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Mata: This season isn’t just Moyes’ fault

With reports in the press suggesting that David Moyes could lose his job at the end of the season and be replaced with a manager with a proven European pedigree, Juan Mata has urged everyone at United to stick together and not look to point the finger of blame.

“We have to be together,” said Mata. “Now is not the time to blame anyone. Now is not the time to look for guilty people. Now is the time to stick together – with the manager, with his staff, the players and with the people on the board of the club. We need to carry on, to stay with the manager. We need to believe in him, because as players we know we have to improve. It’s not just the manager, it’s not just the tactics. It’s all of us. It’s not the time to blame one person. We are all together in this. Some of my friends told me if this situation was happening in another club in Spain it would be different, but the club and the players are behind the manager. We need to be strong as a team, as a dressing-room and keep working hard. We need to improve, we know it, but we need to do it together.”

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  1. wayne barker says:

    Director of Football are pointless and a fucking joke,90 percent of the time sucking the owners cock.Will someone please explain to me the reason to have some clueless toad telling the manager who he needs

  2. Dwayne O Linn says:


    Yeah completely agree with that, that’s is why the chant goes ‘you’re just a shit Barcelona’. In fairness they are a lesser evil than those above them. But why do they continuously get a free ride from the media?year after year of shocking mid season collapses or terrible starts. Perhaps everyone now just accepts what will happen to them mid season and it is old news. i can see hull giving them a good rattle in the cup final, they will be under enormous pressure. If brucie wins it he will be the new Martinez, and taking over at old Trafford in July.hahaha. it seems now if you play attractive football but don’t get the results people are happy with this for some bizarre reason. I remember people ranting a few years ago about how great Bolton were a few years back, then they were relegated the season, Wigan another example although they were shit more often than attractive. I think it’s impossible to maintain playing attractive football for a number of years consistently, that’s why we see so many one hit wonders, hopefully Liverpool and Everton will join this group next season

  3. ad_smith1 says:

    Fair play with what Mata is saying, the guy is probably just thankful that Moyes rescued him from Chelsea. But it doesn’t make him right … Everton to United was a huge leap, he needed to be at another club before moving to a top four team. He has proved all season he hasn’t got the tactical knowledge to compete with the top managers. He should never have got rid of Phelan and Rene. Yes the players can take some of the blame, but if the manager doesn’t know what he’s doing, how the hell can the players? Moyes just isn’t the right man for the job, he does not know what it takes to win or what it takes to win a trophy. People say it took SAF years before he won a Trophy at United, but the thing is he has already won trophies at Aberdeen, he knew what it took domestically and in Europe to win trophies!

    It looks like again this summer hes going to be chasing Kroos shadow just like he did Fabregas last summer, this summer and next season will just be a huge repeat! The best thing that has happened to Everton was Moyes going, and the table doesnt lie! clearly Moyes was the man holding them back!

  4. warrored says:

    I can understand the trepidation in giving Moyes a lot of money to spend in the summer.

    However earlier in the season he says he has been charged to build a fantastic young team for the future. To me that says getting in the best proven young players around. Carvalho and Shaw fit that bill.

    Now you may think they will cost a lot of money, but if they continue an upward curve of development then their value will increase too. Also should we continue to be a successful side then they will stay. Our best 2 value signings have been Rooney and Ferdinand, examples that won’t be lost on the owners.

    Reports say we are taking scouting reports every week on certain players. It’s something Moyes has a history of. That’s why he’s called Dithering Dave. Unfortunately though at Everton, by the time the window came around teams with bigger budgets nipped in and got them.

    Maybe his reputation for scouting and spotting talent hasn’t gone unnoticed either.

    For all the £30 million players out there, I’m sure there are still the Vidic and Evra types too. Not every signing is hip.

    I think the recruitment this season is going to be a huge team effort including Gill and Fergie having their input. The Glazers will sanction the likes of Shaw and Carvalho regardless because of their obvious quality they could work out under any manager.

    What wouldn’t surprise me though is the recruitment of a “Technical Director”. Now I’m not keen on these things either. Maybe though we have to go down this route. Don’t forget when SAF took over at OT there was one man and a dog so he did everything and oversaw pretty much everything bar the laundry……although at East Stirlingshire him and Cathy did do it. He grew as the club did. Maybe the job as SAF knew it is too big for one man in that sense.

    It wouldn’t surprise me to see someone like Van Gaal in that post. He’s what 63 soon. It would also smooth a transition and takeover should Moyes be sacked. If anything this appointment will have taught the Glazers a lot for the future. Moyes might not like it, or maybe he would welcome help from a vastly experienced coach like him. Maybe an outsider with experience is more beneficial when looking at the bigger picture than the great man himself. Watch this space.

  5. wayne barker says:

    The biggest joke in all this is simone belives in the English way,i read reports about the Barca game.Simone plays into space and the players run onto it,Barca play to feet.The biggest difference was fitness levels same thing Moyes is getting criticized for.Seriouly can’t make the shit up,most of you lot are just cunts

  6. ashtheking says:


    You know real Everton fans are still still thankful for what moyes have done to Everton. Everyone were finishing 16th 17th and moyes took that team and made them a respectable team. So he didn’t hold back or was poor with them. Martinez has done a good job but please for god sake one season proves nothing. Moyes took Everton to 4th , were Everton consistently finishing 4th after that.? No. Same way Rodgers and his Liverpool finished 7th last season, was Rodgers termed shit. Who knows Everton could very well back to where they belong next season. That is 7th/8th. And moreover evrtone have still not won any trophy, and they are 5th so they have not made some drastic improvements like guys like you proclaim. It’s a shame that people are too quick to forget moyes good tenure at Everton. Moyes may not be fit for united but don’t say he was holding Everton back. The moment lukaku decides to go back to his parent club then who will Everton buy. Everton are never a club who spend millions on a player and that’s what holds them Back. Mark my words Everton will find it very tough to repeat their feat as other teams like united won’t let them to. And it’s not a shot at Martinez as he is a good manager and I hope he becomes a top manager but Everton needs budget to compete with the likes of arsenal, Manchester United and even Tottenham.

  7. warrored says:

    @Wayne…11.00 haha say it how you see it mate.

    I don’t get this director of football thing either. Fucking Dennis Wise was one haha

    City have 2 of them (well they are a massive club)….what has it brought them in 2 years? Audrey Roberts and a League Cup for £190 million.

  8. TopRed123 says:

    So, on top of being uninterested, unprofessional, only playing for themselves (and in case of some foreigners just playing to get into their WC teams) our players – who are still the champions – aren’t fit enough to play Moyes brand of champagne football. No, you are a fucking cunt.

  9. ashtheking says:

    ****everton were finishing 17th/16th****

  10. wayne barker says:

    By all accounts Van Gaal is a stubborn old cunt who most players hate,why the fuck do we want him.I have a real problem with fans not getting the enormity of what taking over from Sir Alex means.Im going to say right now and I don’t give a fuck if people call me a racist,i do not want any fucking German as manager of Utd

  11. warrored says:

    ad_smith…….Everton by virtue of the team left by Moyes were on an upward curve anyway. The last 3 seasons points were 54,56,63.

    He left a team with a solid defence and very good players. Martinez has added good loan players and McCarthy. Now McCarthy was his best player at Wigan so that was a no brainer.

    He also added Alcaraz and Aruna Kone. That tells me another side to his judgement.

    Has he really taken Everton to another level? If he finishes top 4 then yes. Anything else isn’t really a step forward. In 4 weeks time he will be losing 3 of his best players too.

  12. warrored says:

    @wayne……Van Gaal is Dutch mucker

  13. Tommy says:


    A technical director? Disagree mate the last thing we need is someone telling the manager who buy, He hires scouts for that, If van gael was brought in as technical direcotor it wouldnt be long befgore he was in the Glazers ear trying to get the job himself, too much conflict mate

  14. warrored says:

    @Tommy….I meant in a Technical sense mate a sounding board for tactics training etc. I could see Rene doing it. Im totally against a Director of Football. A manager should choose his own players.

    I’m just coming from a perspective of continuity should Moyes get sacked. The last thing we need is to be in limbo or like Spurs with Sherwood and all the uncertainty. That wouldn’t be good for the image of the club. Especially in the eyes of the money men and would just increase the hysteria and schaudenfreude out there.

  15. ashtheking says:

    If moyes is sacked then he should be replaced with a proven manager and not with a ole or giggs.

  16. warrored says:

    Anyway I’m still confident Moyesiah can turn it around. If you had told me at the start of the season that Mata would be a red I’d have called you a lunatic.

    But he and Woody did it.

  17. wayne barker says:

    If Utd hire Kloop i’m done,apart from the fact Germans are cunts I just don’t like him.If Utd hire a fucking German be the saddest day in my life

  18. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Eredivisie 3 times
    Dutch Cup once
    Dutch Shield 3 times
    Champions League once building one of the greatest football teams ever in Ajax.
    UEFA Cup once
    UEFA super cup twice
    Intercontinental cup once
    La Liga twice
    Copa Del Rey once
    German League and Cup double while losing to Inter Milan in the champions league final in the same year.
    German Supercup

    Twice the dutch football manager of the year
    German football manager of the year
    Dutch Sports coach of the year.

    DAVID MOYES HONOURS As a manager
    Football League Second Division
    Charity Shield.
    LMA Manager of the Year three times.

    Van Gaal sure won a lot of trophies for a man that was hated by his players. LOL.

  19. Unagi says:


    At the start of the season no one would said that Mata can be at United…

    After 3 months seeing how Jose does not like him it is different story.

    Still in the end credit has to be given for this transfer, one thing I just one to point out that considering Mata’s situation at Chelsea it was not a miracle.

  20. warrored says:

    We stood by The Doc and he got us relegated…….that’s what makes us different.

  21. wayne barker says:

    I also believe Utd would never hire a German,lets not forget these cunts caused 2 World Wars

  22. warrored says:

    Unagi……yeah but he could have joined anyone. He chose us with a new manager settling in at a difficult time.

    That says a lot about the pull of the club and the player himself.

  23. wayne barker says:

    I’ve always lived or died by what I’ve said so I don’t give a fuck.What i’ve noticed the Muppets giving Utd a hard time are mainly African,not sure what that means but a lot of negativity comes from a bunch of fucking retatds

  24. Unagi says:


    Agree in part. I assume that part of the decision process was that there is biggest chance to get playing time at United as I understand other option was PSG. Probably also DDG factor.

    And Mata wants to get to WC squad.

    Still the deal was one of the best things this season. And going with it has to be credited to Ed and David. No doubt about that. I just wouldn’t go in berserk optimism how impossible it was.

    Additionally this shows that there are players that are attracted by the brand and that there are not only money garbing prostitutes out there.

    It was many times said – Mata in every aspect is great signing and although costed a lot it is money well spent.

  25. wayne barker says:

    By the way i’ll treat meeting sameul as a bonus

  26. Mike Fibes says:


    I agree with your earlier comment. As much as we’re used to 6 or 7 players being loaned out, there seems to have been a significant push this season to get the academy players through to u21 level (or indeed out on loan) quicker. We’re maybe not quite seeing the benefits of that yet – Januzaj was a bit of a one-off – but we will in a couple of years I think with those players at 1st/2nd year academy level.

    I can foresee with new signings / departures / World Cup that quite a few of these lads will get a chance on the tour and pre-season, which should be interesting. Where historically we’ve had a lot of fringe players start the tour while the established internationals join later, those spaces by default will have to be handed to some of the younger lads, probably before one or two go out on loan towards the end of the transfer window. Certainly Lingard will get his chance next season – not just on the tour but in the first team squad, as should Wilson, Varela, Ekangamene and maybe Powell. Those 5 for me have the most potential to step up to Premier League level for sure.

    I haven’t seen much of Henriquez this season but I guess at the very least he’ll be on the tour. If Keane x 2 stay, they should both be on the tour, if both Smalling and Jones go to the World Cup as expected then so could Tom Thorpe.

    Bebe is an interesting conundrum – while I can’t see how he is a Moyes type of player he could be an interesting impact substitute for us next season. Again, if he stays he should be on the tour. I could see Ben Pearson going out on at least the early part of the tour too – he’s looked nothing but impressive at u21 level and in a physical sense could maybe benefit from Davie’s Pre Season Boot Camp. That might just take him up to that next level physically, particularly if the idea is to send him out to a championship side.

    Purely based on his physical attributes and his attitude, Tyler Blackett should get another year – he’s only just turned 20 so maybe he’ll go out on the tour too while it’s decided what to do with him. I’m not sure another Championship loan is the way forward. If he’s to get loaned out I think it has to be a Premier League club, and he needs to stand out week-on-week. But then he needs a guarantee of games too. It’s a tough one for the lad. There needs to be that progression there for him now.

  27. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Singling out Germans for abuse and using WORLD WAR TWO as a reason to stay away from German managers. Then goes on to single out Africans for abuse and ridicule. It doesn’t get ANY more CLOSE MINDED than that.

  28. Mike Fibes says:

    @wayne barker

    That’s just pure xenophobia.

    Have you ever actually been to Germany? They’re brilliant people. And this stereotype that they have no sense of humour is complete bollocks, they’re just very different – self effacing and very dry.

  29. trevor knightsmith says:


    Henning Wehn is very funny, look him up on youtube

  30. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    @Mike Fibes

    The more important issue here is why it should even fucking matter where a coach is from. If the coach is good enough I could care less where the fuck he was born. A coach is hired to do a job on the pitch not to extol his nationalistic values. Makes ZERO sense how someone can link WORLD WAR TWO that ended in 1945 with hiring of football managers in 2014. It’s the height of close minded block-headedness.

  31. Mike Fibes says:

    @trevor knightsmith

    He’s really good, in terms of humour he quite elegantly captures their collective wit.

    I remember once a mate was chatting up a girl in a club in Koln, he came up with the cheesy line “German – it’s a beautiful language”. The girl barked back at him “NO IT IS AN ARMY VOICE FOR SHOUTING IN”. Bloody brilliant.

  32. The_red_devils says:

    Didn’t United finished last 3 seasons with 89, 89, 80 points??

  33. warrored says:

    The_red_devils……yes we did mate. Under the greatest ever manager in England. There’s the difference.

  34. warrored says:

    Henning Wehn is funny. What he has done is take what we Brits see as stereotypical in Germans and used it for his material. After him though the only other funny German I know is erm erm erm

  35. warrored says:

    That’s the thing. This season everyone is underestimating the effect of SAF leaving not only to our club players and ourselves. It’s huge. We are now just on the same level.

    That’s a real fillip for our opponents. They’ve been waiting for years for it. Some were hoping he would die on the touchline. Go on Abu forums and see the Jelly and Cream threads where they will throw parties when he fucks off.

    It seems abus understand the relevance and importance of him retiring more than we do because we’ve taken him and his power for granted.

    It’s like he took the challenge to Roman Wenger The Sheik and fucked them all off. I doubt we will ever see his like anytime soon.

  36. OpikBidin says:

    About Louis Van Gaal who won many trophies and is hated by his players and Moyes who is hard at training. Why not try Felix Magath?

    Hard training, won many trophies and is hated by his players. Uli Hoeneß summed it good

    Uli Hoeneß recalled the circumstances that had led him to sack Magath five years ago.

    “If you do the double-double [a feat none one other than him has achieved in German football in 2005 and 2006] and still manage to turn 80% of the players against you, something is wrong. That seems to be the problem at Wolfsburg… When the players run so little, they’re either broken by the training or playing against the coach.”
    As for Bebe, I think he fits either as a false winger or his striker. His has similar attributes to Danny Welbeck minus the intelligence and defensive side, but plus his natural finishing instinct and killer balls. Big, strong, tall, fast.

  37. warrored says:

    Press conference updates

    Looking forward to Goodison

    The games not about me. I’ll go there as united manager and get a result

    Their crowd terrific just like ours are. Great away record.

    Not giving in for top four but difficult

    Rooney great this week.

    RVP out medical team meeting him next week

    Rafael out

    Fellaini and Evans should make squad

    488 minutes away from home without conceding a goal

    Well into planning. Not everything you are hearing is correct. End of season will tell World Cup in the way.

  38. MrC says:

    P.S. The Director of Football model is a load of bollocks. It’s just nuts to expect a manager to live or die by the team he prepares and puts out when some other bloke has sourced and bought the players.

  39. warrored says:

    488 minutes not conceded in the PL

  40. OpikBidin says:

    Even if Moyes leaves next season, I hope he build a good foundation of defence like he did at Everton, like what George Graham did at Arsenal. I remember when Arsene Wenger still had Graham’s players, Arsenal were a “zoo” and had the best defence. That was when they won titles. but when Graham players slowly faded away, Wenger can’t win

    of course attacking managers are given more easy rides than negative and brutal minded ones. Had Moyes threw the united way into the bin and started his Everton approach with “false wingers” (CMIIW, Moyes invented this in 2002 before inverted wingers were a popular term), etc, he would sure be crucified.

  41. Tommy says:


    Fair enough mate, although would that not just be the head coaches job mate, Rene should of been kept on todo that job really, I would say we are not Spurs, we would be better organised, Spurs have just wrote this season off when they appointed Sherwood, I think the board would sound out other managers even on a short term basis for example a Hiddink before sacking Moyes, Spurs just sacked AVB and then employed someone who was already their, that wouldnt happen at this club, totally off topic, I remember you telling me you were a Rugby league fan, take it youre from warrington and assuming your a wire fan, it was a good result for you guys today against Widnes, totally battered them, Im a Salford fan we have a tricky looking tie at home to huddesfield in 20 mins

  42. Tommy says:

    @dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT

    Enough with the Van Gael love in, it was bad enough with martinezz during the week, that stoped as soon as Pulis abused him (Not literally of course), When the dutch go out in the groups (2nd team he will have failed managing the national side), I am sure the Van Gael love in will stop

  43. Tommy says:

    @Mike Fibes

    I think its better for the 21s players to go out on loan than playing week in and week out in the 21 league which has become kids vs kids, better to play week in and week out in a tough championship league when people wont think twice of giving you a good kickin then being sat on the bench for a premier league side, Not sure Blackett will be wanted by many premier league sides, hes not excelled on loan at Birmingham, Henriquez was loaned by Wigan and played maybe 5 times, its a waste of time, if youre going out on loan and not playing, Lingard, Keanes, Thorpe are all approaching 22 now, so its now or never for those lads, I think Lingard is out of contract in summer (The others might be as well), its not certain he will be here next year

  44. Tommy says:


    Boris Becker comes accross as a funny guy, but Germans do genrally come accorss as a miserable bunch, although when we play german sides i do have a lugh with a few germans, just those in the public eye rarely crack a smile, but their not all like that

  45. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    @ Ad_smith; Thank you, you’ve said it all. From everton to man utd was a very large leap, plus sacking phelan and meulesteen…that’s why he’s struggling and floating in the job. United job has overwhelmed him, its too big for him. He will continue struggling till he’s sacked.

  46. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    Wayne barker is the silliest cunt I’ve ever seen on the are so stupid and useless! What concerns world war with coaching competency? You must be a retard or a down syndrome patient. So you’ll prefer our club to be relegated by a scottish or English muppet than for it to win enormous trophies under a german or a dutch? Your mentality is terrible and childish, you need to grow up,mate!

  47. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    @ Dannysoya; thanks, that clown is a pussy! I still don’t get how hiring a competent manager is related to world war or the persons ethnicity..he’s showing us how stupid he can be!

  48. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    Roberto Martinez slams David
    Moyes excuses forUnited crisis
    Roberto Martinez slams David Moyes’
    excuses for Manchester United crisis |
    Mail Online


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