’ve always been one for those confident and strong enough to desert the so called brigade and speak up for themselves, if you want robots that won’t challenge you then go to purchase one and programme that robot to whatever it is you want, people should speak up and they’ve done so this season without giving a fuck.. Ian holloway can think what he wants and people will step up will disagree with his opinion. So no, he is not “SPOT ON”, there isn’t a right or wrong in opinion.

  13. Tommy says:


    Just a bunch of spoilt twats mate, I am starting to think most on RoM are not United fans

  14. wayne barker says:

    Tommy no shit mate i’ve been saying that for years,ever since the ND58 lads left and formed their own site more and more trolls and plastics have infiltrated Rom

  15. chuffer says:

    Samuel – of course you can have an opinion – I would always encourage it but the spiteful stuff I read on here from teenage United fans who think it is ok to spout bile constantly don’t seem to understand how the world works!
    No delusional bubble from me just an understandfing that constantly putting down our manager and our club don’t help – in fact it does the opposite. We all hate the way United are playing but it is (almost) inevitable after a complete change in July last year – we just gotta stick with it.
    I just get fed up with the constant negativity – this site used to be beautiful – now its like a battlefield!

  16. wayne barker says:

    lol it’s a sad state of affairs when anyone who actually supports the club get’s accused of living in a delusional bubble and being a self anointed number 1 fan,lot more devoted fans than me i’m just a supporter and if that sets me apart from the majority of phony cunts who come on here so be it.

  17. sir liam matt says:

    Trute be told guys United no longer expect to win. Yet the fact that we also no longer expect to be entertained is the most damning indictment on David Moyes.

  18. Blacksocks says:

    @ Tommy

    Halloway makes a good point and I for one will always support the team – no matter what.

    But there has been precious little to show that Moyes IS the man for the job. Of course, he has arguably taken on the hardest job in football and I hope he gets it right.

    I think our match going fans have been superb this season, both home and especially away and are a real credit to themselves. That said, I wonder if there have been any rumblings of discontent amongst them yet too?

    Tommy – over to you lad!

  19. Tommy says:


    The match going fans are fully behind him mate and will be whilst he is our manager, wanting a manager out after a few months is shocking mate, some people may want to look up what suporter is in the dictionary

  20. TopRed123 says:

    Just because the last 20 years have been immense for the club and its fans doesn’t mean that it has to end. The transition was handled incredibly poorly and we are paying the price for that. Holloway probably hasn’t seen United play this year so he really doesn’t know the kind of shit that has been served on the pitch.

  21. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Again.. People couldn’t care less about holloway and they shouldn’t.. He expressed his opinion and many will challenge it.. Couldn’t care less about what I’m categorised under.

    Personally though, I give credit where credit us due and will be as blunt.. When moyes took over, I said the man needs two seasons at best and listed things I felt he would need to do fo

    1. Change and adapt his mentality and show ambition 2. Identify and be pro-active in finding the right quality of players needed at united

    3 – lay down a philosophy of playing that improves the players and younger players breaking through.. Tactics, instructions passed on etc

    4 – continue to the positive move of bringing plsyers through and to be fair to moyes, he has given adnan a chance…

    5 – manage to get into the top four and progress from there, the minimum expected from the players he was given.

    Transition was expected, the best manager of all time has retired, moyes indeed needs time but time waits for no-body, you have to utilise it well.. Moyes has falled and excuses should not be given.. What he needs to do now is to dig himself out of the mess he has played a big part in creating, not this excuses that has been drummed up all season. Moyes knew the pressure he let himself into, he loved the idea of the rewards he would have earned if he succeeded so why all the grovelling now he is in a disarray?. This is te toplevel, it is not for the faint hearted, the gaze of the footballing world is on him and it won’t be shifting anytime soon.. Words from ian holloway won’t help.moyes, only the scot can decide his fate.

    Personally not debated about moyes getting fired but I will debate his failings and what he could do in my view to turn it around.. What I and i’m sure many won’t do is sit by in a delusional and a naivety driven trance just so we can follow an ideology of the self proclaimed better fan.

  22. chuffer says:

    @ Tommy

    I’ve resisted posting on here for months – I just don’t get all the negative shit I read daily. Good to see your unwavering support – there are a few of us!!

  23. Tommy says:


    Theirs many of us mate, You just wont find many on RoM tho, This place is full of vile people mate, Not everyone but a lot of people and they know they are

  24. Spoony says:

    @ Tommy – you & Ian Holloway speak the truth dude. I’ve known it for years that there are a few “fans” on RoM who can’t really be classed as supporters. I doubt they know the meaning of the word.

    So many times, even under the mighty SAF, have they called for the sacking of our manager.

    Yes there are the odd few who moan in the ground, but the majority will just sing our hearts out because we’re fed up with their moaning and groaning. They clearly don’t understand this affects the players on the pitch.

    Anyway – thank you @Tommy – hit the nail on the head.

    Pointless arguing with them… there is no reasoning with these kind.

    TBH – I’m just hoping they go support another team.

  25. wayne barker says:

    doesn’t matter what anyone writes it’s all about supporting or not supporting the club.samuel you know so much more than anyone on here and anyone running Utd i don’t know why you’re not running a club yourself.I’m being dead serious you clearly know twice as much as Moyes you always have these great ideas how to make formations and how to fit in players and run a club look so easy.You know everything about every player mentioned no matter what league he comes from,your insight,tactical knowledge and scouting reports on every living player sets you apart from almost everyone.

  26. Tommy says:

    Dani Alves’ reaction to Pellegrini’s comment that
    Manchester City are bigger than United – “I didn’t realise until about five years ago that Manchester had two teams. Of course Manchester United have been one of the most famous and successful clubs in Europe for many years – but I thought
    they were the only one.”


  27. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    I’ve not called for Moyes head because it’s unrealistic but this nonsense has to stop.

    The only thing ridiculous is this completely STUPID mindset that says that oh because most of the fans have been used to success, it’s alright to accept failure and mediocrity when it rolls around. How many businesses work that way? Like it or not Football IS a business, this club is not a not-for- profit organization. They depend on the money they make to be competitive. if you are not successful for long enough, it will start to show. It is one thing if we are not doing well but there are signs of improvement on the field but there are NO signs of ANY improvement at all as of yet. If you can’t understand why fans are showing concern about the ridiculous regression of the club in the space of just 6 months then there really is no point beating this dead horse. Some of you are more bothered about beating other fans with a stick than about the club’s position on the pitch. If you REALLY are not bothered about the position we are in then are you really a Manchester United fan?

    Only season ticket holders are allowed an opinion on the club because it’s the season ticket holders that make all the money for the club right? I didn’t know all of Manchester United’s 300 million plus fans live right in the city of Manchester. Just a brainless, mindless theory without ANY discernible logic whatsoever. If fans outside Manchester don’t count then maybe it’s time United stopped all their money-spinning tours eh?You talk like non-mancunians fans don’t shell out a shitload of money just to see ONE match of their favourite club. I was in Manchester last summer and I met at least five people who told me they had to shell out upwards of 1,300 pounds just to be in Manchester for a game. People pay for airplane tickets, hotel tickets, matchday tickets come thousands of miles just to show loyalty and some of the home fans castigate them like they’re trash.

    Maybe the club can have its pre-season in Manchester and play all its games in Manchester right? It’s time to stop signing deals with sponsors that aren’t from Manchester as well. What a stupid theory made up by some extremely insecure fans and this has not been the first time nor will it be the last.

  28. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Chuffer – I can’t speak for others but i’m personally not trying to be negative.. I understand your point, things can over the top but you can’t dictate people’s thoughts, there will always be different patterns of opinions on here, I personally like to see things from various perspectives but i’m an open minded individual.. There’s always two sides to the coin and we will just have to take the blunt with the truth.. If moyes does the right things and I think the fact he gave adnan a chance is a positive thing, he is perhaps willing to adhere to the history of the player development conveyor belt but there hasn’t been many positives.. We surely can’t be in denial and think this is rosey..? Moyes is doing more wrong than right.. I’m still naively standing by, hoping he will turn it around and most of the doubters can accept he knew what he was doing but for now, i’m not optimistic as much as I would be.. Moyes needs to just get a grip and accept he does need to change.. It just seems throughout the season, he has been stagnant and that is more worrying in terms of the forward movement of manchester united.

  29. Spoony says:

    lol@Dani Alves and lol@Wayne – well said

  30. slim says:


    Moyes has failed? Is that categorical ? I’d say wait till at tleast the end of the season before judging. You’re a smart guy and i honestly can’t believe some of your post. There’s truth in them but it kinda pains me you can’t see or don’t care that they end up weapons for vile mouthed “fans”.
    Also, mate it takes a bit of time to get players playing for you, especially when you’re managing United, especially when its not the best squad you’re inheriting, especially when the man you’re taking over from is SAF. Not easy. There is high propensity for things to spiral out of control very quickly very easily and unfortunately for us thats what happened. Still thoguh DM will be judged on results and one hopes that the squad is coming back refreshed and ready to do things the right way. They have an equal or even greater share of the root cause of our issues (My opinion , i know you think its the other way around) Either way, its time all parties concerned get together and make it work

  31. slim says:

    Lol, trust English media, you won’t see that on their back pages. They’ve wanted to suck on city for so long the wait must have been unbearable. Funny i don’t begrudge them. Their moment in the spot light and all that

  32. sir liam matt says:

    The first hint of David Moyes not being up to the job came in the summer transfer window, but the amateurish transfer dealings were largely pinned on new chief executive Ed Woodward.Perhaps rightly so, but the club’s form on the pitch hints that the hesitancy behind the scenes displays a manager who was either over confident in the summer, or simply lost at a club too big for him.

  33. Tommy says:

    @Sir Liam

    Your just racist sir matt who was banned from these blogs

  34. Tommy says:


    Halloways a football man, football men dont make rash opinions, Fans on here would have a different manager every week, Like I said Halloway is spot on!!

  35. sir liam matt says:

    @ dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT

    Spot on mate we all knw Sir Alex Ferguson clearly left United a squad which was flawed despite their position as reigning champions, but Under David Moyes on the pitch the players look devoid of inspiration, low of confidence, predictable, and short on ideas. With a failure to secure Champions League football a real possibility, the financial implications of that are dire, and could also see key players want out in the summer, and big names reticent to join.

  36. wayne barker says:

    Therein lies the rub and the whole point about the Holloway comment and supporting the team,no one is going to accept failure and mediocrity but for some fans to already categorize it as that although it’s barely past half a season with the enormous job Moyes has been given and the adverse circumstances he’s had to deal with is quite astonishing really

  37. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Notable Clubs losing managers last year: Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Chelsea,Everton. Tottenham lost their manager this season. In ALL but one of those cases, the transition has been pretty smooth and there has been tangible improvement in all those sides. All except ONE.

    Fergie’s plan was always to make sure that the man who came in would have the team to challenge straight away. He said it in his interviews on retirement constantly. He also said that it was that mindset that guided the way he moved in the transfer market. So judging on that basis, we can pretty much say right now that that plan has failed. United have not been able to compete straight away for one reason or the other.

    Whether or not this season will be a continuous trend remains to be seen but it’s pretty clear as day why fans are upset. Do you really think that fans don’t want Moyes to succeed? Do you really think that it was the fans intention at the start of the season for the club to be 7th with almost no realistic chance of any silverware? If it was up to all of us, we would all like to see a Manchester United under David Moyes win the title and finally shut down the critics who claim he’s never won any major trophy but there comes a time when expectation gives way to frustration. Look at the drop FFS. First to SEVENTH? Not even Fergie saw this coming and some of us don’t expect fans to be angry? lol.

  38. Tommy says:


    Exactly mate, Not sure why Samuels insulting Halloway for having an opinion which we both know is the correct opinion

  39. Tommy says:

    @dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT

    Did all those clubs lose their manager for the 1st time in 27 years? To compare our situation to any other clubs is very deluded and gives you an excuse to knock the manager, added to the fact that the Chief Executive went as well then it was always going to be a struggle

  40. n.africanus says:

    @dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT, your comments at 18.23 have to be among the most sensible I’ve ever read on this blog. Well done.

  41. wayne barker says:

    lol must be having a laugh using Bayern,Barcelona,Real Madrid as examples of teams with new managers that have improved those leagues are a fucking joke Bayern hasn’t lost a league game in 2 seasons.Fucking Everton have to rely on loan deals which is also a fucking joke that’s even allowed.Although Utd lost to Spurs at OT ran them fucking ragged and was robbed when a rugby tackle wasn’t given in the box.With all the injuries Utd have had only a few points behind Everton and Spurs anyway and yet Utd have already failed and are mediocre.Yeah i do believe some ‘Utd fans’ want Moyes to fail because have been on his case from day one NBI,DDG we trust,John, Jorge Curioso ,all the posters with matt in their name,Top red123,Rukky i’m sure there’s plenty more all these have been on a hate Moyes campaign.
    Holloway is spot on with his assessment it’s a enormous task in its self having to take over from Sir Alex let alone taking into account an aging squad of key players a midfield that should have been strengthened years ago and all the key injuries he’s had to deal with.Yet some fans are already shitting all over him same way they shit on players.I’m not a Moyes fan don’t know if he’ll make the grade or not same way i might not be a fan of some of Utd’s players but while all of them represent Utd i’ll back them and support them because i’m a fucking Man Utd supporter

  42. wayne barker says:

    Saturday Pep sat out 5 or 6 first teamers in preparation for the Gunner game and still won easy that’s how big of an advantage they have,all Munich have to play for each year is the CL,the German is a farce just like the Spanish and French leagues

  43. Mark Reid says:

    Look Hollaway has a point lets just wait till next year at this time and see where we are at.You simply can’t expect that sucess every year .Jesus I remember our hero Denis Law scoring against us playing for City and sending us into the second division(now that would be something to moan about)think about it.

  44. sir liam matt says:

    Tommy says:
    @dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT
    Did all those clubs lose their
    manager for the 1st time in 27
    years? To compare our situation to any other clubs is very deluded
    and gives you an excuse to knock
    the manager, added to the fact
    that the Chief Executive went as
    well then it was always going to be a struggle

    What are u saying mate… i thught u should knw better by now.? 27 years or not if you a top manager you are expected to do better in any club in the world so United 27 years under sir alex is no Excuse for a top msnager not to do well, and perhaps how many years has David moyes spend in Epl? remenber dos other Managers dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT, mentiond, the Real madrid manager is first time in Spain and his doin well, Manuel Pelegrene his first Time in England City could win the Epl under him.. Pep Guadiola first Time in Germany has already won the league… Tito Martino Just like David moyes first time managing a big Club like Barcelona and he mite the spanish league…. Robecto Matinez doin well with the players under his technicality above united in the table….. Totteham they knw the club is not moving so they sack AVB…… Chelsea Jose moreeen, u knw the story top of the Epl….. David moyez what his he doin, players
    look devoid of inspiration, low of
    confidence, predictable, and short on ideas. He has spent 11 years in the Epl. still no improvment.

  45. wayne barker says:

    I was their Mark was part of the pitch invasion to stop the game,dug up a piece of OT took it home and grew it in a plant pot, tons of us still traveled to Stoke on the Monday.As it turned out Law’s goal didn’t relegate us

  46. sir liam matt says:

    Wat is this one saying^

  47. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    David Moyes HIMSELF said in his early days that he saw no reason why the team he was left could not challenge for the title immediately. HIS OWN WORDS. Nobody put those words in his mouth. He said it himself. He ramped up the pressure on himself. You can’t say all that and then mid way into the season you now retract your words and say oh right, the players are mentally soft and the team needs drastic changes. So which one is it? Did Fergie leave Moyes a team so poor that they would not be able to even compete domestically or does that have something to do with Moyes managerial ability? It HAS to be one or the other.

    As Everton and ESPECIALLY Spurs have shown, transition can only last an excuse for so long, soon enough someone is going to have to take responsibility. We can’t just blame everything on the players.

  48. Mark Reid says:

    Ha ha nice one Wayne did it grow?Yeah that’s right about Law I’d forgotten I remember I was only a boy crying my eyes out oh dear.

  49. sir liam matt says:

    enough seid about moyes..his Cv said it all, not good enough.

  50. wayne barker says:

    Mark yeah mate kept it in my bedroom


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