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Media sweep Suarez’s racism under the carpet

Following the crowning of Luis Suarez of PFA Player of the Year, the media has attempted to re-write history and pretend that the Liverpool striker didn’t racially abuse Patrice Evra.

In The Mirror’s write up, Liverpool fan Jim Boardman writes: “He found himself in trouble in his first full season at the club, handed an eight game ban imposed by an independent panel following accusations of racial abuse towards Patrice Evra.”

In the BBC’s write up by Phil McNulty, under the title “Restoration of a reputation”, there is not a single mention of Suarez racially abusing Evra.

Maybe the media need reminding of a few things. This wasn’t just an allegation by Evra. Suarez was found guilty and banned for eight games. Not only that, Liverpool didn’t even appeal the decision.

For those of you who didn’t read the report (and every single Liverpool fan, apparently), here is a summary of some of the key findings and the reasons why Suarez was found guilty.

- The first time Suarez claimed that his use of the word “negro” was “conciliatory” was after the reports from the language experts were made available, where they claimed if the word “negro” was used in a “conciliatory” way, it wouldn’t be regarded as racist in Uruguay. The language experts asserted that “negro” was an offensive term if being used during an argument, which is when it was used.

- Suarez initially claimed that he pinched Evra on the arm to “defuse the situation”. When he was cross examined, he admitted this was not true.

- This was not a case of one man’s word against another, which is a fact that was accepted by both Mr Greaney (FA’s representative) and Mr McCormick (Suarez’s representative) in closing submissions.

- Kenny Dalglish tried to sway Marriner and Dowd from the start by saying “hasn’t he done this before?”. Patrice Evra has never made claims of racism against someone, unfounded or otherwise.

- In an attempt to add further weight to Dalglish’s point, Dirk Kuyt falsely claimed that Evra was telling people he had only been booked by the referee because he was black. The commission found this to be entirely untrue.

- Dalglish claimed that Suarez had been “taunted” by Evra, suggesting that Suarez’s response of “you are black” was following Evra saying “you are South American.” If this was true, Suarez wasn’t using the word “negro” in a friendly way at all, as he claimed, rather as an insult. Regardless, Suarez confirmed that being called “South American” was not an insult.

- Comoli stressed he knew how serious the allegations were so being fluent in Spanish wanted to make sure they had their story straight on what Suarez had said. After speaking to Suarez, he then went to tell Marriner and Dowd Suarez’s version. There was no mention of Suarez calling Evra “negro” in response to Evra telling him not to touch him though, which is what his defence later hinged on. They initially claimed Suarez said “you are black” then in the next set of interviews, Suarez claimed he said “why not, black?” after Evra told him not to touch him.

- Suarez claimed that he did not call Evra a “negro” when they were in the goal mouth, rather after the referee had called them over to speak to them and he then touched Evra. However, his version of events contradicts the testimony of Evra and referee. Evra says that as soon as the referee called them over, Evra reported the racial abuse he had just received, and the referee confirmed this.

- The panel judged Suarez to be an unreliable witness after lying about why he pinched Evra and lying about when he called Evra “negro”.

- Suarez’s defence claim that Evra made up Suarez saying he kicked him because he was black and that he didn’t talk to blacks. They claim that because Suarez had kicked Evra in the knee, Evra wanted revenge, so fabricated the whole story. This means they are suggesting that Evra feigned outrage after his exchange with Suarez and lied to the referee, that he lied to Giggs on the pitch when he asked him what was the matter, and that he lied to Valencia, Chichartio, Nani, Anderson and Sir Alex Ferguson in the dressing room immediately after the game. The commission rejected the defence’s suggestion that the accusations were just an elaborate plot for Evra to get revenge on Suarez for being kicked.

- Contrary to popular belief amongst scousers, Suarez did not call Evra “negrito”. In Suarez’s own testimony, this word is never used.

- Comolli claimed that after the game Evra went to Canal+ and demanded that he was allowed to report the racial abuse he had just received. The journalist who interviewed Evra confirmed this opposite of this was true, and that Evra knew the journalist well and he could tell that he was upset. Evra told the journalist off the record what had happened, but the journalist confirmed he asked the question when Evra was being filmed regardless.

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  1. Jackie Spain says:

    In the Phil McNulty article there is a summary column that says “Patrice Evra makes an allegation of racism against the striker in October 2011 and, after being found guilty, he is banned for eight matches and fined £40,000″. The way this is worded makes it sound as if the writer disagrees with the conclusion and punishment.

    This is all down to the media love-in with Liverpool who are so far up Liverpool they need a torch to find their way out and reinforces why I don’t want the Scousers to win the PL – could you just imagine the torrent of crap that would follow?

  2. TheAdamSegal says:

    Isn’t it time to let this one go?

    Evra voted for him so if he is over it, maybe it’s time to give it up.

    Trust me, I am no fan of Suarez, I have hated him since he denied Ghana a place in the semis with a blatant handball but it seems like you’re trying to flog a dead horse.

    Move on…

  3. FBr David Lee says:

    Jackie Spain,

    things that would follow:
    1) Liverpool…the best ever title winning team in the history of the premiership.

    2) why Liverpool deservingly win the league.

    3) (insert number) reasons by Liverpool are worthy/ won the league. and that includes attacking the suppose weakness of Chelsea/MC.

    then Steve-me-G will have a few articles backing him up for Knight hood.

    that being said, if Liv do win the league (touch wood), I will behave like a gracious loser, and hope we won’t behave like them taunting them to come back when they have xx title.

  4. trevor knightsmith says:


    I agree, one final word though, Suarez and the dippers deserve each other, let’s just leave it at that

  5. Tommy says:

    Who gives a flying fuck about the player of the year, when the scousers fail to win the league it will mean fuck all to suarez, its team awards that count not individual awards, suarez is a racist scumbag should not even be nmentioned on our threads

  6. The One says:

    It’s a disgrace that he’s won PFA player of the year award, absolute disgrace!!!

  7. Mike says:

    Racism obviously shouldn’t be tolerated and by ignoring it they are letting him off.

    But we as United fans are guilty of letting Giggs off on something I think is a lot worse. Giggs used to be my favourite player until finding out what he did. Giggs is undoubtedly a footballing legend but he isn’t exactly a model human. Usually when I say these things I get accused of being not a proper United fan. So I keep my mouth shut. Can we not say the same of Liverpool fans?

  8. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Is anyone REALLY surprised AT ALL by this? Black players are disrespected not just in England but all over Europe. It’s a fucking joke and a bloody disgrace. He can have his PFA award as long as Liverpool don’t win the title, I’m fine with that.

  9. EC7 says:

    Suarez against Arsenal, Man City and Chelsea resulted in a total of 0 goals. You can’t knock 30 in 34 without taking pens aswell. That’s an awesome strike rate but when people bang on about him being world class when he hasn’t played in the champs league against top opposition for years and failing against the better teams around Liverpool the jury is still out. You measure world class players against world class players, so it’s all good and well scoring loads against Norwich, West Brom and Cardiff etc but how many world class players have they got?

    Quality player in my opinion but let’s wait till he plays in the champs league till these pundits can really say he’s world class.

  10. Fletch™ says:

    A LYING RACIST TW@T has won PFA player of the year?! 8O

    When has THAT ever happened before! :roll:

    We move on.

    This has been a miserable year.
    Who, would have thought we would end the year with a manager who never coached a single team, and not a single day of his life, while siting 7th. 6pts adrift of 6th.

    I blame the Glazers for every last lovey minute of it.

    How bad is it? Well the Glazers won’t be worried. Stock price raise netted them 100m the day they fired Moyes! [weeps quietly]

  11. Imran says:

    is anyone surprised at all, i find it amazing that The media have basically ended ashley youngs career and What happens when a Daniel sturidge does it or a raheem sterling? Not a whimper. No witchhunts No opposition players callin him to be banned. And lets not forget their foreign players in coutinho and suarez and also jhonson.

  12. Tommy says:


    Trust me I have no sympathy towards Giggs broher Rhodi, the mans a horrible humon being beating people up and stealing things, scum deserved everything he got

  13. MrC says:

    @EC7 – Don’t let your bias blind you. Suarez IS a world class striker. He’s produced at international level and for other teams too.

    The fact that he’s a world class cunt is a different matter.


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