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Michael Shields In “Munich” Insult

Graham Sankey, who is from Anfield, admitted he tried to kill a Bulgarian man with a stone whilst celebrating Liverpool FC’s European Cup win in 2005. He was arrested with Michael Shields for the attack but later denied his involvement. The victim, a father of two, didn’t die but suffered significant brain damage.

Shields was convicted and after being identified in a line up and spent four years in prison. He was then given a Royal Pardon after “new evidence” came to light but has never sought to clear his name. A Royal Pardon is not the same as being declared not guilty of the crime but merely being forgiven for it.

On Twitter, he has done himself no favours. He has compared his incarceration to the incarceration of Nelson Mandela and when asked if he had any intention of issuing an apology to his victim Martin Georgiev he replied “who? lol”

Now he works for Liverpool FC TV and in his free time has rows with United fans and calls them “Munich cunts”. Nice chap.

Innocent, gentle giant? Or remorseless thug guilty of attempted murder?
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  1. scan74 says:

    needs to stop munich hillsborough istanbul all a step 2 far all clubs have wankers everyone says shit in the heat of the moment

    but chants on those subjects are bullshit

  2. bill bob says:

    Kings: why make song about him in the first place:, yes its tit for tat, AKA batter you prick.

  3. Keyser Soze says:

    Oh, Michael Shields, that scouse piece of shit, I’m sure his asshole has been severely abused by our prison system inmates (90% recidivists from the minorities). Leave him to his sad, useless life, waking up every day to change his fucking diaper…

  4. edk says:

    we dont call them hillsborough cunts any tradgedy no matter who it involves is still a tradgedy shilds has no respect for the game after these comments

  5. Serbs says:

    Okay, Shields is an employee of LFC’s TV channel. It is totally unacceptable for him to make any comments in poor taste regardless of whether or not he was provoked. Due to his job he represents LFC by proxy. His comments surely make his position untenable? This is the third instance where he has lost his cool and mouthed off and I know for a fact he has been previously hauled over hot coals regarding past tweets. They cannot ignore it again.

  6. willierednut says:

    He got his star busted in jail. That’s why he’s a soft cunt!

  7. Zulu-Malta says:

    Why doesn’t he come to Malta for his holiday?
    He will remember it for his rest of his livng DAYZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………….

  8. JonyB says:

    Has anybody reported these comments to Liverpool FC TV does anybody know????

  9. JonyB says:

    ps. Do you think the ignorance and idiocy this man showers himself in with these distaistful comments will hopefully prove a point those idiots on our side who use the Wenger peadophille and the Hillsbourough & Hisel disasters as ammo for sick chanting……..
    There is absolutely no place for any of this revolting chanting….. It just gives credence to those that shout “No class”…………………..

  10. parjo says:

    Liverpool hired criminals? Wow, that’s ……………………… I don’t know what I’m thinking, I’m blank.
    Congrats, L’pool… you have a new low.

  11. Tom Addison says:

    Liverpool TV gave a job to Michael Shields? The Pity City, eh?

  12. Redders109 says:

    This prick wasn’t so gobby wen he was locked up!!

  13. willierednut says:

    That’s because he had a cock in his mouth lol.

  14. mike says:

    I can’t believe people spent time and energy campaigning for this lowlife when he’s shown he’s not worth it. He should have been left to rot in jail, there are more worth causes to support

  15. Red Kate says:

    Pathetic ignorant chav from a family of pathetic ignorant chavs who tried to make themselves celebrities out of their misfortune. Its a wonder he hasn’t been on Big Brother. He’s too bloody self important thats his trouble – but then I blame all the hangers on who tried to make him a saint when they didn’t even know him


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