Following Manchester United’s 1-0 win over Liverpool at Anfield, substitute Juan Mata has taken to his blog to reflect on the day.

This was a happy day, more than just a Sunday. It was the day when we got a special win: three golden points at Anfield.

Everybody knows about the historic rivalry between the two clubs, and this game was not an exception. It wasn’t the greatest game in the world, that’s for sure, but the atmosphere and the tension in this kind of matches make me feel privileged year after year.

Our fans deserve a special mention, they were amazing and made themselves heard at every minute, supporting us through the entire game.

We are in a good run of results against Liverpool lately; I hope we can stretch it in the future. Our goal came in the second half. Even if it wasn’t our best game, we were able to get a clean sheet (David was great) and to score a nice goal from Wayne after a corner kick.

I hope this win will give us a boost of confidence, and help us play better and keep getting results in order to move up the table. There’s a long way to go and there is no team who is showing a great consistency, so everything is still open.