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Meulensteen: Rooney has his own agenda

Following the departure of Rene Meulensteen yesterday, he was asked by Sky Sports about the current situation with Wayne Rooney.

It appears as though the Dutchman has unsurprisingly sided with Sir Alex Ferguson on this one and accused the player of having his own agenda, although hopes he stays at the club.

“I don’t think Wayne and I were that closely connected,” he said with a laugh. “Wayne has his own agenda, he’s a young player still, in his prime. I hope he stays but its obviously not up to me to decide and whatever he decides to do I wish him all the best.”

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  1. lordrt says:

    Ridiculous price for Baines, better invest in Thiago in this case, with Isco gone to Madrid, and of course plan moves for the likes of Strootman as well to keep the midfield secured, just have to dump Anderson somewhere :D

  2. mes says:

    OMG why are we paying £35m for a 45 year old player who is rubbish to replace the best thing ever and why is Moyes doing nothing but sitting on his arse??? Can’t we just buy some cheap no mark from abroad who has no prem experience? That’s the best thing to do no?

    Jesus there are some joke posts on here. For one, it’s BAINES, if you can’t even spell his six letter name properly, I can’t see you getting to grips with the intricacies of how he would fit in at United.

    28 is in his prime. Van Persie has done ok for an over the hill player no? Ok, RVP is of a very rare high quality but my god, for £12m, yes we offered 12, not 20 ffs, that represents a good bit of business to me. He’s proven quality (last 2 years in a row in the PFA team of the year, you don’t get that by being just ok) and is a prem player, not some cheap European player who could take a couple of seasons to get to grips with the league. If we get four years out of him for £12m that’s bloody good to me. £3m a season for the best player in his position is absolutely fine by me. How do we know it wouldn’t be more too? Whoever made the point about Kags and Baines working well together, exactly. I like the sound of that. Kags in a free role, Baines taking up the space going forward when he can…

    Since when were we worried about how much we spend anyway? It’s not like we can’t afford a few players, even if they’re expensive.

    As for Moyes getting grief already, jesus, you should be fucking ashamed of yourself. He deserves a break before he gets here and he deserves our full without question when he does, until he proves otherwise. There are clearly some people on here who are either children, or just plain daft as a brush.

    What makes any of you so certain Moyes is doing fuck all anyway? How do you know he isn’t watching videos of training sessions every day? How do you know he’s not already got a plan. Any of you claiming he’s shipping out Evra with the plan to replace him with BainEs without even seeing him needs to stop being complete twunts. As IF that’s the first thing he’s gonna do. Ditch a club legend he’s not yet worked with. FFS. Rest assured, IF Paddy is going, it will be because he wants to finish off in France as he has said before and I think Baines will be a damn good replacement. Also, I’m sure by now, Moyes has done plenty of homework on ALL our players and is aboslutely not coming into this blind.

    Christ, some of you need to think before you type.

    Anyway, have we signed a midfielder yet?

  3. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    @mes. Did you not read that Everton rejected the 12 million pound bid? NO WAY in hell will we ever get Baines from an English club for 12 million pounds. ANYTHING above that is madness. Baines is absolutely NOWHERE NEAR Van Persie. If we want to get younger then we should get all the way younger. Why not look at Luke Shaw who is no slouch and is far far far younger than Baines and will be better than him in no time. How anybody can see the sense in signing a 28 year old LEFT BACK not orld class striker who has been banging in the goals and has been changing his team’s destiny on his own for years is beyond me.

  4. mes says:

    @Danny, yeah mate. Not read anywhere that I trust that we have upped the bid yet. Have you?

    The RVP comparison was one of age, not ability. No need to shout. My point still stands mate.

    Why buy younger when we can have proven ability until hopefully Fabio is ready?

  5. bob says:

    Some of you guys agree that Rooney is our best player…. And how can a manager for reasons unknown play him out of position for most part of the season and criticize him and get away with it…. And when asked he says that the player is uninterested….
    Dear me…. When you are the player Wayne is( the one who the entire country watch with a scrutinizing eye) you can’t get away with average performance… I think Wayne deserves another chance at OT playing in his favourite position….

  6. Shimo says:

    Get rid of him or any player at the club that have their own agenda.

    Crap we can’t field even a 7 aside team – well maybe if Moyes and his staff pull on the shirt we might be able to.

    Bloody hell, obviously he has his own agenda – doesn’t mean that United is not a part of it but, it does mean he is smart enough to also take his personal needs in mind.

  7. slim says:

    20 mill is a bit steep . He’s solid and it’ll nice to have him even if Evra stays put. Thing is i can’t see Everton accepting less than 15 million. This feels like a “comfort transfer” if you ask me. Mr Moyes wants someone he’s worked with before – not too sure i’m happy with that though.


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