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Middlesbrough Thug Up To His Old Tricks… This Time It’s Ronaldo

5 minutes 25 seconds in

So that thug Middlesbrough call their captain, Emanuel Pogatetz, has been up to his old tricks. Aged 25-years-old, he’s already broken one player’s leg and had a good go at breaking our own Rodrigo Possebon’s earlier in the season, planting his studs just below Possebon’s knee.

In today’s 1-0 victory over Gareth Southgate’s men, Pogatetz was seen wrapping both his hands around Ronaldo’s throat in an off the ball incident in the box.

Is it any wonder Sir Alex Ferguson acts for him to be protected and any wonder he loses his cool every now and again? As if getting kicked black and blue wasn’t bad enough, now he’s getting fucking throttled and still the ref doesn’t want to know!

Ronaldo chased after Pogatetz down the tunnel but was pulled back by Dimitar Berbatov.

Another incident to add to Middlesbrough’s growing list

The Times: The Portugal winger had frantic claims for a penalty waved away on the stroke of half-time when Emmanuel Pogatetz appeared to grab him by the throat.

Setanta: Emanuel Pogatetz wrestled Ronaldo to the ground but escaped a penalty award.

The MEN: ON a night when there was so much talk of burying the hatchet, all that mattered to United was the shot that Dimitar Berbatov buried into the back of the net. And that’s saying something considering Emanuel Pogatetz seemed more interested in burying his fist in Cristiano Ronaldo’s throat.

The Mirror: Ronaldo spent much of his walk to the tunnel complaining to referee Martin Atkinson he should have had a penalty after being grappled to the ground by Pogatetz at a corner right on the whistle but the official was unmoved.



  1. Red-Manc says:

    to be honest he’s a twat, in fact they both are and so’s southgate he’s not got the balls to be a man and stand up for his team little fuck face but anyway i dont think theres much to shout about, pogatetz isnt a thung just a talentless coward of a player.

    fair play to boro though it was a decent game, 3 points job done.

  2. david82 says:

    give me a fucking break, who are anyone from united to say they are not protected from referees? I mean you have got to be one of the most favoured teams ever interms of decisions going your way. Just because a few incidents havent get over it, you still get far more than your fair share, and definately more than the so called smaller teams who need the luck! Roll your neck back in and have a think about your past ‘heros’ such as the non dirty duo of keano and cantona!

  3. AlexofMancunia says:

    Noone wants to fucking know.

    The cunting media don’t even mention the countless fouls on Ronaldo when talking about a little kick out that he does during a game when he’s practically assaulted on the pitch every week.

    To be honest I think the cunt deserves a bit of a kicking after how he behaved this summer, but not one that’s affecting his performances.

    I think for the sake of his own game he’ll fuck off to Spain pretty soon. One of these days he won’t be getting up from one of these challenges put on him by talentless thugs who have no other way of playing against skillful players.

  4. spencer says:

    Sorry but I disagree red-manc

    pogatetz is a thug

    tried to break rodrigo’s legs

    banned for 6 months in russia for breaking someones legs

    and now this.

    atkinson is blind.

    and it wasn’t a decent game. boro were useless and we dominated the match.

    we even got a little chant for pogatitz going at the game today ‘thug, thug wherever you may be…’ but then berbatov scored.

  5. ELiam says:

    It was a foul, but a penalty there would have been very generous, given the way everyone sees Ronaldo in this country.

    One other point I wanted to make about Ronnie is this:

    It is absolutely disgusting to see all those negative comments about him to be honest. In case You all forgot lads, he was one of the main reasons behing winning the double, some might even argue that giving the amount of goals he scored and made, he was the main reason, but thats up to discussion.

    My point is – we cant treat one of our best players like that. We have to show him support, I mean who else is going to show him support that he desperately needs, after everyone is slagging him off in this country ? Who else but the fans ? We need to forget that he has a childhood dream of playing for Real, as soar as it might sound to us, we have to live with it. He is no Giggs, no Scholesy or no Rooney, he is not English for christ sakes. And it is perfectly normal for him to want to represent Real at some point – and to be honest, the longer he stays here, the less I see that happening but thats another point already.

    What I mean is, we need to back him, we need to show that we love him for what he has done for the club, what he is doing for the club and what he will do for the club – because, make no mistake, You will never feel more embarassed than when/if a day comes and he leaves, and he says, that he felt that he had lost the support of our fans. That would be very hard to take…just think about it.

    He has made mistakes, and he will make, jesus he is only 23 years old ? I will be 23 in march, and I cannot begin to imagine what it feels like to live with the pressure he has had to live.

    Bottom line is – he has said several times now, that he is happy here and that he wants to continue, and I truly believe that he will try his 100% to impress everyone again. And we need to back him up 110%.

    Over and out.

    And yes, pogatetz should be forced to drink some kind of venom or shit.

  6. Scott the Red says:

    David – so you’re response is to talk about a players who stopped playing for us years ago, rather than address the fact Ronaldo had both hands of Pogatetz around his neck in the penalty area?

  7. Red-Manc says:

    Spencer, yet again with us disagreeing mate haha

    nah i by no means think he’s innocent he’s a dirty player but i wouldn’t call him a thug because even thats to good for him, i was there for the tackle on Possebon and it pissed me off to fuck as that lads a class little player, to me a thug is the likes of Keano, vieria etc who are actually tough guys who occasionally let it get the better of them on the pitch, where as Pogatetz is a little shitouse who only does dirty tackles on the sly, but i can see why he’d be considered a thug in terms of his tackles.

    i found the game decent becauseee we dominated ;) but i dont think boro have been as bad as other teams parking the bus wise so it was good to watch, the atmosphere was good in my section and outside the ground so it was a decent match for me.

  8. gloryglorymanutd says:

    what a world class passing by berbatov..

  9. Costas says:

    Once a thug always a thug.I have been one of Ronaldo’s harshest critics as of late but today i couldn’t fault him.That’s the second time this year that Atkinson hasn’t protected him.

  10. Red Rupert says:

    refereeing is getting worse by the week

    Rooney through on goal and wrongly ruled offside

    It was Tevez at Stoke the other day. Same thing. I know allowing technology into the game has it’s shortcomings but this is getting silly.

  11. james f says:

    ELIam is right. Ronaldo should be supported by our fans. He may go to the ground easily, or it can be just our idea, because things happen during the game that we can’t see clearly. Imagine trying to play football and someone grabbing you by the neck with both hands! It isn’t the best feeling and Ronnie had every right to complain about.

  12. scotty says:

    fuck em all…..3pts!!!!!

  13. corea says:

    i am angry. we should show some support. agree ELIam.

    but the place was mute yesterday.

  14. rooney_thebest says:

    Old Trafford seems always mute nowadays…When we watch games on television its like some playstation thing where the crowd voice has been muted…I know a lot ogf people are first timers or tourists but we’ve still got 76000 people in there aint it?…So even including all the new comers we should be able to raise the roof….How ddid it happen against Barca?

    Comin to Pogatez..The man is shite…Useless player…maybe thats why he resorts to these kinds of things…and makin him the fuckin captain tells a lot abt Boro..useless manager they got…But as always this incident is not gonna be looked into by the FA….spineless bastrds.

    Ronaldo needs to be sold off in the summer…He doesnt look like the part of the team anymore…on the pitch all he does is moan and moan…Even when someone else scores a goal we can never see him runnin like he means it…the lad has lost his passion for United and we should let him leave..
    and yeah any news on Tosic and llajic…deal done?…or its off?….

  15. themarkedman72 says:

    ronaldo sold.
    Not words I ever want to hear no matter what.
    He is getting back and trying harder.
    Berbatov is getting back as well.
    Both improvoing as the season progresses.
    Pogatetz is useless and more hatchet man than footballer. he is frustrated at being shit.
    Hows downing??
    Screaming at the ref for ronaldo diving which he did and then diving even worse 5 minutes later for a penalty?? WHta two faced lying little cunt.
    I am so sick of players screaming at refs as if they favour united everytime they give or dont give united a free.
    actually I might post this up.

  16. OTRed says:

    ^^^He’s getting back and trying harder??? What games have you been watching? He only seemed to be trying harder the immediate weeks he got back from his injury, ever since his performance have been going downhill.

  17. EastStandManc says:

    Pogatetz is a dick, simple as. I agree with Red-Manc, he’s not a thug, he’s a small-time talentless coward.

    He has nothing on that little cunt Arca, though. Any player who believes in divine retribution will’ve loved Park’s tackle from behind on him, especially Andy Johnson, I imagine.

    Credit to ‘Boro who actually tried to play some football instead of sticking 10 men behind the ball and then shitting themselves, hoofing the ball up the other end ASAP when they get possession *cough* Sunderland *cough*. It was refreshing, at least.

    Onwards and upwards with another 3 points.

  18. EastStandManc says:


    My head almost fucking exploded when I read your post (can’t believe I forgot to mention it). Rather than waste my time posting the same explanation in a different way, I’m just going to make use of the CTRL C+V function (sorry to anyone who’s already read this):

    “People often bring up Ronaldo’s not being English/British as a legitimate excuse for his wish to play for Madrid and therefore as some sort of reason for us United fans to lay off him. Frankly, I couldn’t give a flying fuck who he wants to play for; we’ve had players who’ve supported other clubs (and wanted to move there) in the past. The difference (and what gets to me) is that those players have had a modicum of respect for the club and an awareness that the world doesn’t revolve around them (and that contracts generally mean something). That’s the crux, for me. Had Ronaldo kept his mouth shut and refused to talk about the matter from the beginning (i.e. two years ago), there’s no way United fans could’ve engendered the kind of resentment we have toward him.

    We all know Calderon spouts shite, that’s a given, but when you’re trying to present a United front (in every sense of the word), with the manager, Gill and various ex-players (less the ones in Madrid, natch) saying he’s not for sale and that he’d be stupid to move, only for the man himself to be, at best, ambiguous (and at worst, outright) regarding a move, it’s absolutely no surprise we frown at a lack of commitment to the cause.

    Biggest credit goes to Ole, though:

    “I have an opinion on Cristiano but it is not my business to talk in public about it”.

    Take a leaf out of *his* book, Ronaldo”

    The club (and by extension its fans) owe him nothing after what’s happened.

    The saying ‘Respect is earned, never given’ is especially apt in ths situation.

  19. EastStandManc says:

    Also, it’s funny how his “100% committed” quotes come out when the prospects of joining Madrid have vanished for another year, isn’t it? Jebus he couldn’t even commit days after the CL Final even though in the euphoric seconds after it, he did.

    Kevin Bishop had it more or less spot on:

    He’s so fucking fairweather it’s unbelievable.

  20. King Eric says:

    EastStandManc: Agree entirely mate.

  21. suhayl says:

    ronaldo slagging…aye..some things never change…lol..

    Bunch of nagging women..

    i suggest a coffee corner forum…where all the ronaldo haters can meet and have girl night in every week and ronaldo slag away…

    Spencer what you think mate..good idea???

  22. EastStandManc says:

    Suhayl, glad you like mercenaries making a mockery of the club.

    Hold on a minute, is that *really* you suhayl? No CAPS LOCK used, no repeated use of the word ‘fuck’?

    Surely not. It can’t be …

  23. tevez32 says:

    East stand manc….ive read through suhayls comments plenty of times…he’s made his ronaldo comments clear….he has never once stated people should make a mockery of the club…infact i know suhayl…he’s as die hard as you can get. He hates what ronaldo did…he doesnt wear his shirts…he doesnt sing viva ronaldo…if you read through what he’s said before. You might realise that. He has admitted million of times and accepts ronaldos mistakes, flaws, his theatrics, his prima donna ways etc etc etc etc etc. but he aint a nagging bitch like you. As long as the boy wears that shirt, that badge, then everybody every player deserves support.

    Not pro ronaldo….yet not the anti christ like you and joke. Who are constantly at it every second of every day about ronaldo. They guy came out today and said all the rumours are a lie and he’s happy and wants to stay etc etc. BET you and joke still undermined laughed that off and concocted your espionage stories. Seriously you guys never talk about football, other players, manager, who all seem to be happy with ronaldo and love him. Yes we may not as much…but is that any reason to keep on going on and on about him every day. Obsession no good laddy.

    suhayls right why dont you and joke meet up and make some placards, egg his car, create a website and some movement and get him out. Saddos got nowt better to do than slag ron off every second.

    Yes he’s a twat for he did….but mercenary??????? fickle fuckin easily forget all the amazing great things the boy has done for the club in 5 years. Women slag off like that..seriously you and joke got a real problem.

    ta ra


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